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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Decisions : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.1 - Red
I had no idea what to call this chapter for the longest time, so I named it something that I had to do a lot during the making of this.. I had to make decisions, including choosing the title, huh. But does anyone ever really care about the title?
Anyway.. it's quite picture heavy but nothing much actually happens. Sorry about that D:

Oh and I made the images larger. Instead of 600 pixels wide, they're now 650 :)

When we last met Gen-5 a.k.a. Red a.k.a. Passion was born, the family moved house and Passion was taught to talk by his mother who dislikes kids. Oh and Cocaine went to China.
This time as you can see Jupiter is focusing on her guitar skills and Alex is focusing on Passion's skills.

No matter how awesome the crowd gets, it's never quite as awesome as the one at her wedding party.
Jupiter: Once I'm a rock star you'll see one that can compare to my wedding party!!

Passion: I am pooping.

How intense.

Alex: How about having another baby?

Yeah, how about Jupiter :D

Jupiter: You're kidding, right?

Alex: Don't you think Passion is lonely alone?

Jupiter: He's a smart kid, he'll make friends once he starts school. We don't need to take such drastic measures to please him.

Alex: Don't look at me like that.
You're being pinned down.
Alex: Whatev. I'm happy with Passion and if Jupes doesn't want more kids, fine. I'll just channel all my love to her and Passion.

Coke: Check out my new hip attire.
It matches your hair :D
Coke: Violet/purple Gen will love it!!

Here's Jupiter working on her final guitar skill, which she soon after that mastered :)

You have leftover spaghetti in the fridge, why would you take Sub's Carbonara?
Coke: I needed a change.

Passion: Fine, I'll chew this an act all cute, I know that's all you people really want..

Coke making friends with his great-grandson.

Yeah! Much better than the last one! Nice work 'lex!

With Passion learning everything super fast, we have plenty of time to expose him to some toddler books.
See, my toddlers stay toddlers for 4 days instead of the original.. 7?

And today is Jupiter's first day after being put on maternity leave.
Jupes: Against my will! I could still have worked while pregnant!

Alex doesn't have a job and he's happy to stay home with his baby.

Some fathers aren't that happy. This is Light's son Sherwood Raymond and his toddler :)

I still love this interaction. So cute.

Keep on playing with your mastered skill. She rounds pretty rad.

Hi Leroy and Tabitha.

It's like they're not even dead.

Alex: Who has a birthday today?! My nooboo does!!

Everyone was there naturally. Passionately cheering Passion on.

Passion: Check me out, I'm sparkling! I heard that's really popular at the moment.



Gosh. Can't you wait one minute?

Coke: Why am I here? How did I get into the kitchen? I don't remember leaving my room to willingly be here with 5 other people.

Coke: Oh, I remember now.

Whoo!! Iiiiiiiiiiit's Passion.. with a Stewie t-shirt.
Passion: You're so predictable. Of course you give me a Stewie t-shirt, because he's also a genius. And the glasses are just over the top obvious.

Passion: I like it..

Passion rolled Party Animal.
Excitable, Genius, Party Animal. What?

He also IMMEDIATELY rolled a LTW. This kid knows what he wants.
He wants to be an illustrious author, also known as master painting and writing.

He gets right to it. Don't you want to do kid things?
Passion: Learn now, party later.

Passion: I am too smart to be caged in this small body! Must.. grow taller!!

Alex: Oo.. I'm feeling sharp today! Did you get a new graphics card?
Why yes, yes I did, Alex.

Alex: Wait never mind, this tingling feeling is just to tell me I need to "go".

I really did get a new graphics card though! :D

Groz: Ahw you came to pick me up from work :)

Sub: I know you're a number of days past 90 and I can't lose you out of my sight, darling.

Sub: Do you remember we used to go out and have dinner all the time in Sunset Valley?
Groz: I remember, dear.

Did you notice the new shiny graphics, Coke?
Coke: Nope. Writing a masterpiece here, begone.

He's here writing his *checks notebook* 52nd novel. It's titled Passion of the Heir and is a Masterpiece. We'll see if it's a best-seller once its finished.

Jupiter: Come on Jupes, eat faster, eat faster!!
Passion: Firstly, I can hear you fine, mother. Secondly, I am aware of your dislike of children in general, so I'm not taking it personally.

Passion: Btw, thanks for cleaning up, mum.
Jupiter: Uh-huh.. uh.. thanks..

Jupiter: I've got to go.
Passion: Yes, I think you better, those friendships with co-workers aren't going to make themselves.

Oooh.. pretty eyes, now I feel guilty about covering them with glasses.

Honey: O_O
Dude: >:)

I sent Alex to make friends with his sister-in-law Clownfish and I forgot that I moved her and Rhys to the most laggy and beautiful house in the neighbourhood to repay her for being awesome.

This is her and Rhys' second daughter Sydney.

Clownfish got right to her inappropriate business and insulted Alex's family.

Alex: How dare you!!! Passion is AWESOME.

Alex: I'm leaving.
Clownfish: Oh well, those who feel insulted aren't my TRUE friends.

Coke: And I touched your face
Narcotic mind from lazed, Mary-Jane
And I called your name
My cocaine.

Coke: Oh, didn't see you there, reader. I was just having a bubble bath and signing Narcotic by Liquido.

Coke: Watch this!

Coke: GASP.

Coke: WHEW!!

Coke: Wasn't that fun, reader? Love ya.

Jupiter got a sudden wish to make friends with Sulfur, her aunt, so she's calling her now!

What's wrong?
Jupes: It's 11:40. She hung up on me. Nice job genius.
Uh, sorry. Call her tomorrow.

I hate that is TS3 I always miss the mastering of skills, because they don't get a fancy image over their heads.
Anyway taking a photo of Tabitha's ghost mastered Alex's Photography skill. Only painting to go and we're done!

Alex: I'm so happy I can barely contain myself.

Jupiter was starting to get tubby, so I sent her father to the back garden to train her.

Meanwhile Sub and Coke were just hanging out in the catacombs.

And we all know how that always ends.

Coke found a pink diamond and an opal though, so yay!


Passion: There's a multiverse out there, where I'm not as awesome as in this one. I'm so glad I'm in this one!

Passion: You're like.. the best dad ever!
Alex: Oh well, I try.

Sub: Time to teach this child to play a serious game!

Passion: Yes yes.. make your move grandpa.

Passion: Placing this pawn should kick-start my route to checkmate.

Passion: Hold on.. if I place it there, his bishop will come around and.. no no.. bad idea.

Passion: I could go over there instead.

Passion: I've got this.

Passion: Admit your defeat, Yellow-Submarine!

Sub: What? It can't be!

Sub: You're quite good at this game young man. Tomorrow we shall play catch!

I'm obviously not someone who can play chess or I'd be giving you a much more detailed description of the game they played.

Uh.. the plate is floating.
Jupiter: So?

Jupes: It's just Mimi.

Passion: Whew! my favourite meal once again!

He and Jupes both like Egyptian music and egg rolls :D

On the first day of school for him(he grew up on a Friday so no school then) he brought home the Good Emperor of Evil and Darren Thistle's son.. whatshisname :)
He's already making friends.

Passion: Why is she still playing if she doesn't need the skill? I don't understand.

She is addicted to the guitar. She enjoys it.

Jupiter: Do you see this dress, husband of mine?
Alex: Yes. It's a nice--

Jupes: It means I'm PREGNANT!!
Alex: Oh

Jupes: I am SO angry right now, you have no idea, Alex.

Jupiter: How could this have happened!?!? It's all your fault!

Jupes: Oh and you better be going to make me some egg rolls because I really WANT some right now!!

Jupiter: I.. I'm sorry Alex. I'm just so.. I couldn't contain myself.

Alex: Just breathe. Everything will be okay, I promise.

Alex: I will take care of nooboo and you can just relax.

Jupes: I guess it won't be that bad. I'm just sad I'll be missing work again.

She did manage to get two promotions while not on maternity leave and is a Music Talent Scout now.

Alex: I'm going to be a father again :)

Coke: A no is a no, mister telemarketer.

Coke: If my dead vegetarian wife was here, she'd have you people shut down for selling real fur, gosh!

I felt bad for making Passion skill, seeing as he's so quick and he has a skill-related LTW, so I'm letting him do kid things, like making muffins.

Jupiter: I'm pregnant, dad.

Groz: Oh my goodness! :D

Jupes: Being pregnant isn't so bad, I just wish you could stay in there, baby.


She is also pregnant. Ok get this.. she was married to Rhys's dad. Yes she was married to her niece's husband's father. WHAT?!
Konrad however passed away, he did manage to get Sulfur pregnant before he did though. Oh and Sulfur is like.. 69 in this picture.

Sulfur: I miss Konrad. How will I manage without him!!

Jupes: But you have a piece of him in the form of your nooboo, Sully. Don't forget that!

Sulfur: That's right.. I have nooboo!

Sulfur: wow, I look great for my age. Must be the new graphics card.

Highly doubt it, but thanks.

Sulfur: Mwahahaha.. once my dear brother dies of old age before I do, I will get all of the family jewels!!!
Sub: I'm right here, genius.

Do you see a skill bar? Neither do I. It's because Alex mastered his painting and therefore FULFILLED HIS LTW!!

Sulfur stayed for the night! I wanted to see her nooboo be born but she disappeared sometime in the morning.. to the hospital maybe?

Mimi is by far the most active ghost on this lot.

Ah, bliss.

Sub: Can you believe we're gonna be grandparents for the 4th time!
Jupiter: At least someone is excited.

Alex: Are you ready to have the baby?
Jupiter: Just a few more hours.

Alex's enthusiasm is so adorable.

Alex: Yup, it says it wants out.

Jupiter: Grilled Cheesus! You're right!!

The men: PANIC!!!
Jupiter: You are so not helping!!

Jupiter: Screw you, I'm going to the hospital.

And so Jupiter takes her Kenspa to the hospital again.

I saved here and then played on but my game crashed so I have to play the birth bit again. I decided not to play right away, but instead let us all ponder over the gender and looks of this baby.

Next time: The new red baby is born! Many things that I don't know yet will happen!
Hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading and I will hope to see you next time!


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My iPod won't show all the pictures in the chapter, so I'll have to wait until I get home to see them...
Another baby!? :D I personally am happy about that, even if Jupiter isn't.
Bwahaha, sparkling... Popular only with preteen obsessive girls... xD
Mmmm... Egg rolls.

(oh and BTW, what are the Veltrans up to?)

Oooh, your pictures look so clear! (I already sad that before, but whatever!)
YAY Sulfur! Hehe, I still support her.
I like that maternity dress... It's so much better looking than the ugly EA default one. (For gosh sakes, EA, your dress looks like it's been ripped!!)

I had to, I just HAD to have another baby. Honestly if I wasn't uploading a story I wouldn't have, but since I am and there's people reading I think everyone would enjoy it more if there were more heirs to choose from :)
I support Sulfur too, I was so glad to see her, she's adorable :)
I was very happy to change it to that dress. 10 times better than EA. Sad but true. I'm pretty sure it's the same mesh, why couldn't EA do something proper with it or at least put some nice patterns on it.

Oh my grash, I think I forgot to add them to my legacy hood! I added them to my casual game though and the kids are all grown up and gotten married to various Riverview sims, I think John turned into a Thug(part of twallan's SP) which was a bit surprising. I'm gonna need to remember to add them to the Chimerees' island :)

I know! Seriously, Ea, an ugly polka dot pattern!?

John's a thug!? O_o That IS surprising. If anyone conformed to a role, I'd think Rebecca would become a golddigger xD


You know, I really love your storytelling. You make all your simmies be so lovable.

So yay for another RED baby and yay for being in labour and hopping on your Kenspa!
(I wonder what my husband would have done if i had done that, the panicy thing maybe?)

Ahw thanks so much :)

xD "Okay, I'm off to have your baby, bye!" VROO~OOOM. They live pretty close to the hospital now but if a contraction starts at the wrong time everything that can go wrong will.

I just have to say that Jupiter is so pretty. I'm glad she made heir!

I think I under-appreciated her beauty. I've really come to love her face and I'm glad she was picked too :)

Glad to see there's another Chimeree on the way, even if Jupiter is not. Love the new graphics, Coke is looking more awesome than ever (:

I'm happy to have a second red sim too :)
Coke appreciates your compliment. I love his new outfit, I'm glad everyone agrees with me on that part.

Oh and just so you know I drew a Chimeree family tree and was able to remember all kids' names! (Well, the kids you told us about anyway.) Even Joelle, Joanna, Lester, and Leroy's siblings!

Oh that's SO cool!!
I haven't made one yet. I still have the Apples' on my corkboard. I should replace them with Chimerees :) it's time..

....Coke in the bubble bath.... OMG...yum!

I love that they are calling the babies nooboo, since that is what they call them in Simlish. LOL

Fave part= (Alex checks her tummy)
Alex: Yup, it says it wants out.
Jupiter: Grilled Cheesus! You're right!!


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