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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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O, The Beautiful Vistas! : Chim-Chim-Cheree, 4.0 - Orange
Finally, right?
I'm happy to be back, after a busy time and installing a new windows. Nothing was lost in the process, yay!
Let's go on!

The title admittedly has very little to do with the chapter and a lot to do with Death aka Adam, sitting on this bench in a park.
Well, I thought it was hilarious.

Last time we found out that Submarine is bi, he married a guy named Grozdan and his sisters moved out on their own. Sulfur, the evil sim broke up with her boyfriend and Daffodil the commitment-phobic gal got married, huh?
And then Grozdan became pregnant and Sub didn't believe him, but it was true.

Ahw, Leroy, making a bed. Lovely.
He's only doing it so he can relax on it, but whatever, it's still cute! And he's the founder and all.

Sub: Holy cheesecake, Groz, you're HUGE.
Groz: I know, right?

Sub: Well, gotta run.
Groz: You better be back before I go into labour.

Nothing happened in the next few hours, but Sub got back home and went to sleep.. and then this happened:

Groz: Uggg. This really.. huurts.
Sub: Uhm? What's going on?

Really? You're making Groz drive? Are you sure, Submarine?

Oh look! It's Mortimer Light!

Sub: Nothing to see here, nothing to see here.


Yes it was, get over it.

It's a giiiirl *sings*
Groz: That's right.. mwahahaha....
I always forget that he's evil too. He's too sweet to be!

The baby girl was named Clownfish.
Clownfish are adorable little fishies. They are orange with white and black stripes and many of you know clownfish from a wonderful little animation named Finding Nemo.
THIS Clownfish is Clumsy(like Mimi) and Easily Impressed

Sub: So, I can't wait to see how the Lost creators finally tie up all those lose ends and answer all those questions!
Groz: Uhm.. honey, we have a visitor.

Sub: Hmm.. well, You look familiar.
Bertha: Oh hi.

Sub and Bertha: Oh I see.
The maid: It smells nice in here..

Sub: You MUST be Grozdan's daughter Bertha, you look.. everything like your mother Edita.

Bertha: Well, ya. Why do you think I live with mum? If I moved in with dad, they'd think he kidnapped me, cause we look nothing alike.

This is true.

Sub: It's kind of strange that your dad just had another baby, right, since you're already a teen.
Bertha: Ya, I suppose.

Sub: Well, make yourself at home. I AM your step-dad after all.

And she sure made herself at home :D

Groz makes a great dad. He loves the baby.

And he gets on well with the family as well.

Groz: Your writing is amazing! Please don't ever stop!

Coke: Oh well.. yeah if you say so. Thank you, young man.

Coke: I did write one flop though.. I should be ashamed.
Groz: That was after your father had just died. It's forgiveable.



And so the whole family was moved to a new neighbourhood!
This is Cape Cavell, which I spoke of in an earlier post of mine.

The legacy house stays the same mostly, but does get a new colouring and the sun is shining from a a different angle, so the front is sunny, not the back.

Looks good!

Coke: Tabitha, my darling...
Tabi: Cocaine, my precious.. ..wait, that didn't sound quite right.

Groz: What do you mean you hate the outdoors?
Jet: well I do, it's plague. And your husband hates it too, my good grandson, takes after me. And what was wrong with Sunset Valley!? You youngsters always have to go for the exciting and new!

Someone is grumpy from  he move! How cute!
Jet: Cute? Hmph!

Bertha: Hey papa, nice vista!
Groz: Pays to marry into a rich family, doesn't it.
Bertha: I think I've learned from this encounter!

Groz: Yes.. yes... money.. diamonds..

Groz: Oh wait. Got to feed my baby, whom I love, by a man I love.

See.. evil does not suit him.. at all.

Bertha: This is a great house! I'm loving the sprinklers.
Sub: So, when I said make yourself at home, I didn't mean move in.
Bertha: Um, gotta go, it's getting late. Bye.

Berha: I will miss that tv.

Like the new bridge thing? I should have done that for Grozmarine wedding. Awh well.

We isn't that darling.
At this point everyone can make their own favourite meal. So yay!

Jet: So when are you two having another baby?
Sub *chokes on his food*

Jet: I'm serious.
Sub: Ugh. Um..

Sub: :)

Soon it was time to gather for Cocaine's birthday! WHOOO!

Coke: Thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank.. the academy and my--
This is not your award show for the film you dreamed you were in last night.
Coke: Don't kill my dream.

Coke: I wish I wish...

Coke: I wish I could keep this snazzy denim jacket!

Well, oh all right.

Coke: Hey, Cloud! Happy birthday to you too, brother! :)

Coke and Cloud are twins after all :)

Sub: You look upset!
Tabi: You bet I do, you called my mother a llama! Why do you have to be so mean sometimes?!
Sub: I wouldn't want to pretend I'm something I'm not, mum. I'm sorry.
Tabi: And yet you're still so sweet, son!
Sub: Btw, that polo makes you look fat.

Tabi: I will not take this BS from my child!

Coke in his new snazzy white denim jacket. He  likes it.
Coke: Life's good.

Ah.. and now you've jinxed it.

Sub: Time to feed Clownfish!

Sub is a better dad than Coke so far. But honestly I love them both equally!

Someone's looking rather old on this picture.
Sub: The children.. the children will take away your youthful playfulness and make you look older!
That's not only a load of crap, it's also depressing. Thanks.

This looks really nice and blissful :)

Groz: I have come to this family to steal diamonds!

Jet: I have come to this family to serve delicious grilled salmon! I made up my special recipe for it when I was 3!

Jet: My secret ingredients include a dose of mud, a bit of sand and 3 sim hairs.

That's bizarre, ever for you, Jet.

Groz and Jet get along swimmingly.

Jet: I want to hold Clownfish, please.

Jet: You're in the way. Please put the baby down and let me hold her.

Jet: Yellow-Submarine Chimeree, you put the baby down RIGHT. NOW.


Jet: I want to hold THAT baby.

GO for it! There's nothing stopping you!

Sub: Let's get outta here, I've gone completely stir-crazy, taking care of our baby all the time.
Groz: It's totally worth it though.
Sub: Totally.

Ashleigh: HI MUM.
Omh, it's simself's daughter Ashleigh and her son.. and her daughter over there talking to Groz.

Groz: Gosh. We're both kloptos. YAY!

It's Eli Salmon, the guy from the wedding back in the day with Cloud's son Sherwood! Aww.
Eli is his step-dad or something like that. Or he just lives with Sherwood's mum.. yeah I think that was it.

Jet: I think I sat wrong and cut off circulation to my legs because they're both feeling tingly like they've fallen asleep.
Pins and needles?
Jet: Yeah.

Jet: Oh wait. Nope. I'm just dying.

Oh is that all?!

Adam: Jet Chimeree!
Jet: Not listening!
Adam: Jet.

Jet: Nooo.. pleeeeease? It's not my time!!
Adam: You're 23 days overdue. It's way PAST your time.

Adam: I've got to stop giving your sims longer lives than every other sim in the damn neighbourhood. It's ridiculous.
You're telling me. I never asked for your assistance.
Adam: Well gotta go. Bye.

Adam *poof*

Jet Chimeree died at the age of 123. 23 days overdue because 100 was at the time my regular time for sims to pass.
After her passing I removed SLAM so 90 days it is from now on!
Jet was an AWESOME sim. She was the first generation and she, despite having serious issues, was a great mother and a great wife.

Coke: She is at peace at last.

No. This does not mean you get to not dress up all day.

Especially on your grand-daughter's birthday!

Tabi and Sub: NANA JET D:
Coke: YAY!


She looks a bit funny.
BUT. She has Coke's throwback purple hair and red eyes like Light! Ooo! Also she looks to have inherited Grozdan's eye shape and his nose!

Sub: Wow, look at that! I want to blow ALL my money on that gingerbread house. That's how amazing they make it look!


Clownfish: Emerald!
Sub: No sweetie, you're in orange generation. Orange!

She's still cute, though funny-looking. I bet she grows into her genetics by teen.

You dig Sub's new threads?

.. is that how people actually talk? No, right? I mean.. yeah.

Groz: ? :D
Sub: :D !

Sub: No wait!  NO!

Sub: Don't you see I'm not in the mood!
Groz: Aww...

Ahw, he's still upset about his grandma's death.

Mimi: I'd love to watch some telly, right about now.

Mimi: Oh yeah, video games! I forgot about those! :D

Sub: Stupid. I can't believe you had to re-play like 4 days and now I have to change my clothes AGAIN. I just wanna sit down and play some video games.

Don't you HATE re-playing, especially after you've changed people's clothes and you didn't save the style, so you have to make it all over again? GRILLED CHEESUS I hate that!

Sub: YEAH> That's what I'm talking about!!

Groz: Come on cupcake, you know you want to walk to daddy!
Clowfish: Yeah I tired. I take a few steps and fall over. It's too hard, okay?

Leroy: But I wanted to nap on that sofa!

Groz: Darling.. it's happened again.

Sub: Nana Jet would be proud.

But with life comes death.

Coke: Wait.. what? But we were going to have lunch!

Adam: Here I am again.
And this time only 2 days overdue.
Adam: Like I said.. I've been letting the Chimerees walk on far too long a leash.

Tabi: Please don't make me die!! Please?
Adam: Listen lady, when I say it's time to go.. it's really time to go.

And with that. It's time to end the chapter!
Next time: Clownfish grows and has a sibling. Will there be more death? I hope not yet!

Thanks and please come again!
Love you long time!

PS. There is a continuity error in one of the pictures, caused by me having to re-play after a small crash. A cookie and my apologies if you can find it. xD

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Aw great update! I love the neighborhood! :D

And Clownfish is really cute, and interesting looking, i love that she's got red eyes! x)

I know exactly what you mean by re-playing i had the same problem when playing the legacy the other day, suddenly my laptop decided to just die...i had taken like 60 pictures and hadn't saved i was like 'SHIT!'.....but they were ok, but i had to get the game up to date with where i last took the pictures, Grrr.

Anyway can't wait for more, and the next babeh! :D

Thanks, I love it too so far :)

60 pictures worth of re-playing? Damn. That's pretty rough.

I can't wait either! Glad you liked it!


I just realized something... Were Sub and Coke both adults at the same time!? How did that happen?
OOOH! Pretty house! :D

WOW. Two deaths in one chapter? I didn't know Tabi was that old!

Does Cape Cavell come with families? *considers downloading*

Continuity error, continuity error... Other than Sub's clothes I can't find it. No cookie for me...

When Sub and Groz finally foun each other Sub was nearly through his YA days, so yeah, they're both adults right now :) Groz must have been very young when he and Edita had Bertha.

Tabi was 92, 2 days after her age. She was older than Coke, like most my heirs' partners, but I still didn't see it coming so soon! Especially after Jet and Leroy!

Nope, it's empty, but I have the SP to help more people move in. It's such a bummer that you can't get it to work :( I think EA Story Progression will still move more people in when it sees that it's empty in there. There's some houses included, but you'll have to add some more, which isn't that bad. I myself like building once in a while :)

Ahww.. well.. have a cookie anyway.
(It's the door colour when Jet wants to hold Clownfish. It changes like yellow-yellow-orange and back to yellow, I forgot to paint the door in the re-play. I had to re-play Jet's death D:)

Re: Connor

Erm..... I said Sub and COKE... not Sub and Groz. Coke is Sub's father... and Sub had aged into an adult before Coke became an elder... So that meant Sub and COKE were adults at the same time. I've never had a parent and child be the same age at the same time, EVER.

*eats cookie*
I see now. I guess I was looking too close to the slide when you mentioned the crash. I was looking more at clothes and family room.

I like building sometimes too, but I'm not that great at home design. I'll probably add some budget homes to Cape Cavell seeing how most of the homes are family homes/over 30,000 Simoleons.

Ah. Guess who wasn't paying attention! *bows head in shame*
EVER? Not even in the sims 2? I happened all the time in TS2 for me, but I think that's my first in TS3 too :)

I make the most stupid little houses. Usually nowadays I just build houses for the townies, so they're all really boring.
I did see a really cool bungalow at the park I work in which I want to re-build some day soon before I forget.

Re: Connor

In TS2, rarely. Usually only if they had kids that were created in CAS, or if the mom got pregnant soon after becoming an adult.

In TS3, NEVER, unless the game created a townie family with teen kids and YA parents, or the parents lived an insanely long time. (I've got in the habit of checking townie families with teen kids to make sure all the parents are adults.)

There aren't enough wall colors in TS3. Sometimes the Create-a-Style tool is great, sometimes it's annoying, especially when building a large house...

Actually, I'm done building that budget home, I'm off to upload it! It's based off a real house in a neighborhood down the road from ours.
I've never been inside, but I would look in the windows as we passed it in the car, and I counted the "squares" it took up. XD

Well, i never had parent and child in the same lifestage myself, at least as i can remember. This is of course excluding the times that i aged Johnny Smith up to an Adult while Jenny was Adult too. But that's TS2. If i counted that i would also count TS2 Bella Goth and Cassandra. And the Elders who have dead Elders shown as their parents on their family trees.

Even in the Knack family, unless you tinker the lifespan, Nick and Pattina are Elders before Julienne is Adult!

(And technically Coke also ended up the same age as his grandkids, great-grandkids, etc.)

Blair is 22 days til Adult while Boyd\Susan are 11 days til Elder, and Jenny Jones-Brown is another YA with Adult parents. Even if they were not Adults in the same time, they could easily be Elders at the same time. I could check their Normal Lifespan ages. (I've got Ambitions as my only EP pack but do not have Riverwiew so cannot do the math on the Joys and Carpenter-Rhodes'es...

Jet AND Tabitha? WHAT?

I got cry now.

:( It's sad.. but then.. there's going to be more babies, so there's that, right?

Oh, not both Jet and Tabitha! That's horrible.

Also, where did you get the rainbow pattern that you accent everything with? I'm doing a rainbow legacy of my own, just for something fun (I'm not posting it or anything) and I would love to know, otherwise my house looks kinda dull. Thanks in advance. :)

Go to www.modthesims.info and search for "rainbow" under TS3 creations, it's the only rainbow pattern in there :)
OR check my resources page for a direct link :D

And have a ton of fun with your rainbow journey! :D

world adventures.

hello, your sims and their houses are so unique and pretty it's amazing. I just wanted to ask you if some of your objects that i have seen around your house like the curtains with the bow and sub's night stands, do they come with the sims 3 world adventures. You see i am planning to get this beause of what a great adventure you and your sims had, but i'm just wondering if you get some of the objects i see in your sims 3 house. Your pictures are so sharp and perfect it looks they they have been taken by ea and should be on the website, for advertising. That's how great they are. Thank you so much for your help.

I'm pretty sure Sub's night stands come with WA, yes. The curtains with the bows.. hmm.. they were from a nursery set somewhere I believe, but I often forget what is from where after I get it. I'm so sorry. I do have a the sims 3 resources page up there under links on the right side. You can check it out, maybe you'll see something you like!
When I go in game tomorrow I can check if the curtains have the maker in their description, so I can let you know.

I'm humbled by your words, thank you so much! It means the world to know you like the quality of my snapshots :)
Have a great day!

Re: world adventures.

Thank you very much for help. I will have a look now. Wow, i feel so honoured that you liked my comment, i really appriciate your answer and i love your creative writing. I cannot wait until the next chapter they always brighten up my day and make me so inspired. Thanks again.

I found the curtains! They're by Angela @ TSR, and they're a part of this subscriber only set, grrrr!: http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Angela/downloads/details/category/sims3-sets-objects-nursery/title/%20Classic%20Nursery/id/916843/

I got it from Paysites Must Be Destroyed, though: http://ls.paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ts3/tsr/angela/objects/

Thanks for your kind words!

Re: world adventures.

*claps for joy* yay you found them. You are so generous. I used to get my sims 2 downloads from paysites must be destroyed it's so helpful, just like you. Thank you so much again, it means the world that you took the time to answer me. No other popular writer would do so. So i appriciate your words (:

Groz is EVIL? O.o whoa...
"Tabi: Cocaine, my precious.. ..wait, that didn't sound quite right." xD Well, that'd make sense either way, since she's in the Chimeree faimly xP
Coke = so cute! Even as an elder! Awwww :)
Yeah, Nemo - uh, Clownfish does look a little funny. But I think that she'll grow into it.

Yup. He's an evil kleptomanic and he shows those two traits very rarely. I don't think he's EVER swiped anything yet.

Coke's so darling. I hope he never dies!
I think so too :)

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