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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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This post has goodies! It looks legit.
I'm re-making this post as one, instead of posting all the Chimerees one by one. Because that's silly and I'm sure I will have more requests for sims because my sims are so incredibly AWESOME.
And I'm modest too! Who knew?

Hey I love your legacy! I downloaded Denim and Cocaine and married Denim to my Simself :D lol they have twins now an their super cute.

That's great! Hope you're having fun ^^


Hey there, I was just wondering if you could please upload Grozdan again, looks like he got deleted from mediafire. I can't bear to break Grozmarine up and I'd love to have them in my game.

Wow, I have no idea why it would do that... He's back up now :)

Re: Grozmarine (Anonymous) Expand

From Mr.Yoshi

I have downloaded Dionysus, and he is now an ASTRONAUT.



i went to download Inky, but when i click on the download link on mediafire, it doesn't work :(

I thought Mediafire took the file down or something but it's still there so it's probably just MediaFire being a jerk as it sometimes is. Try again another time and it should work :)

Lav's hair link is outdated.

The updated link is here: http://anubis360.blogspot.com/2010/08/raonjena-female-hair-10-fixed-pookletd.html

Anubis relocated to blogger. Hope this helps other Lav Hair Hunters!

Hey! I realise that this post is from like last year so I don't really expect a reply. Anyhoo, I'd love to use Cocaine in my own legacy as co-founder! I just wanted to, you know, ask permission from you :) I'll link him back to your own legacy aswell.

Also, kudos on the legacy! I haven't actually finished reading it yet *blushes* but I'm currently on the Turquoise gen. I'm hooked so I should get it finished today!

Anyway, bravo and happy simming!

P.S.: Dionysus, Denim and Jupiter may also make appearances, but not major ones :D

Go right ahead! Thank you for letting me know :) Enjoy the rest of the legacy! And of course you're welcome to check out my currently running ISBI if you haven't already :)

Have fun!

I'm thieving Flamingo, to use in my legacy.
I'll be sure to credit you when he appears, thanks for uploading these! xD

Oh, and probably a couple others too, so that he doesn't have to live alone. I'll be sure to credit you there too! Thanks again!


Hey Mariah, where did you get the default faces? They look really nice, and Denim's lips don't look so... pouty.
And I'm making my rainbow sim (AKA Brennan Skipton >.<) marry a girl form of Denim.

Find the answer to this question in my resources post :)



I've started reading your legacy on.. I think wednesday? And uhm, I'm wondering wich skin you use :o Not Jordan's or Flamingo's, but the other ones, because I really like 'em.

I'm sorry for posting this sooo damn late - your legacy ended like a year ago - but I really loved it! :D


I've answered this question in the resources post :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Mariah, I think I have most of the Chimeree's in one of my save files, but I've just realised that Passion isn't up. Is there any way you could put him up, please? I always liked Passion. :3

Unfortunately I don't think I have a save available from when Passion was alive. I can look but I hardly doubt it :(

Tobias and Lyra and Misty and the others

Hi Mariah.

I don't mean to bother you it's just I was wondering if you could put Tobias (him especially), Misty, Lyra, Hunter, Oscar, and the others from before this legacy, up for download?

By the way, I love this legacy!

P.S. And your remade simself?

Thanks. I love the Chimeree's dearly.

Re: Tobias and Lyra and Misty and the others

I have Tobias and Lyra but the others I don't even have saved on my computer any more, so I can only put up those two. I'll do it next time I go in-game.
My remade simself is on my website along with my new legacy.

I also Downloaded three or four of your Sims for my 100 Baby Challenge, I love how good your Sims look and the fact some are CC free. I have not used your Sims yet but will later in my 100 Baby Story, if you'd like to read it feel free to here http://illyiannasblog.wordpress.com/illyiannas-100-baby-challenge-2/ and thank you for your great, unique Sims.

Okay ^^ thank you very much! I've never read a 100 baby challenge before, I'm very curious.

Thank you so much! I've adore the Chimerees since I first read about them (a few months ago), and they have made me love the idea of doing a rainbowacy, which I hope to do one day.

Thanks for sharing these, I've downloaded Coke, who will eventually marry one of my sims (the sim in my userpic when she is YA), and hopefully they will found my rainbowacy. And Cornflower, I haven't quite found a place for her yet amongst my sims, but it will happen soon.

I can't stop downloading Chimerees to add them to my game!