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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Expanding Horizons: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.5 - Yellow
Welcome! Before I begin, the first chapters are out of bandwidth again, so no point in going to check them out. They'll be back on the 18th as usual. And now!

Lovely cover, if you were to ask my opinion.
Yes, as the new heir, voted by you lovely people, Yellow-Submarine gets the cover! Thanks again for voting everybody!
Here's also the heir portrait/introduction screen who forgot what Sub was like:

While Jet, the awesome cook, is still alive everyone gets to eat their favourite food for breakfast.
Yeah I mixed up Tabitha's.. it's hot dogs, but eh.

Daffodil: Hey, I have to get some medicine from Egypt to our hospital.

Daffie: I was thinking maybe the three of us could go together!

Daffie: We need some sun, once in a while!

Sub: I agree, I'm sick of these clouds*.

*Let's pretend they live in.. uh.. Scotland! There's no sun there, right?

The Yellow-Three!

The golden kids!
I love them all, really.

Sub: Don't you love it here!? :D
Sulfur: Why are you talking to me?*

*Sadly it's her only line in the whole chapter. I was sort of going overboard with Submarine.

Dunya: Why so blue? Put on a happy face and people will be nicer to you!

Sub: What?

Sub: This is my happy face!

Sub: I'll show her a happy face!



Sub: What's with the rag holding your hair up? I bet you have lice or something! That's disgusting!

Dalida: RUDE!
Sub: I bet that's all the English you can speak! LOL!

Dalida: Oh he's handy like me, I should give him a call later.
Sub: Great, I meet someone with a common trait and I scare her off.

Sub: NOT HERE TOO! You people are corrupting the world!
Nabila: What now?

Sub: Hey you're kinda cute.. if you wanna hold hands later, I'd like that..
Nabila: Aww..

Sub: HAHA. You're totally falling for me, duckface!
Nabila: :(

Nabila: Grow up.

Sub being the heir, gets to go to the pyramids first! Sulfur is off fishing and Daffodil is making friends.

That's a big door.

Even bigger!

Sub: Ooo!

Sub: Ooooo!

No actual exploring footage this time.. sorry if you wanted that.

Sub: Mmm.. gold!
Mummy: Mmmmmm..

Sub: Whut? Who dares interrupt my exploration?

Sub: I'm a criminal, bisnatch!
Mummy: Happy times!

Sub: You're ON!

Mummy: AAU!!
Sub: In your bandaged FACE!

he did this in every room he went to. So cute.

Wow, they're actually cueing up to be insulted by Submarine.

Sub: Wait.. you don't want me to be nice to you?

Sub: But I'm the BOMB! Look at my pretty face!

Sub: Oh hai!

Sub: So, you're from China? We love Chinese food at our home! Dim Sum? My sister's favourite food ever!

Xiu Yi: Uhm, look, I gotta go.
Sub: Waait!

Xiu Yi: Uhm.. let go of my hand.
Sub: Oh sorry. How about..

Xiu Yi: Get the F away from me!

Sorry for harsh letters :P

Sub: Awesome. My life sucks.

Hey, at least nobody knows you here, and you're leaving in a day.

Sub: I'll just go get that mummitonium from over there.

Sub: Noooooo...oooo!

Sub: Why is this happening to me!?

Sub: *sigh*

Sub: At least I still have my guitar.. not that I'm very good at it.

And this is how we leave Egypt: Singed and possibly stuck in a small room.

Someone looks thoughtful.

Sub: Meh.. good to be home.

Sub: Mine and Daffie's forces combined, we found a sarcophagus!

And Jet promptly adopted it as her bed. She's still the same Jet!

Daffie: Hmm.. I will get plenty of those in my life as a travelling surgeon!

Oops, forgot to paint Daffodil's vespa.

Sub: Hey Edita, here's the hot dogs you asked for.

Edita: Thank you so much!

Sub: See you around!
Edita: I feel unfulfilled.

Sub: Hey chubby!
Leona: ME? Chubby!? I'm Athletic, baby!

Sub: You? LOL.
Leona: RUDE!

Sub: Flowers?
Leona: Seriously?!

Oh look, it's CLOUD!
He had another child with a random woman the other day!

Sub: Oh, hey Grozdan!
Groz: Hey, how was Egypt?
Sub: I can tell you all about it! At dinner!

Sub: I took tons of pictures with my new camera that I bought at the market. You can come over and see later.
Groz: Mm.. dim sum.

Sub: And we can go fishing, that's manly right?
Groz: Why are you trying to prove yourself to me?


You might be thinking what Sulfur's up to. She's charming snakes for tips. Good fun. Too bad no one's watching her.

Still a nice picture!

Sub also enjoys trolling.
ChimYS: This video is FAKE AND GAY.

ChimYS: Guess what I did last night? YOUR MOM*. LOL

*I went for the American spelling again.

Sub: I remember when I was 10 and she tried to force her authority on me! Pfff.

Sub: Hey.

Sub: Who's this, your daughter with Edita?
Groz: Nope, it's Edita's sister Sidney's daughter Ines.

Sub: She's cute. I'd like to have children. I mean I have to anyway, but I wouldn't mind parenting.

Groz: He's buff

yeah, respectable arms..

Sub: Who's that, your boyfriend? Lol!
Groz: It's Ines' step-dad and Sidney's new husband. They live here too!

Sub: Who'd like to date you anyway, with your annoying fly-voice.

Groz: Haha, you're funny.
Sub: Finally someone can take a joke.

Groz: Say, I saw something at your house the other day that I wanted to ask you about.
Sub: Go ahead.

Groz: Why do you have a picture of me on your bedside table?
Sub: Um, you're by best friend, why shouldn't I?

Groz: I don't know, man, I think it's a little gay.

Sub: Well.. maybe I'm a little gay?

Groz: Oh.

Groz: Um, great. Now I can't stop staring at your lips.
Sub: Oh I can think of a way..


Sub: You have got to have the most beautiful eyes.
Groz: Shut up, your sister's got the same colour AND your mum.
Sub: That is so not the point.

Sub: I'd really like for you to stay in my life forever.. so would you move into the legacy house with me?

Groz: Boy, you don't waste any time, do you?
Sub: I've got a week left in my YA life and you're already an adult, there's no time to be wasted!
Groz: Well then I'd love to!

Groz: 1. I can hear you fine. 2. WHAT are you wearing!?

Welcome to the legacy house, Grozdan!

Well Groz.. Well well.

The Chimerees have way too much money.. so instantly this happened:

Well, good for him.

Also, why does he get a good moodlet from art if he can't stand art?

Sub: You already know my sister, right?
Daffie: Wait so, you're gay? When did this happen?
Sub: I decided to experiment with different people and after the Xiu Yi incident I decided that gender doesn't matter.. anyone can be a douche.
Daffie: Simple as that?
Sub: I'm happy now, that's really all that matters.

Groz: There's too much ART in this room!
Now, don't whine. My readers have a tendency to dislike sims who whine.

Groz: Through the flames there and.. yeah! I know we can do it!! :D
Sub: Video games *zoned out*

That's a much better!

Next time: SuperComputer induced babies? Oranges?

Thank you for reading, have a good day!

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That threw me through a loop. Interesting... I am intrigued! I can hardly wait to see what happens!!! :)

mummitonium i haven't heard of that one!

Aw i'm happy for Sub and Groz :)

Fab update! :D xx

Yeah.. it was named something like that.. mummitomium! Mixed the m with n but aaanyhow!

Me too! :) Some people on boolprop said he was really gay so I decided to go for it! It's so much better than him marrying some random girl!

Thank you! :D

Haha I kinda thought that Sub would be gay....

I know! People had to tell me, I had no idea xD What's with that? Am I just good at making gay characters then?

I was thinking after i read this actually, he was horrible to all the girls, lol!

So what's going to happen with the babies? Will there have to be a surrogate or something? lol!

Well.. I have twallan's SuperComputer so I can make one of them have the other's baby :D yay!

I don't know... I guess it was what ellie said....

xD You got that right! No sun in Scotland! (Or the rest of the UK, for that matter xP)
Sub, is there something you're not telling us?

Oooh, was that the same guy kissing Daf who kissed Sub? Aww :(
xD 'Your mom' always sounds better American =P So, over where you are, do they usually say mum, like we do? Because I'm really not good with stuff from other countries apart from USA, because they are EVERYWHERE D:

Yup it was the same guy!
I don't know about actual languages but I think/like to think that Europeans would generally go for the UK spelling/pronunciation. I learned UK English in school so I've always used 'mum'. In Dutch it's actually 'mam' which isn't far off either! Mmm.. knowledge!

Thank you so much! :3 I tried pretty hard to not make it completely random and I thought it came out nice. I'm so pleased that you liked it :)


Wow, that was unexpected. Although I guess it wasn't totally "out there", since Grozdan was the only person Sub was nice to besides his family.
Urgh! American culture is infecting Europe!?Nooo!

Re: Connor

And by "American culture" I mean our sayings and "FAILs" and stuff like that. (I already know McDonald's and such is over there.)
What, do people wear Hollister and Abercrombie clothes, too!?

Oh and I have no idea about those brands, I don't wear brand clothes and I'm generally not interested in that stuff. We do have "ORIGINAL AMERICAN TASTE" written on some cola bottles and such. Oh and Dr.Pepper! Oh god.. that stuff is delicious.

Re: Connor

Why do they say that? Do sodas magically change taste just because you're in Europe?
My family usually doesn't buy Dr. Pepper, buy it tastes pretty good.

Ironically enough, one of my favorite sodas (Fanta) was originally a European company before Coke (the company, not the Sim XD) bought it out. I also like Izze, which is like sparkling juice.

Probably a different company with a different recipe? I mean the REAL Coca Cola bottles don't have it, but some others do like First Choice(we buy it cause it's cheaper).
I only buy it for myself the rest of the family doesn't drink it at all. They didn't even sell it in Estonia where I lived with my parents but they do here in Holland so I pretty much only got to taste it for the first time like.. two years ago?

Mm.. Fanta. I didn't know that! Mm.. knowledge!

Re: Connor

I agree. Mmm, knowledge! :D
They have different soda brands there? I didn't know that! :D Forgive me if I sound like an ignorant American (even if I sort of am one), but I haven't been to either coast of my OWN country, lol.

Yeah we have other brands that are cheaper so that people like our family who are broke as hell can drink carbonated drinks too :D I should cut down though, since I'm trying to lose weight xP

My original plan was to get him hitched with a random girl he met but it made so little sense. I mean yeah I like random but I'd like to throw Some sort of story in there too sometimes, so I went for Groz.
American culture in Europe? I blame the internet! :O

Re: Connor

I blame the internet AND society. XD
Thank goodness our fashion isn't over there... as far as I know. One thing I shall never do: Wear American Eagle, Hollister, or Abercrombie clothes!!

Also, I found this thingy when I was random clicking on tags:
Dear Mariah, (just using your name for it)
I don't really know how to tell you this, but you're a leprechaun. I think I realized it when I tripped on peanut butter outside of your office and I saw you carve your initials into my father. I'm sure you're shamed enough to understand that your driving sucks. I'm returning your couch cushions to you, but I'll keep your photo with a mustache drawn on it as a memory. You should also know that I'll never forget that night you ruined my attempts at another world war.

Go drown yourself,

So... this was off this blog, actually, in case you forgot. XD I thought it was really funny. Of course, I don't mean any of what I said.

Yes, yes. Society *shakes fist*

xD AWESOME! Thanks! I love those things so much!

Re: Connor

I just stumbled on it so I filled it in. XD


I laughed my ass off when Xiu Yi pointed at Sub and said "get the F away from me." His pointing finger and his facial expression was too hilarious!! Congratz to Groz and Sub!

x3 Thank you!

I know what you mean about sims randomly turning gay on you. Of my current legacy generation, 2 are gay and 1 is undecided. Story Progression is awesome like that... though my straight girl is having trouble finding guys, as most of the teen males in town also seem to be gay. And I love how Master Controller (or SC when you wrote this) can give them babies. So we can still have Subby/Grozdan genes!

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