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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Say Cheese! : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 4.3 - Orange

LOL, I love the title screen. I had a different picture earlier, but the same title and then Sub decided to make this face and it was perfect.

Honey: Yay! I get to be in a picture!

Oh.. and that was your 15 minutes, see you later.

Clownfish invited over her co-worker whose name I have already forgotten and he said: HEY! I've seen you on the internet!


Jupiter: I get to hang out with ALEX!

Jupiter: There he is! Isn't he A DREAM!?
Alex: Excitable Jupiter is excitable.

For a minute they stared at each-other from across the room.

See, Jupiter's outfit has a rainbow on it!!!!!

But the distance was too much to bear for our young lovers.
Alex: I like your new look, love.

Jupiter heard the L word and went for a kiss, which was gladly accepted.

And then Alex had to leave for his part-time job.
Jupes: He always leaves so soon...


Someone got promoted so Super Villain. I won't tell you who, because he wants to keep his identity a secret as you can see.


Coke: Well, I gotta go weed my plants anyway.

I still love his PJs.

Someone failed to make good waffles!
Honey: If we had a WAFFLE IRON, this wouldn't happen!

Coke: Hey young Chimeree, want to see a magic trick?
Jupes: Okay?

Coke: Just watch me, I'll go in here and..

Coke: Oh.. this feels funny..
Jupes: Are you sure this is safe?
Coke: Of co---AH tickles!!

Coke: Ta da!
Jupes: I don't see what's different...


Coke: Cheesus?... it actually worked!?

Coke: I'm young again!

Yeah, I did it.. the results of the little poll I did, were hardly encouraging, but I was like eh, I'll just keep him in the background so people who don't wanna see him will be sort of ok, right?

Jupes: I gotta hand it to you gramps, that was pretty awesome.

Jupes: I'd show more emotion, but the effect of it hasn't fully grasped me yet.
Coke: Oh the novels I will have time to write now!!

Sub: Come here love!

So.. it's not Valentines any more, but it was when I took this picture.

Groz: Kay, back to regular old day-to-day stuff again.
Sub: Yup..

Clowney: I haven't seen them kiss like that in a long time! o_o

This is my desktop background at the moment :D
If you want it, get it here in 1440x900!
Feel free to enhance the look if you so wish, this is a completely unedited picture from in-game :)

Coke planted 10 plants and harvested 49 cheeses from them.
Whoops. Too many :D
In other harvesting news.. I have a question: Where can I find pomegranates?

Sub: Hey sexy, I wanna kiss YOU.

I replaced the TV with a fireplace. Sweet, eh? The TV was moved upstairs.

And I added some shinies to the mantle.


Coke: By the way, young Chimeree, your new hairstyle is rubbish.
Clowney: Don't I know it, grandpa Coke.

Clowney: Eldred! You're finally a young adult!

Eldred: She's the medicine to my cold.


Still he gets browney points for growing up in Sub's yellow tank.

Clowney and Eldred *enjoy themselves*


Honey: Relax dad!

Honey: I was late because I got promoted! :D
Sub: Orly?

Clowney: I need to ask you.. whoops..

Clowney: I got it, I got it!

Clowney: Will you marry me!? :D

Eldred: Oh dear...

Eldred: Don't hate me, sweetie. I just grew up.

Clowney: You lousy excuse of a man. I can't believe you rejected me!

Clowney: I love you?

Eldred: I love you too. I just need some time to--

Eldred: What are you doing?!

Eldred: You're only hurting yourself this way.

Eldred: I can't change my mind in 1 minute, okay?

Eldred: Now how about we go and have some fun in----

Clowney: You can't possibly think you're getting any of this tonight!!

Eldred: Whoa whoa, I just meant chess. No need to get rowdy with me.

Clowney: Well, you hurt my feelings..
Eldred: What... ugh.. I'm sorry, OKAY?

Eldred: I really don't need your hug right now, you might want to ask me to marry you again and I don't think I can take 3 a night.

Edlred: Yeah, not gonna work, sweetheart.

Clowney: Can we just forget what happened and go back to normal? Please?

Eldred: Okay. You know I love you..
Clowney: I love you too.

Honey: You must be Eldred, my sister speaks of you.

Honey: Athletic?! No way! I am too!!

Eldred: It was nice to meet you all.

Keeping up with friends and enemies.

I could not play this game without the Long Distance Friend award.

Clowney: You're SO SMART!

Clowney: It's awesome that you focus on your genius and chose the science career, instead of pursuing music, like your virtuoso trait might suggest.

Clowney gets along with her co-workers very well..

Whoa whoa..

Sub: I have not managed to scam my boss into promoting me yet. It makes me want to PUNCH someone.

Sub *facekeyboard*

Clowney: I missed you yesterday, hon.
Eldred: It's nice to be at your house again..

Clowney and Eldred *gaze lovingly into each-other's eyes*

Meanwhile a young couple exchanges similar gazes outside the house.

Alex and Jupiter decided to commit to each other and become boyfriend/girlfriend.

Clowney: I hope.. you've had a chance to think about my proposal.
Eldred: Hmm?

Eldred: Clowneycake, please stop making me hurt you...

Clowney: But you said you LOVED ME !!!
Eldred: oh god.. what do I do.

Eldred: I DO love you. But I literally had a birthday a day before yesterday, getting married is serious business, for me. I need some time, okay?

Clowney: Well.. my sisters are growing up tomorrow, so how about you move in with me? We can celebrate the birthday and if I'm chosen as heiress we can just stay here, if not we can look into buying our own place and later get married.. if we want to?

Eldred: See, that's a much more reasonable proposal!

Clowney: I still wish he said yes..

Eldred: Love you, Clownfish.
Clowney: I love you too.

Sub: SHIT.

Wade: Maybe I should have locked him in the back?
Sub: I will destroy him, if I miss my daughters' birthday tomorrow morning.

Clowney: There's something I need to tell you, as I just found out myself a moment ago..

Clowney: I'm pregnant.

Eldred: You cheated on me? You asked me to marry you and then you cheated on me?

Clowney: I.. I was so heartbroken. I needed something to get my mind off you rejecting me. I couldn't bear it.

Eldred: And now you're bearing a child..

Eldred: Well, I hope you know I'll be there for you.

I would have sent these two to sleep, but Mimi was napping in their bed ALL NIGHT.
Rest in peace.. SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Clowney: Daddy.. I'm pregnant.

Groz: Oh my goodness! I thought this day would never come!! Bertha is still single! I'm so glad I'm going to see some grandkids!!

Jupes: Wait a minute.. it's my birthday!!

Sub: I hate birthdays..
You only say that because you're turning into an elder :P
But let's focus on your daughters!
Sub: Good idea.

Eldred: YAY!! :D:D:D:D

I think i's sad that by far the PRETTIEST of the generation only got a limited pictures and the rest got a decent amount.

Thank you Leroy, your support is appreciated. But why are you out in daylight? Glitch!
*resets Leroy after the party is over*

Honey grew up in a half-buisnessy look. I HATE that hair. Looks good on nobody!


Honey gained the Over-Emotional trait!

Jupiter gained the Natural Cook trait!

I've really come to adore Jupiter, even though her nose is weird. Unfortunately I can't show you that because she's amazingly photogenic!

The heiress poll is here. If you don't have a boolprop account, I suggest you get one, but if you choose not to, you're welcome to vote here in the comments. Don't vote in both places. PLEASE.
If you don't have a BP account, at least check the poll site, because it has complete profile pictures of the girls, so if you've forgotten their traits and/or LTWs it's handy :)
I will ask you, with all due respect.. don't vote for Clownfish ONLY because she's pregnant. And don't NOT vote for Jupiter ONLY because she dislikes kids. It's a legacy, there will be children obviously. Have your vote have a deeper meaning than BABIES. With that said.. vote for anyone YOU want to be the heiress, just don't vote with that sole purpose, anyone is ok to vote for :) I have my preferences and you have yours. I respect all of you.

Love you lots!


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I'm also using the picture of Cocaine as a background I edited it slightly, it says "Give Me My Cocaine Please".
On a different note.. I am so happy you updated today!
Can't wait for the next one.


Re: ~~~EtherealKarma~~~

Unlikely xD
Ahw thanks :) I was glad to have this chapter done. It stressed me the hell out for some reason.

Btw, did you vote?

Re: ~~~EtherealKarma~~~


Yep I voted over at boolprop.Although I'm looking forward to seeing any of the girls take over the legacy reins.

Ok whilst i remember Pomegranates, Eygpt i found some on a tree behind a house...i hope that helps.
YAY I love seeing Coke young again :)
Eldred is cute, his name makes me laugh for some reason but is Clownfish actually having his baby?
Hmmm i don't know who to vote for the girls are all so great, but i'll have to go for Jupiter :)

Fufufu.. I still need to go back there for Abu Simbel!.. And China for the boulder smasher. Thanks :)

Nope, he is not Clownfish's baby's father. "You are NOT the FATHER!!!"
I used to have a preference but I'd honestly not mind any of them :)
I haven't even voted yet xD


Sorry I read this comment and I was like

O_O MAURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all :)

How did you manage to reset Coke's age to adulthood? That's amazing! Great chapter, the girls are all so gorgeous it's going to be a tough vote :)

Twallan's SP. I've mentioned it before, check my resources. Sim>Advanced>Edit in CAS and I aged him down. But you can do it with AwesomeMod too.

It really is. I'm proud of them.

For some reason, Jupiter sort of reminds me of Ashley Greene... Maybe it's the nose??


Honey has my vote! (And I agree about her post-grow-up hair. I also never use that "mohawk" looking one.)
Oh and trust me, it's not just because Jupiter dislikes kids.
WHAT!? Honey has no votes!? I see I'm her only supporter.


Also: there something I want to ask you: Will you download the Veltrans and add them to your game? If you don't want to I understand.

(I personally am worried that by asking you this you'll think I'm pushy or something... D:)

Okay, I hesitated for a REALLY long time before posting this... This seems like such a random request... -.-

*deep breath* Okay. I shall click the "Post Comment" button. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose.

*closes eyes... and...*

How could you ask me such a-- I'm kidding, sure I'll get them, it's not even an issue :)

Re: Connor

I'd suggest downloading them with their house, if you haven't already.

I got them right away, but I haven't moved them in yet, so i can go back and get them with the house :)

I'm so glad she gets your vote! I saw she had none and I felt so bad, I haven't voted yet(IT'S TOUGH) and I thought I'd have to give her a pity vote in the end and that would be sad :( So thanks!

Re: Connor

Hey! Underneath your icon on BoolProp it says "Crazy Rainbow Train." I'm assuming it's a reference to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne (which I have on my iPod!)

I do think Honey is the best-looking kid this generation.
(A random note about Sims that Dislike Children: the "Pregnant" moodlet is still positive for them! Weird huh?)

Re: Connor

Ha. I should've added a space between my opinion on Honey and that random info - it makes it look like I think Honey dislikes kids... -.-

Actually it's not, but it's a funny coincidence!

I agree, but Jupiter grew up really well too. And she still looks good with that hair.

Oh... funky.

~~~EtherealKarma~~~ again...sorry

Sorry just thought I should show you the edit I did. I absolutely love it.

From Chimeree Fame! (http://s943.photobucket.com/albums/ad279/Ethereal_Karma/?action=view&current=CocaineChimereeBackground2.jpg)

Re: ~~~EtherealKarma~~~ again...sorry

xDD it's brilliant! Thanks!

Who would guess that the super villain is Sub? The multicoloured hair CERTAINLY doesn't give it away =P
Clown's O.o face is hilarious! xD
Eldred! <33333
Ahw... I feel sorry for Clownfish. But at least they made up!
NOOOOOOO! Clownfish! Cheating on my... my... uh, grandson?
Aww. They're so cute together...
Jupiter DOES look good on pictures. More so than when she was a child, you could really see the nose then =P

I'mma vote over at BP.

Shhhhhh.. *shifty eyes*

Eldred.. yeah I think he's your grandson, but I'm not sure.
Naww.. now I feel bad for how things will progress in the next chapter. I hope I don't make him look too much like the bad guy xP He's a great guy.

Yes she does. And her boyfriend Alex has Photographer's eye, she could be his model x3

Okay, just for that, totally voting for Jupiter. >_> Photographer and model, yes please.

Okay! But did you vote at BP already or are you stating your vote here?

My bad - not that it matters now that the votes are closed anyway, but I have no BP account, thus this is/was my one and only vote. :)


Can I still vote?
If so: I vote Clownfish.

Too bad she is not preggers from Eldred, cause I like him! She is just adorable, and funny, and clumsy, and just hopeless. I would love to see her be the heir.

Looks like Jupiter wins though, I love het too. Excitable, Brave... good stuff. Dislikes Children... not so much, but that's just the mommy in me speaking.

I wrote down your vote :) Thanks!

Jupiter is really pretty! And I like the collection of scooters lol.
*keeps reading* Whewt!

Yeah she wasn't so bad. She looked really good with that particular hair and she was SUPER photogenic.


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