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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Yes, No, Maybe So : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 4.4 - Orange
Surprise! A chapter!
So I took a small break and today I felt like I wanted to play so I finished taking pictures and got them ready and am now posting it :)
My computer's been slow in this savegame so I reduced resolution and some options in the middle somewhere, so if something looks lame and unusually blurry etc., blame my lower settings.

Coke: Hey everyone. Before we get to the heiress, here's a little somethin' somethin' for all of you Clownfish fans.

Clowney: Oh gosh.. I sense.. a disturbance in the force.

Oh boy.

Eldred: Welcome to the Chimeree, residence.
Rhys: Why hello.

Eldred: So, what brings you here today?

Clowney: Uh oh..

Rhys: Whoa whoa dude, what the hell?
Eldred: Well, she's MY girlfriend! I bet you're the loser who got her pregnant.

Rhys: Pregnant?


Rhys: I don't like the look of this guy.
Eldred: That's right buddy, leave.
Clodnfish: Oh no no no!

Rhys: So you're pregnant!? Why didn't you tell me :D

Clowney: Don't worry about it. I have a boyfriend, we can have this baby together, just me and him.

Rhys: What? But.. I'm the father!

Clowney: Wait.. you mean you actually WANT to care for it?

Rhys: Hell yes. Dump the brunette, we belong together!
Clowney: What? Like.. no!

Eldred: You don't need to dump me, allow me to do it for you.
Clowney: What.. what's going on?

Eldred: Look, you're a nice girl but you're kind of nuts. I get proposing once, but three times is a little too much.. and then you went and cheated.. I mean wtf, girl? I hope you two will be very happy together. I really do.

Clowney: Where are you going?
Eldred: To get my stuff, it'll only take a minute.

Clowney: Oh my gosh, Rhys.. what have I done?
Rhys: There there.. I'm still here.

Eldred: Good luck mister Leonov. This family's too much drama for me.

Clowney: You must think I'm a nut, Rhys.. I'm sorry.
Rhys: We're all nuts Clown.. I personally am nuts..

Rhys: ..about you. Marry me.
Clowney: OMGBBQ!!!

Clowney: Yes!

Her belly looks super cute here.

Clowney: I can't believe it's happening to me!

Rhys: What a strange course of events.
Clowney: Indeed.

And so Clowney and her co-worker Rhys decided to commit to each other and get out of the legacy house.

Clowney: See you, dad, I'm moving out and getting hitched!
Sub: That's nice honey.
Clowney: It's Clownfish, not Honey.
Sub: Uh-huh..


A few days later they gave birth to a baby girl named Lachina and later they did actually get married. Yay!

I hope you liked this little story and don't hate on Eldred. You wouldn't be crazy about this event either xD

Before I go on.. Submarine has to have his birthday that I announced in the last chapter and then promptly forgot about.

Ugh. Well..
Sub: Whoa! I get to keep my thumbs!? AWESOME!

Jupiter: Don't leave, Hon!

Honey: O_O I am not on drugs.

Right. Let's say good luck to Honey in her pursuit to become an Astronaut.

In case you forgot, this is our new heiress, Jupiter!

Hello. I'm Jupiter Chimeree, and I'm the current heiress of the Chimeree legacy.

My father is Yellow-Submarine..

Well, one of my fathers. The other one is Grozdan. They're known as Grozmarine.

I recently landed a job at the theatre to eventually become the QUEEN OF ROCK. Or rock star as people call it.

When I found out that I was chosen as the heiress, I was at first utterly confused as to why people would vote for me. The main purpose of the heiress is to"produce" the next generation and well.. I hate children. Or at least I don't like them. I don't see why anyone would want to waste all their time and energy on kids who are annoying and scream and hurt themselves and will eventually rebel against you and leave you all alone. I'm not afraid to commit mind you. In fact, I'm in love. Therefore.. those who chose me as the heiress obviously had reasons beyond babies. And I'm immensely happy that people like me for me!

I mentioned I'm in love, and a day after I grew up I invited over my boyfriend Alex Golden.

Alex and I decided that him moving in was in the relationship's best interest.

We're silly sometimes, but I think it makes us stronger. The feeling that I can say anything silly and he just GETS it, is amazing.

I told him about my new job at the theatre and he was thrilled. I used to go there and work part time back stage, but a full time job really shows me that I'm on my way.

Isn't he so adorable!?

Daddy of course kept an eye on him as we flirted lightly.

My parents try to keep active even at their age.

Alex was sure to let me know he liked the way my new dress looked on me.

Later I played a song I'd written, for him to judge.
Alex has been very supportive of my music and my goals. His goals are artistic too, but less in the musical way.

My father left him a present in the form of a high-end camera and he couldn't stop taking photos for the next week!

Father says there have been ghosts lurking around our house. I remember Clownfish always fainting at the smallest sign of anything spooky going on, but I didn't think dad would jump on that ship.

He told me he had a whole conversation with his mother one day, and even asked her how the fishing holes are in the after-world.

I'm not sure if it was a dream of his or he's just delusional, I played along. As long as he's happy :)

Uncle Coke has been showing the ropes of gardening to Alex since he moved in. Coke isn't really my uncle but grandfather, though we all call him uncle since he's so young. His office door is always locked. He says he likes to be alone, but I'm sure he just doesn't want to show us the secret to his youth.

Other than the theatre, I play guitar in the park for tips. The crowd still isn't the largest, but it's been a lot better than when I was a kid.

Going out on the town also gives me the opportunity to see relatives. This here is my aunt Daffodil and her new son Herman. She and Tycho have another one back at home, but I can't remember his name. It's a kid, that's all you need to know.

There are times when Alex goes with me to the park, but he does it for the photo opportunities and catching bugs.

My father Yellow-Submarine has finally reached his life long wish to become the emperor of all evil.

"All hail Emperor Sub!" yelled Jepson, dad's old boss from years ago, he said. He was pleased to finally be on top of the whole thing.

He also told me an old boyfriend of Sulfur's is in fact evil as well.

The woman who used to be the emperor of evil, was surprisingly good. Which dad promptly mocked her about.

He told me it's rubbish that a good person might even get a job in the evil warehouse.

Sub: Look at me, I'm Sidony and I'm a good emperor of evil. Let's have a tea party!

Sidony was less than pleased.

She did, so dad told me, get married to Darren, the evil guy who Sulfur had dated, later on.

As my playing ensued I met more relatives. Such as Bertha, my half-sister.

Edita, her mother was pleased with the wonderful weather that day, but Bertha disagreed.
Bertha: It's cloudy, mother. CLOUDY!!

But soon enough, she got over it.

Back home Alex does his painting thing that he does.

So he's not the best of the best yet, but he enjoys it and I'm sure as he keeps on painting every day he will improve.

Dad finds interesting activities to take part in these days.

I've actually just received a promotion to Stagehead recently.

I was excited to let Alex know of my success.

When I told him, he was super excited. His green eyes glistened with joy.

As soon as that happened he bent down on one knee and proposed to me.

It came as such a surprise, I forgot to take off my gloves, when he slid the ring on my finger.

I can barely wait to marry this wonderful man.

He has been there since we were little and I'm glad he will be the one to see me grow old.

This is Alex's Introduction photo. He wants to master painting and photography, which is a-okay with me.

As a bonus, he told me that his favourite colour is orange and it was the thing about me that attracted him first, but as he got to know me better, he loved me more and more.

Since father retired, he's been looking for other activities to keep him busy. Such activities include exploring catacombs at the cemetery.

That didn't end well, but dad is sure, if he keeps going more and more, that his exploring skills will get better.

As we planned our wedding, me and Alex, we found that the park would be the perfect place to hold the party.

The day after we booked the place, we invited everyone over and exchanged rings in the gorgeous weather.

The turn-up was quite amazing. There were a bunch of people there that we didn't personally know but Alex assured me it must be friends of friends who decided to support our partnership.

My half-sister Bertha made it there and she saw our happiness. Maybe it will encourage her to find love as she is still single, as is my aunt Sulfur. The lady in green is Alex's mum Julia, she had work but still stuck around to see the ceremony.

I added this picture just to show how good we looked that day. Alex is so gorgeous.

I'm sure it isn't traditional for the bride to provide the entertainment, but my family is hardly traditional, so I went with the flow.

The crowd was HUGE and it made me look forward to my upcoming stardom even more.

I noticed Alex looking at his wedding ring and I saw how happy he was with the event that just took place. I hope this feeling of complete love and happiness between us never ends.

I kept on playing even after my family and most of the guests had left to go home. I just truly enjoy playing.

The married life isn't such a drastic difference from what we did before, but it's still special to know he's my husband and he's always going to be.

I didn't expect to suddenly feel like I had to puke out my breakfast and it certainly worried Alex.

To be truthful, we had after all celebrated our newly found marriage when we were alone the night before, but I assumed he'd been safe. However when I asked him "Those condoms were new, right?" he replied with a confused face and a

"What condoms?"


My worry about the state of my maybe-pregnancy was pushed aside for a moment when daddy got bitten in the face by our new king cobra. What were we thinking?

Pretty soon though it was clear that I had to borrow maternity clothes from my sister and I went to tell Alex about our situation.
Jupiter: 'lex, I'm pregnant.
Alex: Are you sure?
Jupiter: Yes.

Alex: That's great!

I couldn't disagree more, but I only made a face at him, which was enough to bring him back to earth.

Alex: Isn't the whole idea of being a legacy heiress to have kids, though?

I could see he was disappointed about my displeasure.

Jupiter: What's so good about kids? I mean..

Jupes: Your time and your money.. for what? Kids are freaking terrifying, okay?

Jupes: I thought you knew about my dislike of them
Alex: Well yeah, but I figured since you're heiress--

Jupes: It doesn't matter now. I'm pregnant and I'm gonna be a horrible mum.

Alex: Ahw, cupcake, you're not alone in this you know.

Jupes: I wish I understood where you're coming from.. kids.. I just don't get it..
Alex: Just chill, maybe when you're holding your child in your arms you'll understand.

Alex showed our unborn baby that though unplanned, it will be loved, even if it will only be loved by one of us. He told me during lunch that he hopes it's a boy and, even though I could care less about the baby's gender, I told him I felt the same way. I will support him, because he supports me. That's what this whole marriage thing is about, right?

Time shows the fruits of Alex's labour as it will soon show the fruits of mine, he painted a portrait of me, tinted red like the theme of our offspring..  it's lovely. I made sure to thank him for it and had father hang it up in the mausoleum next to his and daddy's paintings.

This has been Jupiter Chimeree, have a good day!

NEXT TIME: Red baby time, how will Jupiter cope?
Next time I'll go back to my usual commentary as I do enjoy it more, I just felt like this story was much more impressive from Jupiter's POV. I hope it was ok!

Thanks for reading, love you long time!


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Yay! Baby time! It's certainly going to be interesting for Jupiter to be a mom. I can't imagine disliking children. I think they're adorable as long as their not mine and I can send them home to their parents. Lol.
Thanks so much for updating I need my Chimeree Fix.

Re: ~~~EtherealKarma~~~

xDDD Yeah. Me and kids are a bit iffy, I wouldn't have any kids myself, but they're okay I guess.

Aaand you're welcome :)


What condoms?



Can't wait to see what happens next. Are you hoping for twins so that Jupes will be done in one go? Or are you taking a chance and just have one nooboo?

That portrait looks great though! Yay for updates!

Do you really want me to tell you or do you want to find out yourself ;)
Well.. I'm not hoping for twins and I'm not planning to make her have more accidents, but my plans have had the tendency to change before, so we'll really have to live and learn :D
I was so happy with Jupiter's portrait too, thanks Alex! It's so clear and pretty :) Perfect, dare I say.

Only time for a quick comment.

but anyway, I really enjoyed this chapter. Loved the condoms bit! At least in this legacy there's humor every chapter >w<
Jupiter and Michael J. Fox - er, Alex will have GORGEOUS kids. I can't wait! And I really like the two together. :)

I really liked the new writing style, I you ever feel that you wanna do a chapter like this again, go for it.

Whoo! Thanks! I'm so glad I'm not only entertaining to myself, which a lot of times I think I am. I tend to tell Marco if I come up with something I think is really funny and he doesn't always get it. Mostly because he doesn't see the back story I think.
xD You're so right. Is it the eyes? The general facial structure? I don't know.. it's something, but they certainly look alike. I will def' move them into an alternate savegame and have them have a billion kids. Speaking of which I should upload them!

It's funny, I was playing yesterday and I took pictures and knew exactly what Jupiter was going to say. I forgot at times that I was going back to "normal". If I can't get myself together I might do it again. I'll try and do it again with someone else in a later generation too though :) I know how you like your story-driven legacies and this was.. kind of that.

I like Jupiter's new outfit. Very purty.

The wedding photos were fantastic. I'm so jealous!

I like Alex. He makes the cutest pouts ever.

Mhm. It's the free store gift that you can download from the in-game store(if that is, you weren't aware) :) I think it embraces her rock side and her soft side at the same time, so yay!

Thank you so very much! I really loved how they looked in Orange.


In the picture where submarine is picking on the former emperor of evil for being good, I instantly thought of Jet.

He looks SO much like her in that picture!

Can't wait for babies!

Oooo.. now that you mention it! Nice catch xD

Every time I hear someone say babies.. in plural. I keep thinking I should allow them to have more. But Jupiter would hate me.. what to do.. what to do.


I'm personally hoping they have a boy. Groz has what, 4 daughters and a granddaughter!?
I like Jupiter's hair. It looks so fluffy and fuzzy...

I liked how the chapter was told from Jupiter's point of view, but I prefer your usual writing style.

You're right. Groz does have 4 daughters and a granddaughter. Huh. Funky. He also has one half-sister. So he's been around women all his life besides Sub xD
It does look nice and soft, I'm jealous.

It was a nice change though, right? I like my usual better too. I feel like I can be more funny that way.

Re: Connor

Did that bathtub come with HELS?

What does Jupiter's shirt say? It looks like "I'm not slacking off, my code is compiling" but I'm not exactly sure.

I think you did a good job with Jupiter's voice. You made her have the same speech patterns I'd imagined she'd have.

XDDD A Good Emperor of Evil XDDD

Yes it did :)

Yes it does :) I reduced my settings, it'd be clearer otherwise. Here's a link to the download.

:D Yay, thanks!

I think she was in love with Darren, so she took the job to get close to him. That's my theory.

Re: Connor

I tried to download them but all I got was this random page of code...
Maybe 'cuz I have a Mac.
Hmmm... Macs are great and all, but next computer I'll probably get a PC... just because I miss SimPE and want Apartment Life.

I've only ever seen a Mac on pictures so I'm completely clueless about those things D: I like my PC.

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