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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Nothing Compares To You: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.6 - Yellow

Nothing will ever compare to You!
This is a 80-picture update, so no baby yet, but it WILL be here next time!

Shortly after Grozdan's moving in, Sulfur, who still lives here(as well as Daffodil) got a wish to be friends with her brother's boyfriend. And vice versa!

They're both evil, so they shared their mastermind plots and were soon friends. Good times!

Mort and some other ghosts have been rather active lately. Going as far as trying to scare Jet to finally die. In this picture she's probably around 115. At the end of this update she reached 121, which is 21 days over her limit. She IS insane after all, maybe she just doesn't realize it's her time to go?

Mort: BLEH!

To make her wife feel better, Mort took a ghostly nap next to her.
How sweet!

I decided to call Xiu Yi, and turned out he was actually here in Sunset Valley as a tourist at the moment! Nice!

Oh I see, they're both commitment phobics.
Groz: wait.. doesn't she have a boyfriend?

Turned out that Tycho is actually Grozdan's cousin. It's a small town xD

Daff: MY HERO!

Daff: Yeah, yeah, Groz, I have a boyfriend. How's that any of your business anyway!?
Groz: I'm just concerned is all.
Daff: Don't you have the Evil trait? Show it! Gosh. Tycho's a teen anyway, not like I can go and kiss him!
Someone's being moody. And she's supposed to be the nice one.

They're too cute, rubbing noses!

Wait wait..

Pff. Lame. I'm no good at making banners.

I just realized they have the exact same hair colour! So much for genetic variety.
But then again, True love > genetic variety, yes?

Sub: Gotta go! Time for work!
Groz: I'm so proud! Working hard for his money, he is!

He's a THUG! Whatever floats your boat.

Jet: Hey, I remember when I was that young!

But do you remember when your husband died? It was before your father died! And even that was a while back.

Sub: Groz. I say you're missing something from your left hand.
Groz: What's that?

Sub: This!
Groz: Oh my goodness!

Groz: what do you know! It fits perfectly!
Sub: If it fits perfectly, maybe it's meant to be there..

Groz: Dude, I like love you.
Sub: I love you too.

Sub: You know how I was able to afford the ring?
Groz: Thanks to your family's vast fortune?
Sub: Well that and.. I got a promotion to Getaway Driver!

Groz: No freaking way! That's awesome!

Sub: Hello? Can you come to my wedding please?
Groz: :)

Sub: Hey sexy reader. Thanks for making me the heir.

Sub: But I don't want to wear a suit!!

Yeah, okay. It's only your wedding. Gosh.

Groz gets a different yellow, so we won't get confused.

First to arrive is cousin Orpha!
She's looking lovely.

Next up is the evil cook, Cloud.

No uncle Darrell and cousin Orpha, Sulfur and Darren are not the main attraction today!

Grozdan and Submarine are married at one of the nicest locations of the legacy lot: the used-to-be-bridge.
Coke: I'm hungry, where's the cake?

Cue a sweet love song.
Because I can't for the life of me stand the wedding march. I just can't Ugh.

The old lady in the ugly dress and mismatched shoes is my simself. Yuck. I'm most seriously displeased.
SimMariah and Orpha: AWWWW!!!

Coke: I'm a man. I am unable to show human emotions.
Uncle Darrell: Awwww! That is just the sweetest thing!

Many didn't make it to the back yard as only one door leads there.

He's kinda cute too.
How come everyone in my hood has blue eyes lately?

Sulfur: Great party! Where's the cake?
Groz: Kitchen, little sister-in-law.

I changed my default eyes back to Aikea's first set, they're gorgeous.
Sulfur: Thanks.
She's still gorgeous. I will surely to miss her when she's gone.

As a memory, she will paint Submarine's portrait. Nice work.

Groz: ZzzzZ Being in love makes me happy.


Groz: Remember when we went to that No One Cares About Your Blog concert? It was awesome.
Sub: I know the mood at the theatre was totally mellow.

Sub: Wait a minute, you're EVIL. You son of a mother duck!

Groz: Oh well, we're married now. There's no going back.

Sub: Lol. You're so right.

Tabitha reached the top of medicine and is now a World Renowned Surgeon.

And then she promptly retired :P

Sub better not use THIS car as the getaway car. It's just way too flashy.

While it only took one try to get Submarine's portrait. I had 6 or 7 of Groz painted and they kept coming up dark or blurry. Finally, Jet delivers one that even shows off his blue eyes. Nice work!

The Rainbow Wall so far. I love it. 8 Paintings 3 urns.

Sulfur: Watch me eat this mummy snack.

But you're not a mummy!

Sulfur: Watch me, biatch! OMNOMNOM.

The next day it's Sulfur's birthday and also the day that Daff And Sulfur will move out. Sadface!

She's had that bowl stuck to her hand for a while now. Hilarious.

Sulfur: Green? EW.
And the bowl stays. Time to resetsim!
Sulfur rolled Perfectionist! Interesting!

Sulfur: Well, thanks everyone who voted for me and Daff. We will never forget your support.

I made her look nice :)
Evil Store top.. it looks nice on her.

All this time I've been looking for a proper place to put the Sarcophagus and yet I have this basement just sitting there waiting to be filled.

Coke: Soon, my love, I will be growing old. It was my older brother's birthday today as well.

To all of you who love Coke, sorry that he hasn't been around. He just keeps on writing.

Our tradition of eating favourite foods is keeping up :)
Groz's is mac and cheese. EASY. His fave colour is lilac and he loves indie music just like me Sub.

The couple that works out together--
Sub: I'm only doing this because I get a nice view from here.
Oh. Well then, moving on.

Sub: You ok? You've been sick a lot lately.
Groz: it's probably just something I ate.
Sub: K.

Sub: I'm much more athletic than some actual athletic sims! Man I'm awesome.
Groz: You've got such a strong personality.

Groz: I don't know if I've mentioned this before but...

Groz: The amount of art in this house is driving me ca-raaazy!

Sub: You meant me right? Cause I'm like a piece of art? Right?

Sub: Honey, you're so cute, the way you eat mac and cheese.

Sub: WAIT! Why do you have different clothes on!? >:(

Groz: Yeah about that...

Groz: There's something you should know.
Sub: Hmm?

Groz: I don't know how to tell you this..
Jet: Mmm.. food!

Groz: I think I'm pregnant.
Jet: What to get, what to get..

Sub: Whaaaat?

Sub: Babe, I know my parents are messed up but they still managed to tell me the right version of the birds and the bees. What did your parents tell you, exactly? Because that's impossible.

Groz: Call me crazy, but how else did I manage to gain weight while eating healthy and exercising every day?

A few hours later.

Sub: Hmm.. it does look bigger already. Maybe you should go to the doctor. I don't want you to die from a fast growing tumour or anything.

But first Sub's birthday to adulthood. No after-picture because he didn't change at all.

Sub: I'll just wait here and think about kissing you.
Groz: Sure. I'm still pretty sure I'm pregnant..

Sub: Well?
Groz: Your sister sure was surprised to see me and she has no idea how it happened, but yeah, I'm pregnant.

Sub: Baby?

Sub: Well, however it happened, we're going to be parents!
Groz: I hope this "Mariah" has orange names standing by!

Daff: Hey boys! Congrats!

Daffodil has, since moving out, been promoted to Resident and gotten married to Tycho(in the picture, doh), who grew up recently!
Sulfur and Darren however broke up!! :(
That's exactly the opposite of what I thought would happen!

Grozmarine celebrated by having dinner outside the house :)

I rather enjoy taking them out. I am so changing Sub's hate for the outdoors to something else when he gets enough points for mid-life crisis!

Next time: Babies of orange colour for sure!

Thank you and please come again!
Love you long time!


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I just have to say all of your sims just look amazing!

I will miss Sulfur and Daffy, but Sub is just adorable and so funny!!

And why do your elders live so long? Mine always die a day or two after hitting 90. =(

I miss having a 130 day old sim.

I have. no. idea!! How the hell do they do it!? xOO

Love the rainbow rims on the car.

The last picture made me go "Awww"

They're nice, right? Nobody has ones like that!

:) It reminds me of how Light and Myf went on a date and didn't eat at the same table. So glad that these two have found themselves in the same table both times they've gone out together. I love them more than I've loved any other Chimeree couple so far!

(Deleted comment)
Aw Sub and Groz are so cute together! :D
The pictures where you had Jet in the backround going 'Mmm...food' made me laugh! Aha!

I can't wait to meet the orange babies! Baby? Babies? Uhhh yeah xD
I'm looking forward to finding out names aswell :)

I noticed Jet in the background when I put the pictures there and decided to give her some well deserved lines xD

Me neither!! It/They isn't/aren't born yet in my game so.. I'm nervous and excited :D

Don't you hate it when people get crazy when just a little bit snow falls? I get annoyed. It's just snow, relax! Uh.. anyway! I'm glad it made your day :)

I love orange and Grozmarine and sim babies, so it's going to be awesome, I can tell!

This was fun! In my house, I have learned that athletic sims, those who workout anyway, live alot longer. Buuut, I did have one that just died outta no where, before his older spouse and after a lifetime of working out. So, really...you never know. :)

Huh, really? Jet isn't Athletic though.. and Mimi was, she was the first to die.. hmm.. who knows!

Grozmarine... that's an interestng one xD
Still loving Sub... and all of the Chimeree men have turned miiiiighty fine ;)
Gah. Never dying people >.<
Sub and Groz = <3! And you certainly know whow ears the oant around there...
The pregnancy thing was so cute/funny! I love them two <3
Good luck om the names :P

I took that from my boolprop topic :D Rissa made it up! I love it!
My legacy is just soooo awesome that my sims can't help but LIIIIIIIVE FOREVEEEEEER! xP Mm.. Queen.

Thank you :D


Hahaha! Your SimSelf!!
Interesting. I was wondering how the pregnancy would show up.
I liked Jet's random comments when Groz was announcing the pregnancy.
I think Daffodil and Xiu Yi should've dated.

Personally I think it's really stupid Maxis took the wedding cake and arch out of Sims 3.

Don't you just love Jet :D
Yeah but Story Progression wouldn't have it. I'm pretty sure she will get divorced though, seeing as she has commitment issues. But I'll see.

I know! I want the arch baaaack D:

Re: Connor

In a way I don't want Jet to die. Yeah she's old but she's my favorite Chimeree.

We shall see I suppose.

Captcha: Scones treasury (LOL!)

She's a sweetheart. I'll be sad when she's gone.

Haha. Silly captcha!

I've been trying to find the mod for same sex pregnancies, but I'm not very good at finding things. Is the mod you use AwesomeMod?

Also, I've tried to find out how to install Twallan's Story Progression Mod, but I don't know which link to download it from. Love your Legacies, and Thanks!

I use Twallan's Woohooer, here's a link to the place where all the important threads are. It's pretty straight-forward. If you're confused, read what the thread says, Twallan explains it pretty well.

Thank you for the link, and I have one final question. I'd like to use the mod for more than 8 sims in a family, but, once again, I don't know where to find it... I really appreciate your help.

Ummm... I think MasterController from Twallan has the ability. I haven't downloaded a specific mod for it that's for sure.


Hi, Mariah. I'm a huge fan. But i have a couple questions. can you answer them? I went to the website and got the readme files for all the "twallan" mods I want but i dont know how to download them? Can you help me? I have the readme files for Careers, MasterController, and Woohooer. See i only have the readme files and really, REALLY want sam sex couples to have babies, and I want different schools and to see how many of and age or gender there are in my game, but I Can't Download them. HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Thanks so much.

Did you go here: http://www.the-isz.com/nraas/index.php?/forum/10-nraas-mods/ ?
I might have an out-dated link somewhere. This is the newest one where all the mods are. I'm pretty sure you don't have to register to download the files. Just pick the thread to the mods you want and the files are in the first post. Both readme and the actual mods are there. If you don't see them try registering. If you still have trouble ask for help THERE not here, I don't moderate those forums :)
Good luck!

Re: Mods

Yes, I went there and all i found were the readme files but when i clicked on the other link (they provided) the box that popped up had 3 options - Find, Save, Cancel. And i dont know where to find the HELP button. Thanks.

Did you try picking Save? To me that sounds like it would save the file on your computer :)

Aw, Grozmarine. <3 They (and their couple name) are just too cute.

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