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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Let Me Hold You: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.1 - Yellow

I've had a ton of fun playing this week, which leads to a fast new chapter, yay!
This one has about 82 pictures. I had no idea what to call it so I went with the first bit of lyrics that I heard that made sense.

Coke: Well, since I'm stuck here in the door. I might as well eat some cherries. Yum.

Everyone loves the new baby.

See? Aww...
Leroy: I'm so glad I'm able to see my great-grandchild!
Wow.. really. What's your secret, ask my readers.
Leroy: Well.. you know the glitch by EA that resets sims age bar when they use the dresser and/or mirror?
Leroy: You gave me a new outfit last chapter.
Oh.. so you're as young as ever, huh?
Leroy: Yup. Thanks EA!

Babies are sooooooo boring. I try to keep them around but they're just so boring and they don't show any genetics either.

Awww. This is him. His hair is Tabitha's father Clark's and he has Mort's eyes. And he's pink. Well.. I think it's Jet's skintone.

Mort: You keep forgetting to clean the dishes, woman! It's unacceptable!
Jet: Friends.. mm.. sparkling.

Hello Yellow!
Y.Sub: Hullo..
He has an interesting face. Can't wait to see what comes out of it.
Y.Sub: I wanna watch teevee!

This picture isn't significant.

Until you remember that Tabitha is a vegetarian.

Coke: I can't remember what I was meant to do!!
Tabi: I've got a clue for you..

Coke: Oh yeah <3

Jet: I hope dad doesn't hurt himself..

Leroy: OW!!!

Leroy: Don't think I didn't hear you jinx me, Jet!! Don't think I didn't hear it!

This is where I remember that Mort hasn't fulfilled his LTW and he only needs one more guitar skill point.


That's a much better.

Mr. Righty: I think Tabi and Coke should have more babies!

Mr. Lefty: I agree! Blue babies!

Jet: What!? THEY AGREED!?

Jet: What has the world come to!?!?

I can't remember why I took this. She obviously wanted a deathfish but why is that significant!?

Mort: Hey, hot stuff, how you doin'?

Can he do it?!



Jet: What? Who said that!?
Paperboy *chuckles*

Coke: Aha! Got your nose!!

And now.. this is Jet and Mort's relationship.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Something about Coke teaching a toddler just cracks me up. I mean.. it's Coke.. teaching.. a toddler.

Did I forget to paint his shoes white?!

Coke *sigh*: Just poop, what's so difficult about it?

Well you better start liking this training toddler thing because..


Turned out that the last perfect fish Tabi needed was a Koifish.. which she already caught once except I stocked the pond with it so she lost it.

Ta da!
They all have names too, because I'm a weirdo.
Well.. Fulfilling a LTW should keep Tabi very happy during this pregnancy :D

Can he do it?!

YES HE--- no wait..

Yup. That's the face I'd make too if I broke my hand.

Tabi: I can't believe I'm having another little one. I'm totally happy right now.

Coke: Can I feel it?
Tabi: I think it's still too tiny for that.

Coke: Hello, baby?

Cocaine approves of this baby.

What's with that face?

Oh Coke.. Oh no.
Coke: See, that's why I'm not the right sim to teach Submarine to go potty.

Tabi: Are you excited to have a baby sibling, Sub?


Jet: She better not be having twins. That was what I did!

Coke: I sense a positive disturbance in the force.

Yes, that might be because..

Your wife is in labour.

I know you love your baby, Coke, but we really do not want a fire during labour.

Tabi toddled off to the living-room so Coke could finish cooking and Leroy was next to get over-excited over the birthing woman.

Jet: She CAN'T be having the baby now! It's my BIRTHDAY!
Sorry, Jet.

Coke: I am father.

The baby GIRL, YAY, was named Daffodil. She is good and friendly, likes Chinese music, Dim Sum and the colour Sea Foam.
Daffodil is the national flower of Wales. It's mostly yellow, but can also be white and yellow.

What does this mean?

During her baby-hood. Her portrait kept fluctuating between pink and blue. I was so confused.
We'll see how she grows up.

Mort: my girlfriend/ex-wife is growing OLD?

All the Chimeree men were excited about this.

Leroy: I can't believe my baby girl is 82!

Mr. Righty: Looking sharp, Jet.
Jet: Thank you sir.
She looks so little like herself it's scary. Her nose grew! She looks a ton like Mimi now.

Now that her LTW is completed and everyone seems to get wishes for "Be worth more that 300000" I got Tabi a job in Medical.

Thanks to mastering Athletic all that time back, Leroy has mastered Martial Arts pretty fast.

Speaking of fast, here goes Submarine's toddlerhood.
And who other than his grandmother brings him to his cake.

Yellow-Submarine rolled Mean Spirited.

A Mean Spirited, Couch-Potato who Hates the outdoors.

He has Tabi's chin.

I made up his room!

Coke: My parents are always kissing.. it disturbs me.

Sub: My eyebrows go through my eyes, it makes me ANGRY!

Tabi: Aw, my baby is all grown up. Come give me a hug!
Sub: Well, I don't wanna.

Sub: GRRRR! Stupid game. It makes me ANGRY!

Sub: Wait. I really really LIKE this game!

Wait.. wasn't she pink just before? WTH is going on?

Thanks to Twallan and his Career mod, I am now home schooling Sub.

Coke: Ew. What smells like baby poop?
Daffodil: :D

After cleaning Daffy up, it's time for her birthday.
The family is overjoyed. Clearly Submarine really likes being a big brother.

Before I show you if Daffy is indeed blue or pink. Coke's birthday to adulthood.
Coke: CAKE, for ME? :D


Daffy: I lub budda of mine.

Leroy: YAY!
Coke: Your sleeve is in my cake. I am not pleased at all. Like.. at all!

Daffodil has.. black hair. She originally had brown highlights and I have no idea where that comes from! And Tabi's blue eyes.

After doing her daily homework and study session with one of the grown-ups it's bonding time with mum!

Domestic bliss, yes?

Mort: One day, grandson, you'll marry a girl and the two of you will be very happy together. And then she will realize what a little loser you are and leave you for a musician.
Sub: Can't hear you old man, playing a game here.

And I leave you with Coke.. having writer's block.
He's in the middle of writing his 16th book a SciFi novel titled "The Emerald Fire", you can find all of his titles in the first post of the legacy's BoolProp thread.

Next time: Submarine and Daffodil grow, is there more children in the family's future? Will Leroy finally die?

As always thank you for reading and please come again.
Love you long time!

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OMG toddler/child interaction?! Did that come with WA? I love it! :D
A fab update like always, and Sub and Daffodil are adorable btw. But what was going on with the whole blue-pink thing? Weird.


Yup :D Children can even FEED toddlers now! I'm so happy about that!
The blue-pink thing was a side-effect of a mod I use that blends the parents skintones, so the kids don't look exactly like one parent skin-wise.

Lol, Coke's expressions are rad. I wish I kept close enough track of my sims to see such things, lol.


Overuse of 'lol', my bad.

Oh and next time you get weird lots, maybe check out this forum? So much good information.


Coke makes the best faces xD

And thanks. I'm pretty sure the issues I had were fixed though, after I read the nvidia boards an installed an older driver that worked fine to begin with.

Hey how do you get such good quality pictures??

I dunno? I press C and they come out good. And then I resize them and they're just like that. I'm sorry I can't help you :(


Of you.
And your sims.
Grrrrr, they are amazing!
And i wish i had that house!
I love your legacy btw.
Im DYING for the next chapter :D

Lol. They're just simmies in a regular ol' legacy :3
I'm glad you're liking them though, I know I love them immensely.

I have about 60 pictures for the next chapter which is far too little, but I'm pretty much going to play as soon as I finish writing this comment.
Don't die D:

Not sure if i've asked this before, but where did you get Yellow-Submarine's hair from?
It's awesome!

moodlet thingy

what is that brainy-ish thingy moodlet on Daffodil when she is first born?

It's a moodlet from one of those incense burners that Coke got from China :)

Wow, I'm so impressed that you have named all Coke's books, and also kept track of the names! I usually get bored after the first 5 or so novels, so leave them with the EA names.

Also, the kids are so cute! Especially Daffy, the yellow clothes + blue skin works really nicely.

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