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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Empty, Like My Soul : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 5.0 - Red
Oh look. Yeah, that's right, have a chapter!


Ahw, look she's still pregnant.
Jupiter: I blame 2012.

So Jupiter is super embarrassed and doesn't wanna show her pregnant butt outside, otherwise she'd be out busking. I've been making Groz read Coke's novels and he recommended this activity to Jupiter as well.

Nope.. nothing going on here.

And if there were Alex would be too drowsy to notice.

Mort: Sunny! Yesterday my life was filled with rain!
Mimi: What are you talking about? It's clearly only PARTIALLY sunny.


Jupiter: Omg.. it kicked!!
Wait.. is she showing positive emotion?
Jupiter: Hey! I am having a moment here!

Alex shows his endless love, as always. I love these two so much, you have no idea.

Alex: And then the plant just.. DIED. I mean.. DIED.
Jupes: Don't worry baby, Uncle Coke will plant a new one in it's place!
Alex: But he won't! He said there's a new house in construction for us and he wants to wait till we're there before re-planting anything.
Jupes: A new house!! :D

Jupiter: What would I do without you..

Alex: Actually the question is what would I do do without YOU.

Favourites for all!
What Jupiter is really craving though, is some cobbler.

That is all these two do in their matching jammies lately. Adorable.

Coke: Ugh..
Coke: I feel like my brain is frozen from sitting here day and night.

Coke: Must. Get. Out.


Coke: That'll show it to just sit there and decorate the lawn!!

Coke: Well.. better stand it back up.

Coke *stares into space* The space is empty, like my soul.
Jupiter *jams away*

Well, how about a vacation to China, you liked that right?

Coke: I remember that! I went there with Tabi and it was fun..

Sub *sneaks to scare the maid* : I'll show him for slacking off!

Before his vacation begins, I send Coke to rename his brand new diner. It's now called Coke's Inconspicuous Diner.
Coke: I don't get it..

Coke: well.. off to China.

Coke *scratches his bum*


He looks so happy now.

Coke: Let's see what lazy people can we help out today!

He had to return to the dragon's cave because I moved towns xP

Coke: Whooooooaa!

Collection helper helps Coke gather some seeds while he's at it.

Coke: Oh no..
Adam: We've gathered here today to join--

Adam: Whoops.. wrong event. Yeah this guy died, blah blah, see you guys later.
Coke: This isn't fun.

Oh I see. He was working out while hungry, bad idea.

Weather in my game is the main source of arguments, I swear.

I finally found an adventure leading to the Temple of Heaven, which gets you the Epic relic with smashing power :D

Coke: well here goes.

Coke: Being alone rocks.

Coke: *Sigh*... love.

Just keep on adventuring and keep on adventuring.


Coke: Okay, I got your relic now give me my smashy thing.
Dude: Not so fast legacy guy, get me some platinum and stuff and come back.
Coke: what for?
Dude: To make the key!

Coke: Here's your rocks. Smashy, plz?
Dude: Yeah well the key is done now, but it needs to absorb the city air!
Coke: What sort of a joke is that?
Dude: Just do it, man.

Coke: Okay I ran around for 2 hours!
Dude: Awesome, uh.. oh yeah.. now go back to the temple.
Coke: 'kay!

Dude: Lol, I wonder how much more I can make him run around for no reason.
Coke: mm.. treasure.

Coke: This must be it!

Coke: Oooo... now where's my freaking treasure?

Dear EA, whoever made this... I hate you.

Coke: There it is!

Coke: What? It's just some old friggin relic or some such nonsense!

Coke: Dude.. I found a relic, but it's not the smashy thing..
Dude: Excellent. Looks like Gao Pei has had it all this time, go get it from her!

Coke: Once I get the smashy thing, I will smash him. I swear.

Coke: You have the prettiest face I have ever seen. Treasure?
Gao Pei: Ahw, what a lovely young man.

Gao Pei: Wait.. was I just tricked out of my treasure?

Coke: Dude.. I did it.

Coke: I got you the treasure, can I get mine now?
Dude: Sure have some cash and visa points.
Coke: what about my smashy thing?!
Dude: Oh.. you wanted that? It's within a whole different adventure :P

Coke: OH MY GOD. You ^*$(%&@, I want to NUKE you right now!

The captions in this adventure were brought to you by a very annoyed me, which is the reason Coke sounds so Out Of Character here.
Also this means I have to send him back AGAIN to get the damn thing xP I am annoyed.

Coke: Finally back to my home planet!!

Wait what?

Alex started work on his own portrait. I had to try a few times to get it right, and I might do it over but it looks fine for now.

Isn't home birth GREAT?! :D
Jupiter: I am SO not doing this!

Jupiter: Whooo! I'm finally out of the house again!! :D The breeze is so liberating!!

Kenneth: Wait, is that my little nephew's wife?


Jupiter: I can't believe I have to hold him.

Alex: Wait for me honey :D

Jupiter: Wait here hon, mum has to go change her clothes.

Jupiter: Much better, right?
BabyBoy: Buh.
Jupiter: Oh yeah, I should probably name you.

Welcome to the world...
Passion Chimeree.
Because everyone knows red is the colour of passion.

He was born with this favourite colour. For real, my dear people.
As you can see he's Excitable and a Genius!
He likes Egyptian music and Egg Rolls like his mum. They also share a trait :)

Groz: A grandchild? Nice. Let's celebrate by playing catch!

And so they did.

Yeah. I'm gonna need to re-paint that. It doesn't show his genetics off well enough.

Alex: Hey Passion, I'm your dad.

Alex: I love you lots.

Jupiter goes back to her regular programming. Happy?

Well that didn't last long. Here she is writing Chim-Chim-Cheree Vol.5. A non-fic novel. I do it every generation as I noted way back :)

Sub: Mm.. I love Goopy Carbonara.
He loves it so much, he will eat it even if it got burned.

Sub: A baby boy? I've never held a baby boy before! I approve.

On Passion's birthday to toddlerhood Jupiter gets excited about.. a computer mouse. That's right folks, she has interesting priorities.

Coke: Hey children, it's your son's birthday, have you forgotten?

Support is shown for the little boy :)

Passion: check it out everyone! I'm gonna grow up!!


He inherited Jupiter's hair and Alex's eyes. Alex's lips too!
I was hoping for Jupiter's eyes and Alex's hair, but that's okay. There's always throwback!
Alex: guess what Passion? Your birthday present is a NEW HOUSE! :D

Jupiter: I hope this house has a fully furnished bathroom!

Isn't it darling!? :D

This is the layout :D

And that's where I spent way too much time to move items from the family inventory to the house!!

The basement looks much like the 2nd house's. I hope the ghosts feel home :)

Yup. As if nothing ever happened.

Sub: where's my husband? *crosses eyes*
It's his "thing"
Alex *stares lovingly at his wife*

The nursery was nicely set up and the parents soon found themselves there.

Jupiter: Guess what 'lex!
Alex: What?
Jupiter: I rolled a wish to teach Passion to talk. Can I do that?

Alex: Of course! I was hoping you'd roll a wish like that! :)

Sub: Justice Creeper is SO awesome.
Groz: :D

Passion: I'm ready for you mother. I dare you to sit down and teach me.

Jupiter: Say mum!
Passion: Mum and me should be the best of friends!

Jupiter: Oh my goodness! GENIUS CHILD!

Jupiter: Say fiery passion!
Passion: Fiery passion, baby, you know you want my fiery passion, yo.

Passion: Beating hearts baby! Baby is this love for real? Let me in your arms to feel! The beating of your heart baby. The beating of your heart baby*!!
Jupiter: Okay.. I think you've got this covered yourself.

*It's the lyrics of that Head Automatica song, obviously.

Passion: Noo.. don't leave me here, mummy!!
Jupiter: Time for sleep, buddy. Mum wants to spend some time with her guitar.

Passion: So dad, time to teach me to walk! I keep trying but take a few steps and fall over.
Alex: Looks like your mother did a good job teaching you to talk last night!
Passion: Don't I know it!

Oh.. is that it? Yup.
I also added Alex and Jupiter to my download post in the links list on the right hand side and a house tour is on it's way :)

Thank you and please come again. Love!

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Ahh, so sweet she rolled a wish for Passion...
Great house also!
I liked the picture where Sub sneeks up to the maid in the back. It made me laugh.

Maybe it's a good thing for Jupes and Passion to share a trait and a genius child is always something to be proud of ofcourse. Yay for mother-child bondingtime!

I was so happy she rolled that wish and while she was teaching him she rolled a wish to potty train him too! She DOES love him.

Sub likes to scare people autonomously. I kind of made him mellow down since he settled down with Groz, so he hasn't been able to be mean like he used to. He takes any chance he can when I'm not controlling him xD

Yeah I think she'll find Passion isn't so bad :)

Haha... "Coke's Inconspicuous Diner." XD
YAY for a BOY!!! :D And another chapter so soon after the last one! :D
O_o So that guy just DIED!?

Agh. That adventure looked ANNOYING!! And then you didn't even get the smashy thingy. D:<

It's good Jupiter is acting more motherly.
The things the Sims teach their kids to say! O_o

YAY FOR BOY! I do like my boy heirs :)

He just.. died.. and Coke happened to be there. He had an adventure with the angry weather chick. I was so confused when I saw Grim. I thought Coke was gonna die and there was panic and then I saw the guy collapsed on the floor.

It was so tedious. I think Coke will find that sitting behind his computer is a lot less stressful.

Passion is obviously very outspoken to begin with. Most of it was his own doing too. If you noticed, he already knew how to speak before Jupiter taught him xD

I say you should have named the diner "the Rolled Dollar Bill"

sorry, it just makes me giggle.

Oooh! xD Good one! Maybe I'll rename it later *shifty eyes*

Coke makes me laugh, love him! And i find that so annoying on those sorts of adventures when they send you to get something, then something else and they still never give you what you actually wanted it the first place = ANGER!!!

Ahw Passion is so cute and adorable and...cute! Thats all i can say :) hehe!


I passionately hate that. I guess I'll just have to try again some other time.

I played with Alex's grandparents when I first added them to my game and all their kids looked ODD as toddlers, kids and teens and then suddenly bloomed into these gorgeous adults! Makes me wonder what Passion will look like...


The Chimerees are at the top of my TS3 bookmarks so i looked out of habit and.... A NEW CHAPTER!

I find myself jealous of how different your sims end up looking from their parents... I feel like i've birthed the same girl about 6 times.

Passion makes me think of Dexter when Sgt. Batista goes on and on about "La Passion".

a pleasure as always!

I don't know how it happens! I guess I'm lucky or my sims have some sort of superior genetics.. mwahaha

Do you mean the tv-series? The first thing I think of when I hear Dexter is Dexter's Laboratory xD Of Dexter I've seen like half the second season I believe, pretty awesome!

Thanks for reading :)

Hey they're beautiful! Maybe my game just knows it has a good thing going!

Yes, Dexter the sociopath :D almost as awesome as Dexter the scientist :P

I guess everyone is addicted to Coke.....I mean his novels. XD

I loved watching his adventures. He makes the best faces ever.

Jupiter and Alex are adorable.
Awww, little Passion! I love his traits, and he rolled red! Genius indeed.

So I recently became obsessed with legacies and this is one of my favourites so far, so I thought I'd actually comment. So...I am commenting (even though this chapter is from, like a year ago, whatever).

Also, Jupes totally looks like Velma from Scooby Doo. Which is awesome. Just sayin'.

Aww, that's awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Pfft, what's a year..

xD That's awesome.

Wow, I said that's awesome twice. I need to widen my vocabulary .__.

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