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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Orange Crush: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 4.2 - Orange

There isn't an actual reason for the title.. nor for Clownfish to be passed out on the cover. It was the only picture I have taken that fit the title on it. ENJOY :)

Last time the twins had  a short toddlerhood and Clownfish had a short childhood, but now everything's back to normal.

Little Jupiter, who has gained a rather large fan-base already has nothing to do but have FUN, since her wish will probably lead her to go into music and kids can't play the guitar.

Honey gets to have fun too, whenever I lose sight of her. This girl is sneaky!

Oh I see, she takes after daddy.
Sub: I will be EVIL one day, but today.. I will play with sprinklers!

Coke goes on gardening and writing as usual.

What is it?
Coke: The fortune cookie told me "Everything is better with bacon"
Coke: Absolutely.

Meanwhile Eldred Rochester grew up and Clownfish cuts right to the chase.

Clowney: We should go out to a discotheque together!
Eldred: Ho ho ho.

But after all Clowney is a coward, and isn't brave enough to tell Eldred about her feelings.. instead she decides to lean in for a kiss..

Eldred is slightly shocked but accepts this display of affection.

Clowney: Well.. that went better than I thought it would!

An autonomous romantic hug from Eldred shows that he returns Clowney's feelings. Aww.

Soon enough, they agreed to go steady with one another.

The Maid: Move, old man, or I'll put and end to you with this wrench.

Do that and I'll slaughter you.

The Maid: *gulp* Right.. off to continue work I go.

I can't remember why I took this shot.. to show Jupiter's swimwear?

Eldred thinks Jupiter's swimwear is HILARIOUS.


Sub: Mmm.... Mercury.

Honey and Jupes often don't come straight home and instead play on the playground behind the school.. wait is that a pedo stalker in the background?

Sub: A ghost? What? Just no!

The all-girl generation enjoys their favourite meals every day.
Honey likes PB&J
Jupiter likes Eggrolls
Clownfish likes pancakes.

Clowney soon got a wish to get a job and I let her get a part-timer at the Science facility. She had rolled a LTW to become a creature-robot crossbreeder.

Clowney: Great-great-grandpa?

Clownfish and her cowardly tendencies make her instantly pass out from fright. It's hilarious.

Sorry Clowney..

Jupes: Computer time!

And she completely ignores her passed out sister.

Sub *mumbles and grumbles*
What's up?
Sub: The boss wanted me to make friends with some dude, but he wasn't home.
I think he's off work just now, see if you can catch up with him!

Sub: No way, I actually met another lazy person like myself!!
Paul: This town is full of jocks. Gosh!

Paul has seven... YES SEVEN kids, so Sub thinks Paul will relate to his kid-talk.
Paul looks like he's pouting. Clearly not amused.

Paul: Screw you, I'm going home.

Aww. Paul is a simself of a friend of mine. His LTW was to raise 5 kids.. so I did.. when they were all grown up and I was playing his daughter's family.. he and his wife had another pair of twins.

That same night.. Light Chimeree passed away.

Speaking of twins.

Honey: I want to be an astronaut. I want to be an astronaut! I want to be an ASTRONAUT!
Just wishing doesn't work, you have to work for it.

Jupiter: I wish.. something music related!

Honey's growing up hair.. lol. She as you can see has Grozdan's lips.. look.. they look alike!
She also has Sub's nose and Groz's eyes.

What do you think of our athletic gal?
Honey rolled Ambitious.
Honey: I don't mind the hard work as long as it will lead me to become an astronaut!

This was literally the only hair that looks good on Jupiter. Oh god Grozdan's nose looks strange on sims.

On this picture of course she makes a cute face and makes me look like a liar.

She has Groz's nose and lips and .....is that Jet's eye shape? O: Or is it Sub's?
Jupiter rolled Dislikes Children.

I'm not sure why I went with a cutesy look for her.. hmm.. especially after she rolled a LTW to become a rockstar!

Honey: With that look, you're better off a conductor.

Jupiter can finally start learning to play the guitar. Yay!
I'm letting her play with Jet's black guitar. It looks good.

Honey has found the dummy!

Sub: So, what do you aspire for?
Honey: Want to become an astronaut!
Sub: I know.. I heard the chanting.
Honey: I just want to be athletic and hard working and one day go to the moon, maybe establish a Chimeree colony there :D
Sub: I approve. I approve.

Jupes: Did you hear me jam!? It was awesome! I can't wait for EA to make me more instruments to play!

Honey: You played really well, too bad American Idol already started..
Jupes: There's always X factor. That's closer anyway...
Honey: Yeah, but America is like.. the place to go.. you know?

Teenagers. Check.

Oh look, it's Paul's grandson Alex.

Jupes snatches Alex, who she met in school and leaves Honey with one of her schoolmates at the Military base.
I have twallan's Career mod, so I have a number of different schools for kids to go to, you see.

This would definitely be an interesting pair :)

This is Honey's schoolmate. Completely ordinary looking, BUT his mother is dark skinned, so there might be some good genetics there too, seeing as my family has been pretty light so far.
His name is Schuyler Ordonez.

Sub: Hmm.. there's something just not right here..

Sub maxed his athletic skill ages ago so he doesn't really need skills for work. Now he spends time reading Coke's novels. The other day Groz read one of his best-sellers and got an awesome moodlet for a whole 24 hours!

Coke landed an opportunity to grow 10 cheeses, which urged me to upgrade the garden to look nice. Coke's planting his cheese now.. very late in his life though. Those who don't follow my blog, I've been contemplating letting him live forever for writing and gardening purposes.. and because he's awesome and cute. I'd age him down to YA.. opinions?

Sub: Honey?! What do you mean you're having a birthday!?

Alex Golden saw Groz grow up!

Groz: Blue? But I'm married to a yellow-gen man!
Yeah.. the game does not know this.

Jupes: Who are these old men, chatting on our lawn!?
It's your dad xD and Paul!

I added some yellow-ish highlights to his hair, I think he looks the same, except his nose is bigger.. EA, wtf?

Sub has been promoted to Evil Side Kick! Whoo!

Jupes: Yay, eggrolls!!

I love leftovers :D I have leftovers of everyone's favourites, and when I run out someone makes more! Life's good for my sims.

Sub: So rockstar eh? Maybe you SHOULD get a more badass look? I could help, I'm a crimi--er.. a badass guy!

Jupes: Thanks, but no thanks dad.. your sense of style is--
Sub: This is a work outfit.
Jupes: You've been wearing it all night.. you didn't even have work last night. And now let me do the dishes.

My sims have started doing dishes a lot.. I like it xD

Sub: Hey boss.. you know my daughter? I think she needs a make over. She wants to be a rockstar.

Sub: So.. I was hoping you'd promote me to your position?

Jepson, The Boss: And that would put me where on the ladder?
Sub: Is that a yes?
Jepson, The Boss: NO.

Mort: Hum dum.. just getting some coffee..

THAT is gonna leave stains..

Mort: So.. diamonds, eh?
Coke: DAD?!

Coke: I thought you died?

Coke: Huh.. I think I'm seeing things..

Sub: I LOVE orange, it's so nice and bright and awesome, like the sky at sunset!

Jupes: I found more sheet music online! I can't wait to try it out on my guitar!
Clowney: Mmhmm..

Cocaine.. during this chapter from start to finish wrote.. 6 and a half novels I think.
This picture is the point where he reached 40 novels. WOW.

I send him off to tend to his garden :)

I thought you already did your homework..
Jupes: I did.. this is Honey's. She had a wish for me to make her homework and she's my twin and my best friend, so I'm doing it.

Oh man.. it's Clowney's birthday!

Guess who is excited?!

Everyone.. in their jammies. but still excited!

Clowney: Am I supposed to sparkle!? What if this is DEATH!? OH GOD NO!

Clowney: AHA!!!
But... you're never nude.. this is..
Clowney: I'm not nude, so there.
You're also cowardly.. you'd never wear this. How out of character!
Clowney: Uhm.. dresser?
You know it, missy!

Sub: My baby daughter wearing a mini-dress?!?!


Her chin is kind of long, but other than that she looks pretty.

Oh and she rolled Inappropriate. Oooh..

Jupes: No, I don't want to become an actress.. I wanna be a rockstar!
Honey: You need more sass! More of a rough look, sis.

Jupes: You calllled?
Alex: Yeeees.

Alex: I'm thinking of going to the medical field. All my family is in cuisine. I wanna be different.

Jupes: So.. are you single? Thinking of marrying some day?

Jupes: I'd love to go on a dinner date, with you.
Alex: Uhh.. uhuh.. that'd be nice.

I really like these two as a couple!

Jupes: And I said omigosh dad, I'm not knocked up! He's so paranoid sometimes. It's not like I've even had my first kiss yet.

Who was that?
Jupes: Benny Golden, he's Alex's cousin. I like to keep my options open for now.

I sent Jupiter off tot he theatre to jam after work. Two ladies watched her and the blonde one tipped... twice!
Okay so I painted her guitar.

Jupiter: Only two people? Maybe I do need a more badass look to impress people?

Clowney: Meh meh meh, look at me, I'm Submarine, I'm cute and married and my husband is old.
Sub: What!?

Clowney shows her inappropriate side.

Sub: oh yeah, well if you ever get pregnant, you will carry a llama!!
Clowney: What?

Clowney and Sub: RAAAAAH!!

Jupes: Is this more rock n' roll?
I love it! I don't even remember downloading that outfit but I love it!!

Clowney: Lolol. Isn't it great to blow out steam sometimes?

The two continue to have a pleasant conversation about chemistry.

And then gossip.

And then call each other names. Ah.. bliss.

Clowney: I love Jupiter's new look, so cool!
Sub: Yeah, it's very badass!

One wakes up the other goes to bed.
Someone's schedule is messed up.
Honey: Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
It's 1am.
Honey: It's never too early!
I disagree.

In the night Sub and Honey enjoy a game of catch.
Nothing like some father-daughter bonding.


Honey: Hey dad, wanna fight!?

Honey lost. Ahw, but it was to be expected. Her father once won a fight over a mummy!

But she still looks pretty fierce.

And now off to jog, to get even more fierce and tough!

What.. do we have.. here :D :D :D :D

Next time: The twins grow up? And there will be an heiress poll?

Wow.. long chapter was long!

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Wait... growing CHEESE? O_o How would that work??
Creepy maid is creepy.
JET!!! :D I've never used the following expression before.... but w00t! XD

Schuyler... never heard THAT name before. Interesting...
I like Jupiter's new look, but her dress looks more red than orange in my opinion.
Life Fruit and Death Flowers! The Life Fruits look like pears with haloes... :P

I WAS going to vote Jupiter for heir but now she Dislikes Children. Soo... Now I'm more inclined to go with Honey.

It's an opportunity, if you fulfil it eventually another one pops up and then you're supposed to grow special plants(ooooh!).. I haven't been able to do it yet.

Woo, my strange names hack! Reminds me of Glee. Schuester! :D Yes, no, maybe so?
It's probably the lighting, it looks perfectly orange in-game. I did make it KIND of dark.
That's exactly what I thought too. Mmm.. pear bushes. xD

Ahw really? Harsh! I was hoping I'd finally have a reason to have less than 3 kids xP I mean.. I wanted to have 2 in Orange, but Grozmarine decided to give birth to twins xD We'll see how everyone else feels. I like Honey too, though, I've never had an astronaut :O :D Clownfish is sort of 'eh' for me, you too?

Re: Connor

I'd say since I'm fairly Family-Oriented, there's a trait incompatibility.

Yeah, it does sort of remind me of Glee XD Even though I've only seen 3 or so episodes XD
My game seems to be entirely anti-hack. NONE have work(ed) on my current computer or my old one. WEIRD. Maybe I just fail at installing them.

I agree about Clownfish. Her traits are just really random. Let's see - Easily Impressed, Clumsy, Coward, Never Nude, Inappropriate. What's funny is the TS3 guide lists "Easily Impressed" as having no drawbacks. LOL.
Wait - what's her Lifetime Wish? it's not listed and I forgot...

Re: Connor

Oh and I friend-requested you on the Sims 3 site about 2 weeks ago. XD
Just so you know - I'm "cmputer" on there. Yeah, I know I suck at creating usernames.

Oh that was you :)
I rarely go to the official site actually xD

I love how your garden is set up! It's so pretty.

The Michael Jackson shirt is kinda creepy, but then again, I always found him incredibly creepy after 91 or so.

Thanks! I love it too! It's off centre, which freaks out the perfectionist in me, but what can you do, eh. Great.. now I can't get it out of my head.. I'll fix it next time I'm in game.

I was 2-3 years old in '91 *chuckles* well.. I like the other shirt better, the silhouette of him dancing, but I got both of them for some reason or another. Eh.

Sub staring at mercury = scary!
A Chimeree colony on the moon... interesting...
X Factor! :DDD Pfft, American Idol only copied off our Pop Idol, anyway! >=O (Yes, very... country-proud? xD)
That Alex guy reminds me of Frances Worthington from... one of the unis... :P
Yes, Sub. you are very, very badass :D
Interesting... this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v134/j.mariah/4point2/Screenshot-2835.png) makes him look kinda like Michael J Fox! O.o

And thus starts our quest to take over the universe!
I thought you'd say so about X factor xD But if they didn't copy, they wouldn't have Kelly Clarkson! And she's goood!
I remember Frances.. I never played with that sim but I saw him in that strangetown story.. I should finish reading that!
Sub sends his thanks for you feeling that way.
Oh.. yes.. especially with that tux!


I will be Evil one day, but today... I will play with sprinklers


I still love Jupes, but I don't know about the Disliking Kids trait. Maybe you should just keep Sub, I really love him.

xD I thought that bit was funny too.. I'm so funny :P

Well that trait had to come along one day, and I'd like to try many different things :)
Keep Sub? You mean keep him alive instead of Coke? Nah, I love Coke too much and he has a better/different purpose.
Thanks though :)

Re: Dani

Ahhh, but just look at that last picture of him and Honey playing catch. Gotta love him.

And yes, you're very funny. ;) really :)

Clownfish is my favorite atm, although I bet she's pretty annoying with the fainting EVERY time there's a ghost.

I think I like Jupiter's old outfit better. She looked dated but cool. The new one doesn't have any rainbows.

She's only fainted once so far :) I can imagine it gets old fast, but we'll see about that.

I liked the first one too. I just thought it wasn't rock n' roll enough and I would have kept it if I didn't fell that way but after the change, I like the second better in the end. I think the new one looks really awesome without the rainbow on it. Well I tried but it didn't fit anywhere. The belt is a rainbow but it only shows two colours or something. Eh.

Oh wait the belt is covered in the pictures by the guitar anyway xD

So I finally sat down and had time to read your legacy from start to present, and it's absolutely hilarious! Love your characters and the fun conversations your colourful crew manage to get into, not to mention the facial expressions you catch on camera. Hope to see a new update soon!

Well thank you very much for reading! I'm glad you've enjoyed it too, it's been a blast for me. I haven't played after this update yet, but the next one shouldn't be a long chapter, as I want to make a poll for the heiress as soon as the twins are young adults :)

Great chapter! loved how you give everything a personality. I hope you decide to keep Coke, he's my favorite. You gotta love purple hair ;)

I appreciate your enjoying of Coke and the others. I've tried my best to make them fun for not just myself :)

(I just have to do this because of the title)

Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes
525,000 moments so dear.
525,600 minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In truth that she learned, or in times that he cried?
In bridges he burned, or the way that she died?

It's time now
to sing out
though the story never ends...

(Did I remember it correctly? xD)

Oh, and I don't mean the title, I mean the thing that hides the pictures so they don't show up - I think it's called "under the cut".

Yeah it's the "cut text"

Yeah those are the lyrics, though the first verse and chorus comes in-between there. Well done! :D

Now it's stuck in my head...
That's okay though, it's a good song. At least it got the other, more annoying song called "I Don't Wanna Be" or whatever out of my head! :D

I think I'll get Seasons of Love on my iPod. That reminds me, I wanted to listen to The Academy Is...!

Ooh, ooh, where'd you get Jupiter's teen hair?

Oops, I meant Honey's hair

I almost forgot that we did actually get to see Coke as an elder. He's a cute one, with his piercing and same hairstyle. But I much prefer him with purple hair, he is so gorgeous.

You did a much better job with the orange clothes than I have. I especially like Clownfish's clownfish stripes!

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