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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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This post has goodies! It looks legit.
I'm re-making this post as one, instead of posting all the Chimerees one by one. Because that's silly and I'm sure I will have more requests for sims because my sims are so incredibly AWESOME.
And I'm modest too! Who knew?

Thank you for uploading these. Your sims are undoubtedly awesome. ;3 I've been having so much fun with Mimi in my game it's unbelievable.

:D thanks and you're welcome!

Fourth House

Hi! I have been following your legacy and I downloaded the fourth legacy house. I noticed that in the bookcases you have all the recipe and song books and I remember you mentioning the mod which allows you to keep those. I can't find the post where you said the mod names; do you by any chance know which mod allows you to keep those books without having to buy them again? Thanks.

You have to enable BooksNotMagicScrolls in the config file for that feature.
You're welcome ^^

Okay; I have been looking for Rains top everywhere!
I cant seem to find it, do you know where it came from or the file name? Thanks :)

I can't say anything about the filename.. I've combined most of my CC packages, also I believe it came with some other tees in one package, so I'm not just looking for a superman t-shirt .__. but.. I think it was from TSR. Not entirely sure though..
I spent a whle hour looking for it too, but I can't find it :( sorry.

I was wondering, where did you get Jordan?
Oh, and I think your legcy rocks. I'm sad to see it's almost over :(

I got Jordan from Jordan.
Thank you and I can't believe it's nearly over either!

Thanks so much for the tee; its great! :D

Corny's Wedding Dress

I've been looking for Corny's wedding dress everywhere but I cannot find it :( Where is it from?
That dress is awesome. Just like the Chimerees.

Re: Corny's Wedding Dress

It's from Just Sims. Took me a while to find it, I don't usually go there, I go to My Sims 3 Blog and it updates on a ton of places and that's where I found it from xD


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Are you going to download Jordan anytime soon? I really want her and Coke in my game <3

You mean upload, not download, surely. And I can't upload her cause she's a simself.
Go get her from Jordan herself.

Would it be okay if I used Denim in my legacy ? I really like him a LOT xD

Faye's Top

I think that top's the Cache-Coeur at mod the sims by Shep. Right now it is at page 43. Thanks for Vireo and CherryBlossom, I just downloaded Cherry. They are both really pretty. I'm hoping that's the right top and thanks for sharing this great legacy and awesome sims with us.

Oh.. yeah! Yes it is! Awesome, now I can put a link up :)

Thanks for last gen and Pink gen. :)

they are going to run around in my neighbourhoods now :)

Where did you get Rains socks?

Edit: I really love them, it would be a pleasure to have them for him

I love Cocaine :D
That doesn't sound right...

Haha! If I got a penny every time I heard that!

Pie's Hair

Did... did I miss the link? 'Cause i can't seem to find it :S

It's a store hair. Here.

I was just wondering where you got Light's hair, has it isn't listed here. I really want it xD It's awesome.

It's from GSR. Here.


I just.. LOVE your legacy.. SO IN LOVE! And Coke? He's the best sim ever xD
I'm wondering how you're doing it that your pregnant sims can wear different clothes? And you can change it?
I'll be gratefull for answer, oh and btw.. did I say your legacy is amazing? xD


I use Twallan's Master Controller, it has a "Stylist" which brings you to a dresser/mirror sort of station and you can change the pregnant sim's clothes there and you can use it on any sim even ones you can't control, so say you want to make someone over(pregnant or not) :)
I'm so glad you like the legacy ^^!

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Re: Pregnancy (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Pregnancy (Anonymous) Expand

Denim's Kids

I downloaded Purple and Blue generations, and my founder of the Kaliedo Rainbow legacy (http://kaliedolegacy.wordpress.com/) fell for Denim :3

In the game Missie and Denim have 2 children, but my posts haven't caught up to there yet.

Ichigo (http://i1226.photobucket.com/albums/ee406/Thindra_Hitoru/Kaliedo/Ichigo.png) who is Evil and Grumpy
Shrimp (http://i1226.photobucket.com/albums/ee406/Thindra_Hitoru/Kaliedo/Shrimp.png) who is Good and Friendly.

Oh sweeeeet! Gonna read it :D

The kids look adorable, omg <333