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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Little Bit of Love: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.4 - Yellow

Why only a little bit D:
I should have written a whole lot, but eh.
Enjoy cross-eyed Submarine!

This picture was supposed to be at the end of the last chapter, but I felt stupid ending with a random picture.
SO! Everything is going great at the legacy house. Mum-doctor Tabitha is helping little-miss-I'm-a-copy-of-my-mum Daffodil with her homework. Maybe she's doing pre-studying for medical school? :D

I-----t's LEROY!! :D

Sub: Hey great-grandpa, we don't miss you at all and everyone's commenting about how it took you so long to die.
Leroy: Well that's not very nice.
Sub: Mean spirited :D

We re-hired a maid.. not sure why, but eh. This is Emily Paris.

Ahw look, it's Edita's sister Sidney and her.. son? Daughter? I don't even know why I took this picture.

Sulfur: This fortune cookie says I get to grow up a day early! :D

I'm planning to put a poll up by the end of this chapter, so yeah. She will still be a teen, but at least she won't be a child.

Do you love her ? :D

Sulfur rolled Great Kisser. An evil, great kissing, athletic, bookworm. This could be interesting!

We got the word that Darren had grown up too, so off to the park on a date she goes.
Darren grew up well. He's interesting.

And it takes Sulfie no time to wrap Darren around her finger. Which makes her the only one from the Yellows to have kissed anyone. And she's the youngest.

Sulfur: Oh yeah. I'm BAD.


Nope, nothing to see here, just a regular chess-game.

I moved Coke's writing desk into his bedroom. He just keeps on writing, writing, writing.

Sub keeps on going against his own will to work out. Now he's even OUTSIDE, which he hates.

Remember pretty girl with bad hair? That's her after I made her up. I couldn't before because she was pregnant. She looks nice now :D

Edita: I hope he doesn't see me, I hope he doesn't see me.

Edita: And yet it tugs at my heart that he didn't see me..

How could he when THIS is in the room.

Oh yeah. The ladies LOVE him.

Tina*: Dude, what the hell?!

*I couldn't remember her name so I gave her a random one :P
Also you may laugh at my disability to not give townies new clothes.

Both: Oh wait, is he/she flirty too!?

Then she left to go to the bathroom. So naturally we followed her.
Freakin' stalkers.

Sub: So what kind of work do you do? I'm in the criminal field, because I'm a mean spirit.

Sub: My little sister was named after a chemical, lol.

Sub: So.. are you married?

Tina: Actually, yes I am, thanks for asking.

Tina: After all, if I wasn't I wouldn't have to cheat on my husband with you.

Freakish light blue eyes.

Sub: Cool. So are you into those huge--
Tina: Eww..

Sub: Oh yeah!? Well your infant daughter is.. is UGLY!

Yeah he goes for the family. For the record, The girl he insulted in the last chapter was indeed Edita's daughter.. WITH the redhead who comforted him later. Small world! They're divorced now.

Tina: You can call my husband names and you can insult me, but you do not say a bad word about my baby!

And then she was surprised when he didn't accept her flirt.

Sub: Hey Edita, I couldn't help but notice you earlier. Didn't wanna bother you though, you looked so focused.
Edita: So you did see me! :D

Sub: Say, I have a few tickets to that no one cares about your blog* concert tonight. Wanna go with me?

*Not really a band. It IS though an EP by Planet Brain.

Edita: I'm so glad you're asking me to go with you!

No, she's not asking him to check out her pants. His wetting himself. That's what I get for cancelling his desperate actions to go to the loo.

Sub: Say Edita..
Edita: Yeah?

Sub: Kissy, kissy!
Edita: Umm..

Edita: We've talked about this.. I'm not really into you that much yet.
Sub: Sadface.

Sub: Sad sadface.

Sub: Well you're a filthy person!
Edita: Bla bla bla.

Sub: This isn't gonna work is it?
Edita: Nope.
Sub: Also, if you think I'm still taking you to the concert, you're bonkers, woman.

Sub: Oh my god. I have finally met a fellow couch-potato!!? Am I dreaming! :D
Too bad she's married to your uncle.

Sulfur: FOOD :D

Sulfur: And it's all gone.

Sulfur: What are you looking at?

Sulfur: No seriously, there's nothing interesting here. Get out of my sight.

Emily gets over exited about hearing Sub talk about kissing. I don't let my NPCs have any romantic relationships and thus making them all incredibly, incredibly horny.

Poor Emily. She's flirty. I suppose we can let her flirt with Sub a little, seeing as he isn't having any luck with anyone else anyway.

Not if he keeps treating ladies like this.
Sub: Got your nose, HAHA!
Ally: Is that how you woo, women? My goodness.

Sub: Oh sorry, did you think I was hitting on you? Because I wasn't.
Ally: Whatever, I'm engaged anyway!

Sub: YOU? You don't even have a NOSE, how can you have a man?
Ally: That makes.. no sense.

Sub: All the ladies want a piece of this.

I've had a huge lack of teenage boys in town so when I heard one grew up to teen I promptly..

..sent Daffodil to flirt.

Daffodil: Oh my goodness.

Daffodil: You are SO FREAKING CUTE! How much do I have to pay you to date me?!

Daffodil and Tycho(that's his name): We're both GOOD! NO WAY!

No no no no no no no.

Tycho: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes?

Sulfur: Mwahahaha..

Sulfur: I will sit in that chair and plot evil--actually I'd much rather read the new book my father has written.

Sulfur: EVIL!

Sub: So I've asked you here today, because...

Sub: I got a promotion, I thought we'd celebrate with an all-nighter of videogames! :D

Grozdan: You did?! That's great!

Groz: Nice work.

Sub: Dude, did you just wink at me?
Groz: No

Sub: Yes you did, lol.

And while Submarine is still kind of turned on, Groz goes ahead and takes a good look at Sub's little sister.

Then they make some manly jokes about Grozdan's ex-wife Edita.

Sub: A klepto like you should join me in the criminal field.

Then after I give him a make over he runs off and plays chess with Daffodil.
Daffie doesn't mind flirting with neither boys way way younger than her nor boys way older than her. Seeing as this one's older than her brother and Tycho is younger than her sister.

Sub: You look nice, but you have green fumes on you, so see you another time, buddy.
Groz is not amused.

Daff always has her goal in mind.

Not sure why I took this absolutely darling picture of Jet talking to some butterflies, but it's cute anyway, right?

Here's a better shot of Tycho.
Mm hmm.

Does he remind anyone else of Penn Badgley?

YAY. Now only the eldest is left :P

I just really love Sulfur's dress.

Daffodl: Hi, I'm Daff. I'm Sulfur's big sister.
Sulfur: I'm watching you b*tch.

Tycho: Who is this less attractive guy and why is he talking to my girlfriend?

Sulfur: Hey, I'm Sulfur, or Sul, or Sulfie. I'm Daffie's sister. She sneaked off with MY boyfriend so I don't see the harm in returning the favour.

Daffie's obviously gotten pointers from big brother. Tycho gives word that he enjoys the written word.

There are three captions for this one that I came up with. Choose one you like best and enjoy.

1. Tycho: I was here for three hours and Daff didn't say one word to me and she's still talking to Darren. I am not amused.

2. Tycho: I can't believe I was caught on tape wearing pink scrubs. I am Not amused.

3. Tycho: I have a gap in my neck, you can barely see it, but it's there. I am NOT amused.

And so came along Tabitha's birthday!
Everyone made it.. except Sub.

He was in jail for illegal activities.

Nice, Tabi. Very nice.

And she looks just like herself.

Her clothes now match her hair.. almost.

Sulfur: Oh yeah! Look at those muscles, I'm the BOMB.

Sub, back from jail: So you've graduated, congrats!

That's right kids, it's Daffodil's birthday!

This time truly everyone made it.

Wow. Really, Daff? Really?

Daffodil does her best to make up for being her mum's face clone by rolling Commitment Issues and dressing really bad-ass.
I mean, let's take a look.

Awesome bad-ass hair and geeky-looknig glasses with yellowish lipstick. Check.

A leather jacket, rainbow scarf and short shorts. Check.


Daffie: NOOOO! But if I they vote me as heiress I have to get married *horror*

So in conclusion, Daffodil is a Commitment Phobic, Neurotic, Good, Friendly Adventurer.

Sub and Tabi: Oh no. The TV is broken *crossed eyes*

Tabi: Fix it! The white noise hurts my ears!!
Sub: I'm fixing it, I'm fixing it!

Coke: Hey, remember Cloud?

Tabi: Oh yeah, your twin, right? Yeah whatever happened to him.. hmm..

Cloud, after getting divorced from that one girl some chapter back had children with various different women and never married again. He hasn't yet reached the top of culinary but he's doing good :)

Tabi: Ah. Pays to have a younger rich husband.
Coke: I know, right?... err.. I mean.. uh..

NEXT TIME: A new heir or heiress will take over! DUN DUN DUN!

Yes an heir poll is up, ALTHOUGH Sulfer is still a teen. I hope it's okay, because if I wait till she grows up too, Sub will have grown up to adult. Bah.
Anyway! The poll is here. But you're welcome to vote here by commenting if you don't have an account on BoolProp, I highly recommend you get one though. Do not vote on both places. No, really, don't.
The voting is now over!

Thank you for reading; love you long time!

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Wow! Tycho IS cute!
Aww i really want Edita and Sub to be together it seems like a love-hate relationship lol!

Ohhhh i don't know who to vote for!! I like sulfer because she's blue, has her dads eyes but looks like Tabi haha!
And Sub because he's just plain hilarious!

ARGH! Why do you do this to us?! XD

Ohhhhh i don't have a boolprop account so i'll have to leave my vote here.

Ummmmmmmm i'm going for Sub :D

I'm trying hard to not be a control freak, by letting people choose the heir/ess for me xD That's why.

I counted your vote for Submarine. Thank you! :)


Hmm. I sort of want to stay with Daffodil, but Sulfur is funny... but Daff's Commitment Issues trait could ALSO be funny. Hmm...
I'm going to say...


Just because she has a lifetime wish that's scarily similar to mine. And her Evil trait should be fun to watch like I said before. Plus she made that weird grimace-thing.

(Didn't you suggest I get a BoolProp account? I forgot. Sorry. I guess I REALLY am Absent-Minded... Plus it's another site to keep track of and I'm already up to my neck in Sim stuff.)

Yeah that was me! :D You wanted to reply Lucy and she hadn't deleted your comment.

I take it you didn't make that account then? If that's the case I'll note your vote down :)

Re: Connor

No, I didn't make an account, sorry. I AM reading stories on BoolProp already... but if I join I'll probably find 5 more, and comment on those... And I'm already reading this + 6 or so stories on WordPress + some others on LiveJournal (7 Deadly Sims) + I still need time to play my game (and live my life!).
So yeah. Just note my vote for Sulfur, thanks.

My vote is for Sulphur (sry :( no boolprop acct)

Tycho DOES lool like Penn Badgley lol!

BTW your legacy ROCKS! =D

Your vote has been counted :D

Someone agrees!! :D

Thanks so much! I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Vote from a silent reader

Sulfur...I just really really enjoy her.

Re: Vote from a silent reader

Ahw, sorry, I closed the voting at noon yesterday, but thanks for reading and voting! :)

Oh man, the last pictures scared me because he's repairing the tv with the power ON! It turned out badly for my sim who did the same XD (he died RIP)
I give you creds for recoloring everything for every generation!

You can trust Sub, he's done this since he was a teen :D
But you never know..

That's the whole idea :D And it's so much fun. I do miss some neutral colours sometimes though.

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