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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Curtain Call: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.3 - Yellow
We now have borders.
How exciting :D

Fancy, eh?

I know I said see you next year but I really love my sims and I can't stop playing, okay?
Besides, you love it.

I sent Daffodil to the park to make friends and Light was there with his son Patrick.
He looks just like Light.

Daffie: I like dim sum, it's delicious. Grandma Jet made some just for me and I love it.

Patrick observes from afar.


Her first words, aww!

Out of the blue, Tar comes to visit! What a lovely surprise!

He's aged very well.

Leroy: I feel sparkly. It must be the sun.

Tar: Please let it just be the sun!

Jet: Daddy?

Adam: There we go..
Got your robe back from dry-cleaning?
Adam: Dry.. yeah, they dried it over the fire down in hell, now it smells funny.
Oh well.

Daffie: Hey grandma!
Sub and Tar: WAHAHAHAHA!

Coke: He's too young to die!!
Are. You. Serious?

Leroy: Finally I can see my wife again!

Daffie: Great-grandpa?!
Coke: Hey cupcake!

Light is a little late, but he has also sensed that something's not all right.

Submarine shows his mean spirit and gets in an argument with Tar while Jet goes to invite her son in.

Oh Leroy. What a wonderful founder. You lived epic-long and I will actually miss you a lot.
Enjoy your rest, you've deserved it.

Coke: Hey daugh---


Coke: I'm sorry, sweetie, I love you forever, I'm just not very good at this parenting thing.

Coke: Now it's time to go to school and make lots of friends!
Daffie: Yay!

Daffie is so cute..

I bought a fancy car for Sub. It's very expensive. It better have no emissions!

Well doesn't he look rich..

Jet: How come Coke says he's gonna be a good parent to this one and then go off to write his billionth novel?
He's addicted to writing.
Jet: That's no excuse.

Really though, between the gardening and writing, he barely has time to eat and sleep, nevermind watch children.

Athletic sim!
Patrick: I can't believe how many lazy people there are out there!
Sub: well I'm an athletic lazy person! I chose a lifetime goal that forces me to work out often.
Patrick: Whatever.

I'm proud of Sub. He chose a goal that is challenging for him. That's very respectable.

After finishing her LTW, Tabi has been working on logic and thus is actually progressing in medical career.

But now! Time for Daffodil's birthday!

Sub: They grow up so fast.

Sub: Soon we'll all be dead like great-grandpa!!
How depressing.

I didn't go for my usual approach with Daffodil.
I like it.

Since last time I forgot her trait, you get two this time xD
She's Neurotic and Adventurous.

One problem though, she looks just like Tabitha. Like exactly, same jaw, same lips, eyes, eye colour, nose.

I send her off to the park again to make friends.
It should be easy for a good friendly sim.

SEE!? SEE!? They look exactly the same.

Time for yet another birthday! It's Sulfur's turn!

Daffodil: I hope she grows up well!

Coke: Did I eat? I'm hungry.. so maybe I didn't? I can't remember... am I even feeling hungry? Or is it just bad food?

Anyway, this is Sulfur, in her own bedroom. She's a Bookworm!
She got her and Daffie's old room and Daffie got Leroy's old room.

While Sulfur gets some beauty sleep, Jet goes to examine herself in Sulfie's mirror, reminding me of Mimi.
Jet: Botox or not to botox?

I think Sulfur, unlike her siblings, will have Coke's eye shape.
Either way, I hope she doesn't look like a clone of either parent.

Coke: Grandpa used to fix my computer when it broke.. now I've got to do it myself.

Coke: And apparently I'm no good at it.

Cheesus. Don't scare me like that!

Life goes on as usual at the Chimeree house. Kids study and some of them watch tv.

And some plot evil plans.
Darren: I'm not sure why I asked her to come over to my house.
Sulfur: MWAHAHA, my mind-control powers are working!

Jet: Goodness.. there's an arm growing through my breast.

After not studying all day Sub remembers he has homework and asks his little sister for help.

This is where I tried these. I'm not sure how I like them.


There's more than 2 people at the table at the same time! This never ever happens!
Coke: So kids, I'm a writer! Back in the day they used to write with feathers and ink, nowadays we just use cheap laptops.

Sub: Hey little sister!

You are beautiful. Why do you have to wear your hair like that!? It does nothing positive to your face!

Uhm, no, EA, Light is GREAT at gardening, he used to help his father Mortimer when he had time. But whatever.

It's nice to see the family some times.

This is Light and Myf's third child Demelza.

And their fourth, who was just recently born. His name is Mellan.

And their second, Orpha.
You've already seen Patrick, who was their first :)

Light is a rather good parent.

Sulfur: Sister, I've decided on my lifetime wish! I want to learn to write and paint!
AKA Illustrious Author.
Daffie: Uhm, sis, you don't have to look at my boobs while you talk to me.

Originally she rolled this one, but I let it pass, because it's the same one that Daffodil already has locked.

Sulfur: That way I can write completely evil things about other people and paint ugly pictures of them.

Daffie: Good to hear you've got a goal to strive for!
Sulfur: I'm down here..

Sub: Wanna be my best friend FOREVER?!

Daffie: Forever? Golly! Ok!

Sub and Daffie: YAY!!

Daffie: I've heard rumours that there's gonna be an heir poll again this gen!

Sub: That's okay, everyone loves me, right everyone?

Daffie: But you're MEAN!!
Sub: What.. hey.. I though we were BFFs!

Daffie: I don't mean to bring you down, I'm just pointing out the facts, bro.

Daffie: You've been nothing but kind to ME and that's all that matters.. to ME anyway.

The kids are once again sent off to the park. I keep forgetting that Sub has a hate for the outdoors!

Oh and I decided I liked the old blue better.

Sulfie's friend Darren is at the park so she skips off to chat with him.

Sub: LOL. Look at this boatload.

PurpleSweaterGirl: You're MEAN!
Submarine: And you're friendly, Ew! COOTIES!

Daffodil was meant to play chess with the pregnant lady but she got up and decided she was better than Daffie.

Daffie doesn't have hard feelings, so I send her off to the..

GYM. Bella's other daughter Edita is here. I say other because you saw the first one in my last update. Sandy? Yeah, her. Well actually her name was Sidney, I just forgot is all.
Edita has huge blue eyes.

Cocaine Chimeree! Stop. Doing. That.

Little miss I wanna be a surgeon got a part-timer in the hospital, where her mum works too!
As if they didn't look alike enough.

Apparently we're doing this whole getting to know the extended family thing. Everyone's rolling wishes to be friends with Light's family.

Tabi: It's Yellow-Submarine's birthday tomorrow. He's going to be a young adult... how unnerving.

Coke: A sun with sunglasses on!

Sub: Are you read? Are you ready for this?

Sub: Lol. I look silly.
Yellow-Submarine rolled Flirty as his final trait.
A Flirty, Couch-Potato, who Hates the Outdoors, is Mean Spirited and Handy!

After sending Sub to the park again and then remembering he hates the outdoors..

..he's off to the gym, where he too meets Edita. Was she here the whole time?

Sub: It's my birthday today.

They went on to talk about their families.

Edita soon got bored as Sub told her about the backache he's been having all day.
Edita: Stop whining and go see a massage therapist.

Sub: Oh I see.. you're athletic..

Sub: well I think your sister or maybe it's your daughter.. but she's such a stupid little punk.
Edita is horrified.

Edita: BTW, bookcases! Aren't they great!?
Not the sharpest bulb in the box.

Sub continued to sing a love song.

Edita was impressed.
Edita: He loves me?

Sub: I had some BALLS coming to the gym to flirt with you, even though I hate working out. I hope you're aware of that.

Sub: Kiss?
Edita: Like, what are you doing?

Edita; I don't know if I like you like that yet..
Sub *gives his best puppy-dog face*

Sub: Whatever, I wouldn't date rubbish like you anyway!

Edita: Take a chill pill, geeze!

Sub: Getting rejected. It makes me ANGRY!

I have a feeling she has some short-term memory loss.

Stop being such a tease. Don't flirt and then just walk away not letting Sub finish his seduction.
Edita: Call me?

Sub was saddened by Edita leaving him hanging so he walked off to the park and got a few more ladies' numbers.

Sub: Is EVERYONE is this town frickin ATHLETIC?! Seriously!

Sub: Don't get me wrong, man, I like getting pumped up too. For my future job, you see. See these arms? Yeah, I could punch THROUGH your face.

Lala, the mail delivery woman obviously thinks she's gonna get some tonight.

Back to Sub however..

Sub: And she just rejected me, man! I leaned in and she leaned out, man! She leaned OUT!
SomethingOrOther: I'm not sure if I like this kind of physical contact between the two of us..
SomethingOrOther: Uh.. there there..

That's it! POW!
Next time: Sub becomes a criminal; Sulfer grows up; Daffie grows up too?

Thank you for reading; love you long time!

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Aw Leroy, life goes by so fast right? Hehe! :(
Those skintones made Tab, Daff and Sulf look purple...i clicked on the link and tbh how are they more realistic? Because blue skin isn't exactly realistic anyway *.*

Sub turned out well but i like Sulfur because she has Cokes eyes, lol!

Edita's pretty and i LOVE her big blue eyes! :O
I hope Jenny passes on her eyes to her kids, i love them :)


He did live to see Generation 3 though. That's.. wow!
Yeah, but well I kept the red and green versions for now, I'm jsut used to my family looking like they do.

I hope she keeps them big when she grows :) I like them all, really, but Daffodil less now that she looks just like her mum. It's sad, she's the nice one too!

I was just thinking of Tania, when I saw Edita. It's also kinda cool how her eyes match her ribbons and she has a blue shirt too.

The slide where Daffy talks about it being Sub's birthday, wow, I thought that was her mother!!

You ain't kidding, she is a mini-clone!

It IS Tabi, see the hair? But they're still very much alike.

Sounds mean, but... it's about bloody time! xP Bye, Leroy
Ooooh fancy car :D
Ooh, Daf looks niiice :)
Things sould be interesting with Sub...
Aww, Edita's pretty :)

That guy comforting Sub at the end! xD Ahww.

xD He was pretty much dead space as mean as it sounds.
:D I know, isn't it a happy-looking car? :D
Both girls are positively adorable :)

I completely forgot to check his name though, I feel bad about it!

I LOVE your legacy; it's fantastic!

Do you use any mods to get your sims looking so attractive? How did you get rid of the pudding faces? And are you ever going to upload any of them? I think you should upload Leroy and Light ;)

Thank you :D

My sims other than new default skins are all natural, no mods to make them look nicer.
Coke is up here: http://milkywaymariah.livejournal.com/33958.html
Leroy is dead and I don't know how to upload dead sims. Light looks just like Mortimer D:! Just with red eyes and brown hair. But I guess I could do that :)

Thanks for reading :D

Thanks, will download Coke as he is cute too!

Hey! It's me - Connor/Veltrancreator.
I'm just going to comment here from now on.
FINALLY! Leroy is dead! I was waiting for that.
Patrick has no fashion sense! Skull shirt + green tracksuit pants + sandals? XD
Right now I'd say I'm probably going to vote for Daffodil for heir. I don't know why.
In my opinion, Edita looks sort of weird. Her nose and eyes are kind of strange looking.

And in response to your guestbook signing, the Sims 2 site was down for about a week and a half for me. Argh!

(And then when I DO get back to it I discover all my Sims 1 recreation homes were taken off the exchange... D:)

Hey Connor :)
Lol, everyone's so glad he's gone xD
Hah, Patrick! You haven't seen the rest of the sims who live in the neighbourhood. I like to give some of them make overs when I'm bored.

You'd probably vote for Daffodil because you haven't seen little Sulfur as a teen yet ;)
That's Bella Bachelor's genetics :)

Yeah I heard about it. I'm selfish but glad that it wasn't just me xD
Are you serious? That's horrible D:!

ps. I just got an idea! How about you put your name in the subject line next time you comment :D


Ok then.
Captcha: (the phrase I have to type so it knows I'm not spam) "Gaudily who"

They did a bad job of matching genetics between Sims 2 and Sims 3. Mortimer was OK (but he needed BROWN EYES!), but Bella... I like her TS2 face a LOT more. But I guess since Cassandra is supposed to look more like Bella (In TS2) they made her look like Cassandra. And TS3's Kaylynn is also wrong. She needs GREEN, not black eyes, and her face should look A LOT different.
Singing a love song? Did that come with World Adventures??

I like Edita's eye color though. And she did a good job of matching her clothes... XD. Blue eyes, ribbons, and shirt and tan pants and sandals.

Actually, hope is not lost when it comes to the TS1 recreation! My dad hasn't wiped my old computer's hard drive, so later today I shall put the backups into my Sims 2 folder and reupload them all! (Some minor changes will be made though. I should've playtested the lost before uploading them.)

Yeah, everyone looks different, but I'm okay with it, I don't usually play the families that come with the game anyway, but for people who do it's a huge annoyance!
Yes, every vacation location has 2 songs that you can learn from the local people, one of which is a love song the other a regular song. They like to sing them when they cook and shower and bathe. I was so glad to see that, since we can give our sims different voices now :)

Nice :)

That makes me sort of want World Adventures. But I still don't know if I like TS2 or TS3 better, so I'm waiting to make a final decision before buying any more expansion packs.
For some reason I feel bad deleting the premade families, XD. EA just went to all that work to make them. XD

Yep, I'm quite happy about reuploading the recreations. Now I can get them on my new computer! (That is, if they work on Macs -.-) *crosses fingers*

They should. I mean if the game works, so should the content, right? Either way, good luck with it :)

Yep! They work. So... yeah.
I was just rereading and I found this really funny:
"Coke: Did I eat? I'm hungry.. so maybe I didn't? I can't remember... am I even feeling hungry? Or is it just bad food?"


Wait... After downloading all the homes and trying to place them in Old Town, the game crashes when I try to place the Veltran house. I don't know if this is just a glitch with my computer, or if the whole house is glitched, but I'll reupload it tomorrow... HOPEFULLY it'll work!
(The trials and tribulations of a Sims 1 devotee...) XD
(Also... I tried to download some of the Apples, but then they wouldn't install. The error message says - "This content requires expansion pack data that is not installed." Problem is, I can't get CleanInstaller like you recommended because I have a Mac. Any chance you could upload Oliver Novel Graham and Lisbeth on the Sims 2 exchange?

Also, is Malcolm Landgraab their father? Because they have similiar eyes to him? (as in Malcolm is father to Sidney and Edita)

Also, is Malcolm Landgraab their father? Because they have similiar eyes to him? (as in Malcolm is father to Sidney and Edita) Or maybe Chris Steel but he would be too old right?

Awww!! Leroy ;~(
He was so handsome... even in his old age!

and Jet omg she still amuses me :D

This legacy = great :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it, I know I do too :)

Hi, just wanted to let you know your legacy is great! I love it and now I'm trying to do my own rainbow legacy (hope you don't mind :]).
I'd love to know where you get your male hairs from, I love them! Also, how did Daffodil get a part-time job in the hospital?

Keep up the good work!

Go ahead and good luck! There's many good rainbow legacies out there already. It's not like this was my idea xD
The guy's hair is from a number of places. Tar's adult/Daffodil's hair: http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=13827.0
Coke's toddler-teen hair: http://mia.xrea.jp/
Coke's adult hair: http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=13734.msg381426#msg381426
My main source is of course: http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/ which lists most new downloads and http://www.modthesims.info/browse.php? they have it all.

I have twallan's career mod, it gives more part-time jobs etc. get it here: http://ts3.tscexchange.com/index.php?topic=1002.msg4346#msg4346

I really really need to make a resources page!
Thanks for reading!

Thanks much, I've been looking for some decent male hair :D
Can't wait for the next chapter!

I can't wait either! xD

Subby is so handsome in his yellow tank, and he looks so different from when he was a child, I like. I see what you mean about teen!Daffy, she was another who changed a lot from child. Unlike Sub, she changed to be a clone :(

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