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Time Flies: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 4.1 - Orange

I Love You, Cocaine Chimeree!!
He is so awesome.
I'm dedicating this to him, before he has the chance to die on me.

What could possibly be this exciting?

Of coooourse!

It's little Clownfish, she's growing up today!

Growing up gave her a nicer look, if I say so myself.
She looks to have Groz's nose and eye shape, I think. But whose are those lips?

Clownfish gained the trait of Never Nude.
Good for her. From birth she gained easily impressed and clumsy, to remind you, because I always forget.

Clownfish: Wow, it all looks nice and orange like me! I'm impressed!


Groz: Nothing to see here, nothing to see here.. I think nobody will notice the disappearance of this..

Groz:.. streetlight.

You might remember that he got pregnant again in the end of last chapter where Tabi and Jet died *sob*

Groz: That was so thrilling!!! I haven't swiped anything since I found Submarine.. oh the ADRENALINE!

He then scooters off smiling charmingly.

Groz: I miss Tabi! We were besties! And Jee-eeet!

Aww, he's little emotional right now.

Groz: I think.. I think it's time. I think I will have the baby now. And I will have it right here.

Groz: Calm down, man...

Meanwhile, as Groz is in labour for 2-3 hours..
Coke: I miss Tabi!! *tear*

Groz: YAY!

IT'S TWINS. *passes out*
I was surprised by this. Were you surprised?
I'm just glad it's not triplets.

The girls are named Honey and Jupiter.
Honey is a yummy sweet sticky substance made by honey-bees. Some may argue that honey is not orange, but if you Google honey and look at the pictures.. it's pretty orange to me.
Jupiter is a planet. It's pretty much orange. I should know, I have a poster with our solar-system and all it's planets.

Sub: I hope I will be a good father. I have three daughters. THREE DAUGHTERS. I hope they will look up to me and love me like I love them.

Clownish: Daddy, you're the best dad ever, don't even worry!
Sub: what about Grozdan?
Clownfish: Well.. you're equally best!

Sub: Ew, what screams and stinks?

Groz: We should have another one, lol.
Sub: That is not funny.

And then Groz did the evil finger thing but his face didn't do the evil face thing, so he just looked odd.
Sub: What. Are you doing?

Sub: Finally no babies!

They were only born last night.
Yes I have a mod that makes babies only stay babies for a day.

Groz: Please don't do that?


Honey Loves the Outdoors and is Athletic. Even though she can't even walk yet.


Jupiter is Excitable and a Virtuoso.

So we have a girl who can dance before she can walk and one who can sing before she can talk.
This is turning into an Abba song.

Bottom line, they're both adorable. Honey has Groz's eyes and Jupiter has Groz's hair and nose.
The rest is not yet clear.


She likes it.


Sub: Disco!
Jupiter: But I like Egyptian music!!

Meanwhile Clowney gets to relax as her parents get busy teaching the twins to talk.

Honey: Falling Star!
Sub: Come on, Jupes, you're falling behind, they're already at words containing "R"

Groz: Not to bother you but, you should be working, miss.

Groz: Aren't you a cutie, yes you are!
Clowney: I can't believe they're growing up tomorrow..

It's been skilling non-stop which is not very interesting to take pictures of.

Clowney: I still have to do my homework. Homework is stupid.

Time to grow!

Who gained the Loner trait. A Loner, who Loves the Outdoors and is Athletic. She will be spending tons of time in the back yard SIM-FU FIGHTING!

She gained the Brave trait.
She's a Brave, Virtuoso who's Excitable. Should be fun!

Clowney: Guess whose birthday party it is tonight?!
Jupes: Uhm.. but WE just grew up!
Clowney: Yeah, but Mariah has that mod and kids life stage isn't that long in it.
Jupes: Lame, she better take it out, I wanna be a kid longer!

I did after this. Or well I modified it a little.

Honey: But I wanna grow up and fight the dummy!

Patience is a virtue.

The twins: YAAAAY!!! TOOOOT!!
Grozdan's jaw *wonders where the rest of Groz's head is*

I moved the dining table so people could come cheer, as I planned a big party for Clowney and half the people stayed outside to chat with one another.

Shut up townie girl. Tycho rocks.
Tycho and Daffodil had given birth to a boy named Murdoch earlier that day. Congrats.
Oh and just before the party started I got a message that my simself had died, so you never got to see the make over I gave her.
I miss you simself!

Clownfish grew up looking interesting. WHOSE ARE THOSE LIPS!? I have no idea..
The nose and eye shape are Groz's unmistakably.

Clowney gained the trait of Coward. A never nude, coward who's also clumsy and easily impressed. With those traits, I have no idea which skills to make her study!

Honey: It's CROWDED!
Townie girl: Rubbish.

Good time to show off Clowney's nice bathing suit. Which she is bathing in xD It would be funnier if she was actually taking a bath!

Honey the athletic one gets to working out, even though she won't get any skills from this yet.

And Jupiter dreams of the day that she will be able to play the guitar.

It's Jet Black!! It's Jet's old guitar!

I try my best to use different patterns and shades on the girls' bedding and such. So far so good.

Clowney: These plates will go bad and the flies will come and fly around here and it will all turn NUCLEAR!

That's not cowardice, that's paranoia.

Clowney: I am soooo cool.

Sub: And off to high-school she goes. They grow up so fast!

Groz: I'm hitting the gym, BYE.

Groz: Gotta get rid of this baby fat!! I swear!

Coke: Why do you make me sit here until I get stressed.. you know I always break the computer when I get stressed.
Well you know what this means!
Coke: A bubble bath and video games?
No, it's time to upgrade the computer to be unbreakable.
Coke: Oh..

Groz: ..and if you do your homework every day, you will be winners!

Jupes: But it's HARD!

Sub: I have a super secret package I need to deliver to Egypt, think you can manage without me for a few days?

Groz: I think we all need a vacation, actually.

Hi Jet. I love you, Jet!

Since she can't gain athletic points yet, I send Honey to search the galaxy.

While Jupiter makes friends over the internet.

And Clownfish.. oh yeah it's 4am, that's what they're ALL supposed to do!

Honey: I just discovered a star and.. and I want to go to it! I want to become an ASTRONAUT!

Honey calls dibs on the first LTW. Military needs athletic skills too so it's win-win!

Light Chimeree asked Sub to write a biography. He did not ask his brother the professional novelist. He asked his nephew. Why? WHY!?

Clowfish isn't the brightest crayon in the box.

Jupes: Daddy?
Sub: Yeeees?

Jupes: We have some relic collections on display at school next week and the teacher said that if we have any we should bring them to class!

Sub: That's nice timing because we're leaving for Egypt in 10 minutes.

Coke: Leave me here. That's fine. I'll just modify this fortune cookie thing to only give good fortunes. And then I will  feast on fortune cookies. ALONE. Till you're back.

Sub: Okay. Is everyone here? Honey? Jupiter? Clownfish? Grozdan? Yeah.. Yeah I think we're all here.

Sub: I have.. a package for you from mister Valentine Mize.
Rainia: Oh?

Rainia: EXCELLENT :D enjoy your bonus!

Gee, nice constructive criticism there, Sub.
Rainia: I don't know, I think he's pretty good.

Man the places here are HUGE. Too bad I can't enter Abu Simbel yet. I didn't have a rock with me :(
Did you know, that it was relocated in the 1960s because it was under threat from the Nile's rising waters. So they had to cut the whole thing into pieces and move it away from the river. I learned that in art history! Look how big it is! Can you see little Grozdan? He's so little next to the huge structure!

Honey and Jupiter were off at base camp making friends with some French girls.

They learned a song from them.
Honey: PLEASE stop signing that stupid song! Don't you have anything better to do!?

Sub: Ugh, got to find some relics for Jupes.. ugh.. the things we do for love. Stupid rubble!

Groz: Du Be Do Be Do... oh hey hon, I found one!!

I. Love. excavating!

This was my second choice for opening picture, but I like Coke more.

Things to learn from this picture:
Everybody but Honey likes garlic.
Everybody but Honey got garlic breath.

Oh, well look who's looking gorgeous in the light of the fire.

Here's some of the things we've gathered from our two trips to Egypt so far. I love the Sphinx statues!

Sub: I am not Yellow-Submarine. You do not recognize me with this clever disguise.

Really now?
Sub finally got the promotion to Henchman, which means he is now in the EVIL track!
Oh and while in Egypt I changed Grozdan's evil trait to natural cook, because he just is not evil to me.
Thanks mid-life crisis!

If anyone asks how the genetics in TS3 work, this would be the picture to show them.
The girl in the middle is the daughter of the old guy and Ashleigh. She has a blend of their skin and a pretty equal amount of her parents in her. And blue eyes from her grandmother(my simself) I'm guessing, since neither of her parents have them.

This is Eldred Rochester. I'm not sure how exactly, but he is a descendant of annaf94 .
He's got LONG eyelashes and he's generally super cute!

These two pictures were shown since I sent Clowney to town to meet boys. Which she did not.. because as I learned later.. I only have 6 teen boys in the whole town versus 12 teen girls. CHEESUS. I hope Eldred grows up soon!

There are two sims in this picture.

Clowney: BUUUUG!

Clowney: I hope that bug didn't follow me!

Clowney: What if I will never find true love? SCARY THOUGHT!!!

Since she doesn't know ANY teen boys she called up the only boy who wasn't older than her and got right to talking about cars. Because that's what boys like.

Clowney: So.. you've got a birthday soon, right? No no.. I'm just asking..

NEXT TIME: The twins grow up! Will the girls ever find love with this small of a population of guys around?

Thank you for reading, love you long time!

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