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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Memories: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.2 - Yellow
Sorry for the wait folks, my game/savegame's been buggy as hell. But here's a chapter for you, my lovelies!
Uhm.. I just remembered I forgot to make borders again!! Next time there shall be borders!

Can he do it THIS TIME?!

Leroy: Yeah baby!

Sub: Money, gramps. I want your money. I want the new gamer arm-chair and the limited edition Twilight movie box-set that comes with the shiny Volvo and stick-on sparkle.

Mort: Ahw, how CUTE.

Again, Tabi? I mean.. at least try to act up to your vegetarian trait.

Sub: Put her down, I want to teach the importance of building me a new tv-tray out of blocks.

Sub: BLEH!

Jet: O. K. I am not amused by people trying to scare me.

Jet: Oh hello little one. Respect your elders, you should.
Sub: No.

Jet: Don't talk back to me right that. I am your grandmother and I have authority to ground you from seeing your friends.
Sub: News flash..

Sub: I'm home-schooled. I do not have any friends. And if I did I'd rather stay home anyway. So whatever.

Jet: Hehehe.. I'll show him! I will watch tv in HIS room.

While he watches the huge HD one downstairs. I doubt he cares.

I changed the upstairs layout, because the lack of light in Submarine's room really bugged me.
This a much betta, eh?

Sub: Where's Daffodil?
Daffie: IDK, where?

Sub: There she is!!
Daffie: Omg. I was so surprised right there.

Sub: And when you get all these skill points as a kid, you get promotions faster because you don't have to study after work and thus you'll have more time to slack off and play games and watch tv.. and more money too because you're on a high-paying position.

Not the best motives, but at least she's learning skills, right?

Coke: Must.. think of good plots and deep characters and and.. wait why can she get her favourite food and I have to eat leftover cake?
SOMEONE has to eat the ton of cake we've gathered.

Daffie: This is intense.

Random picture of a woman peeing on her son.
Oh and that's Leroy chatting with Myf in the background there.
She and Light have 3 kids now :D

Sub: Oh yeah. Good fun tonight. No school tomorrow so I can just stay up all night watching re-runs of Scrubs and Simpsons on tv!


Sub: When you're hungry.. and all the adults are asleep. Big brother will help you out, Daffie. ILU!

Coke: This does not help my writer's block go away... at all.
Daffie: Who is this strange man holding me! WAAAH! I have never seen him before!! WAAAH! I want Subbbieeee!
Coke: And apparently I've spent so much time in front of my laptop that my kids don't recognize me. Awesome.

Leroy: Stop slacking Carl.
Sub: Wow, he is so brave.

Leroy: Stay cool. Stay calm.

Sub: Is that a penny?

Sub: I still love you great-grandpa.
Leroy: What a darling boy.

A priceless family moment.

Sub: MORON. You let that falling star go, you LOSER.
Coke: What? Where?

Sub: Losing makes me ANGRY.

Sub: "Don't be a spoiled brat."?

Sub: Grandma did it.. I knew it was grandma.

Home-schooling continues..

But only until it's time for the birthday party.
Everyone but Mort: YAAAAAY!
Mort: Enthusiasm, who needs it?

He looks so different. I really.. really like it.
Sub: Whatev. Where's the wrench? I'm gonna fix my tv.
He gained the Handy trait.

Coke and Leroy: Jet...
Jet: Cash.
Mort: Oh NOW I get it.. YAY!
Tabi: Oh god.. too many people.

Sub: See little sis. Now I can hold you and snuggle you when parents are busy.

He really is special looking. Special in a good way. He got Tabi's eye shape. Mort's nose and eye colour.. nice.

Sub: Bedroom upgrade. Awesome.
Bed pushed against the wall as is appropriate.

Jet: The indoors is my home, home, home.
I'd love to just live in a dome, dome, dome.

Leroy: She's still pretty good.

Leroy: Oh god, I forgot to mourn Mimi today!

Things to know about those two paintings: They're both drawn by Mortimer.
He's trying different effects I suppose.

Sub: I'm too cool to be tutored by you now. I am enrolling in a Military school!

Birthday time. And Jet gets to hold the baby.

Sub: But I wanted to hold little sister.
Jet: Nanananana

Ooo.. cuteness. And.. I can't remember her trait.

Tabi: It appears that I'm pregnant.
Coke: Boooooooooks.

Leroy: Now.. since you've enrolled in a military school and you rolled a lifetime wish to become the emperor of evil.. you need athletic skill. I shall teach you!

Sub: Watch out good guys! Grrr...
And yet he is still cute.
Leroy: This sudden change of lighting hurts my eyes!!!

Every once in a while these two wander into the crypt.. just to stand around and chat.
Jet: So did you buy those tickets to see the play daddy? I want to see that play at the theatre!!

Sub: Hello, not sure if you know who I am but.. my mother is Tabitha Chimeree.

Sandy: Oh you're Tabi's son, she's lovely, lovely.

Sub: I was wondering if you have any daughters my age?

Turns out Sandy is Bella's daughter! I thought she looked familiar.

And just to show you that she IS in fact pregnant, because the last picture was kind of not showing it at all.

Sub: This wrench makes me feel rather powerful and ... evil.. no.. just a little mean.

Tabi: Tofu?

Daffie: You're so handsome, big brother. I hope I will be equally beautiful and our little sibling too!

Mortimer. Not the brightest bulb in the box.

Not sure if you guys know but you're talking to each other on completely different topics.
Tabi and Coke *love each other*

Daffie: I love you big brother.
Sub: I love you too, little sister.

Leroy: I am. Still. Alive.

I've noticed..

As Tabi goes into labour.. you might notice the others just hanging around. That's because I installed the patch right about here.

It's a GIRL who is blue and promises to be EVIL and ATHLETIC. Her favourite music is Chinese, food Stu Surprise and colour Violet.
Tabi: The name is Sulfur.
Sulfur/Sulphur is the chemical element that has the atomic number 16. Sulfur, in its native form, is bright yellow.

Daffie: I realized as I finished eating this ancient leftover cake that I want to become a SURGEON!
Wow. Two of the 3 kids have rolled lifetime wishes already! Handy for me.

A couch-potato and the main skill he needs for his career is athletic. Irony.

And I thought she was the smart one!!

Coke: I will nurse this one. Then maybe she will remember me.

Tabi gets a make over. I love it.

Sub: See that scenty thing over there?


Sub: Even though I would have loved a kid brother, I will cherish you.

Jet: This is my rendition of Rose Garden.
I beg your pardon.
I never promised you a rose garden.
In fact I hate it.
I really hate outdoors, don't you understand it?

Coke and Tabi *are still in love*

Mort: Jinkees.

Mort: This is madness!

Lero: oh hey, I'm still alive! :D

Leroy: I mean ahem.. WAAAAH.
Tabi: Is he faking it?

What the...
Adam: Uhm.. It's laundry day, just imagine I'm wearing my robe okay?

Must be a glitch..

Daffie: But I liked grandpa!

Leroy: I think she bought it!
Daffie: I want a hug from Sub!!

Leroy: You're late.
Sub: Have a hug.

Leroy: How come you didn't get a "mourning" moodlet!? How come we're the only ones who have to be SAD!? You were his GIRLFRIEND.
Jet: Whoa dad.

Well look at that.. the spouses are dead. Weird.

Daffie was hit hardest I think. Poor little girl.

Jet: Is he going to feed the baby again. I was just about to go.

Coke: Don't be sad about my dad's death, sweetie, you still have me.

Coke: Wait a minute.. it was MY DAD!

Tabi: There there, baby..

And then he passed out from exhaustion.

I bought Sub a new bed and forgot to show it to him.. so he got confused and ended up sleeping here.

Jet: Here, Daffodil, here's Dim Sum, your favourite, just for you.

Daffie: I am very appreciative of that.

Daffie: Yumm!
Jet: She is such a sweetheart.

Jet: Wait.. if my ex-husband died. I might just die too.. and soon!!

And Leroy is STILL ALIVE.


Daffie: I can not wait to see her get out of that cocoon!

This is Sulfur, if you forgot her name.
She is still evil and athletic.

She got Coke's hair and looks like a darker version of his eyes.
Yellow looks pretty good with that hair colour.

Oh yeah... she's a monster.

Thanks for reading everybody!!
Love you long time!

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You know, your updates are so great, and they're funny XD

Sub is really interesting looking, yet cute.

LEROY IS STILL ALIVE! =O I shouldn't be surprised of that naw, hehe!

What the hell happened to Adam, that made me laugh! 'It's laundry day' found that so funny lol!

Coke fainted, aw...i'm used to that a lot.....from Tan-iaaa.

And awh! Sulphur is sooo cute! She's a lovely mix of Coke and Tabi :)

Brilliant update yet again :D x

Thank you so much! Yours are too!

I know. I wasn't sure at first, but the more I look at him the more I like him. I think I'll do a poll again when it's time to choose an heir :)

My camera spanned over to the hobby room and I was like "Leroy is gonna finally die?!" and Mortimer did. I was a little disappointed actually xD

No idea, but it's hilarious xD I'm glad I thought of laundry day. I wonder how many robes he has..

Haha.. Tania :) she's silly, I really don't want to see her and Mika old. I love them.

Yeah I think so too! I didn't even know how to spell it xD so I ended up using the American version and then I found out it's different in British English, which I try to prefer.
I think she has a slightly lighter blue tone, so she has some pink on her and I like it :) Can't wait to see her grow up :D

And thank you again!

Aha thankyou x)

Ah right you make it hard for us to choose! lol!

The elders in my game never actually die of old age, they reach their maximum life-span and stick at it. They just live...and keep living, so i have to trigger the death of. That makes me sound really bad doesn't it! xD

Yes i wonder, never knoew he might have a robe for every day of the week. Labelled monday-tuesday....yet maybe not, that's weird.

Me neither, but is that Bella i saw next to her daught when Sub was talking to her? If so Tania won't look to bad old :)

I actually prefer the way it's spelt in American, aha for some reason.

Oh s do you have a mod so your sim babies don't get the exact skintone of one of the parents? If so, cool!!

...I've been looking at tutorials on Youtube so i can learn how to do Zebra patterns on nails. I'm going to learn how to do them during the week, ahhh i'm going to love being a Beautician! :D


They might die any day as elders actually. I believe they have a certain percentage at which they may die and the chance gets a lot higher when the bar fills.

Adam: Monday, Tuesday, Wed--- no.. I forgot to wash Wednesday!!

Yup, that's Bella :)

As a name, it looks nice. I think Sulphur would be better as a boy's name. It just looks beefier xD

Yup, Twallan's story progression does it for me.

Oh, way cool! :O

Your writeing is really awsome, I love how funny it is!! Didn't know Grim wore white pants, though....But Sulfur is cute! But I personaly think the purple and yellow hair looks abit off, but whatever its your sim.

I think the hair makes her look kind of mythical.. if the skin didn't do it xD

When the Grim Reaper showed up in regular cloths, and he says it is laundry day, I laughed out loud!

Very funny!

:D thank you so much!

I can't believe that Leroy is still alive1 it must be so crowded D:
And isn't Daf such a cutey?
Sub grew up... surprisingly. But I like it. And him. And at the moment, he's got my vote!
Cute makeover for Tabi :) ahww.
Wow, what is it with spouses dying, but not the actual legacy people? xP
Ooh, Sulfur's looking cute!

It was 8 sims with Mortimer, now it's 7, I'm kind of used to it.
She IS! I can't wait to see her as a teen! She's going to be so pretty!
That hair Tabi had was bugging me. I like it but I just HAD to change it. She looks lovely now.

Thanks for reading :D

Whee, I've been waiting for 3.2. :P

By the way, if you haven't gotten Patch 2.3 (and you may already know this), then don't. It will bork your .sims3pack CC, it's fixable but not worth the angst. Unless you download CAW, you probably won't have to get 2.3 anyway.

Can't wait to see how Sulfur turns out. It's a shame there's only a handful of traits they can have as babies, no-one wants a 'hopeless romantic' toddler, but a few more would be nice. I do like your range of names, I found it harrrrrd. Because I was also lazy.

Thinking about doing a 100-sims challenge; 10 kids per generation from infant to adult (or college in the sims 2, who really wants to play through 50 sims in college?), 1 heir per generation, maybe 5 generations in Sims 2 and 5 generations in Sims 3? Hopefully it'll be as rad as it sounded at 3am. Probably not.

Anywho - I like your remodelling of the upper level. I think if it was me, on the ground floor I'd have cut the Hobby room in half, and swapped that with the bedroom that's attached to the kitchen, and had two smaller hobby rooms. That's purely because I'm personally not fond of having bedrooms feed straight into kitchens, having had one for 10 years. D:

What else... Oh yes, the Grim Reaper showing up like that? Amazing! I particularly love the shot where he's looking at the camera, clearly not impressed. XD It will be very sad when Leroy eventually goes. ): My sim married a Townie and as soon as he hit 90, he popped off. Not impressed, too many loose ends.

Anyway, I think I've rambled about everything I wanted to ramble about. OH - Jet totally has the 'crazy old lady' look going, props to her.

Have a good christmas~!

I got the patch, I said so in this chapter. In the picture where Tabi was in labour. But eh. I didn't check my .sims3packs.

Yeah it's a little stupid. I mean I get that toddlers can't really be flirty, but at one point you will find that you've never NOT had a sim with any one of the traits they can gain when they're born. If that makes sense.

Mm.. ideas do sound good at 3am. I hope you'll have tons of fun with that :)

Yeah, my uncle has a house that has the master bedroom fed into the kitchen. It didn't used to be like that, they remodelled and tore down some walls to make it happen so I guess THEY must have liked it xD

Jet has a crazy old lady look mostly because SHE IS CRAAAAAZY. I absolutely adore her.

Happy Christmas!!

Clearly, my superpowers of observation skip over important bits where authors say something. @_@

It's good to know that your CC is showing up okay, though. :)

I'm up to about generation 7 of a family (not a strict legacy, it's just easier than going to CAS at this point), so like you I'm just about at the point where I'm having babies/toddlers with the same traits as some other sim.. or six. What's even worse is at birthdays, when a trait is selected (and I tested for human error in this, so it's not me 98% of the time), it doesn't stick. Say, 'hates the outdoors' and 'brave'. Birthday comes, I pick 'excitable', confirm, life goes on.
Then the game's like, "This is not the third trait you are looking for." ... and the child continues on with just the first two traits. Very annoying.

I will be terribly sad when Jet goes. ): She's been brilliant, and the crazy-factor goes to 10 when she smiles, lol. I'll be seriously impressed if Leroy makes it to see all his grandkids in adult stage. Unlikely, but it'd be pretty ace. XD

Oh I just checked and my packages show up just fine :)

If Leroy was in the science field, you should make his theme song "Still Alive" from Portal.

Oh wow this chapter was so long ago *runs around confused* xD
Oh yeah, he lived a long time, I remember now!

I have not played Portal *gets tomatoes thrown at her*

(Deleted comment)
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