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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Sim Fu Fighting: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 3.0 - Yellow

Everybody sing with me!
Everybody was SIM FU FIGHTING!
But that's not what you're here for, is it. I hope not, because that's all you get.

CuteLady: Your wife is being held at.. my grandson's relic store!

Coke: So what was that paper for?
CuteLady: Oh that.. uh.. it was of great importance! She stole it from us!
Coke: What?

Cutelady: Anyway. You better run young lad. your lady is waiting for you.

Coke: I've come for my wife!
RelicMerch: Excellent. Except.. I need you to get me some bugs.
Coke: But---

RelicMerch: Nuh-uh. I make the rules. Bring me 3 bugs or you might as well throw away the ring.

Coke: oh god, these bugs are biting me!! Oh Tabi!! Help!!

Coke: Let's see.. I have one two... no! I need three! I checked the places the guy told me to find them. How am I supposed to.. ugh!! maybe he'll give me a better map if I go back and ask. Yes I'll do that!

Coke: I'm on my way Tabi!!
BlueDressGirl: What the?

BlueDressGirl: Hi, I'm Lu, why are you running so?
Coke: Well, Lu, if you must know..

Coke: The relic merchant is holing my wife hostage!!

Lu: Hur hur.. no he's not. He and his grandmother are known to scare tourists into doing things they're too lazy to do. I'm sure your wife si running around looking for gems and meteors as we speak.
Coke: OMG, what?!

Coke: I'm on to you! You don't really have my wife!! Also.. here are the two bugs I did find, the others got away.

RelicMerch: Lol. Tourists are stupid.

Coke: HONEY!!
Tabi: OMG, Are you okay!?

Coke: I was so scared! I thought they would hurt you!

Tabi: Me too! I've been worried sick!

IndieWannabe: Do you MIND? You're in the way of my ADVENTURE!

One last adventure before they return home, I see.

Coke: Aha! Found the third one! I'll be sure to drop it off to the relic store before we leave.

Coke: Hmm.. an inconspicuous floorplate. Maybe next time!

Guess which of these three is most advanced xD

Coke: Babies..

Coke: I am going to write a novel about this on my laptop.
Tabitha *has become thin* she was chubby when she was fishing and on the hugging picture she was already thin.

Coke: What happened to your hair grandpa?

Mort: It's me, your father. I was worried you wouldn't be able to take care of yourself alone and it made my hair go grey and fall out.

Coke: If you're not grandpa... is... is he even alive!?

Mort: Leroy is fine and well!

Leroy: Hello there, young man, do I know you.
Coke: It's Cocaine!
Leroy: Ah, sorry young one, my memory isn't as good as it used to be.

Coke: And it turned out she was out doing quests for the same guy I was!!
Mort: How silly.
Coke: Oh and I brought some souvenirs that I'm sure...

..Leroy will enjoy.

Jet: Everyone is home safe. Yay!

Tabi: There you go, fishies, off to my pond!

Jet:..I see old people

I know everyone liked Tabi's old outfit but I changed it. Hope you like this one too.

Coke: Mother...please leave!

Coke: Everybody was Sim Fu fighting!

Coke: Those kids were.. fast as lightning!
In fact it was..

Coke: ..a little bit fright'ning.
But they fought with expert timing.

Jet: Oh! He bought something for his mum too. Good boy he is.

Jet: "I love you mum." Ahw, isn't he a sweetheart.

Jet: Thank you, Cokey.
Coke: You're welcome mum.

Tabi: It's that incense smoke.. it made me nauseous!

Leroy: Hurk.
He loves this thing.

Coke: HA!
And someone's gone better at this :D

Leroy: Wanna fight?
Coke: I dunno, you're like 130..
Leroy: Sure.. pansy!

Coke: I can't believe you won, gramps.
Leroy: I was after all a pro football player, sonny.

Coke: Hello? Who are you? How'd you get this number and NO I do not want to become a pro athlete. I've only been doing some sim fu in my backyard! GTFO!

Coke doing what he does best. He started a new mystery novel titled "They Took my Wife"

Ahw, cute!


I always do this. Show off my simself's kids. This is Ashleigh. AHW. She gets nothing from me xD not the skin, eyes nor hair. The chin looks mine. And the lips I think.

Oh. Thanks for the max fishing, koi fish!

Minutes later Coke maxes writing.
The family that masters skills together, stays together.

Tabi: I think we got more than a bunch of souvenirs from our trip, honey.

Coke: You're like a vase of flowers, darling, you bloom!
Tabi: Aww...

Coke: I just.. became a pro author.
Wait.. you fulfilled your lifetime want!?
Coke: Yes.
Now what!?
Coke: Keep on writing! I have made a name for myself.. now comes the struggle to keep my name.

Coke: "We all live in a yellow submarine"? What does that mean?

Coke: Must be my mum.. she's silly enough to write something like this.


Another lovely evening at the Chimeree house.


Coke: Oh man.. that was a weird dream.

Tabi: It's a boy!
Fifth consecutive :)

Coke: Hello little Yellow-Submarine. I love you, baby.
I had to use AwesomeMod to give him that name because EAxis doesn't allow a name longer than 12(or 13?) characters.... WTF?

Yellow-Submarine Chimeree likes Indie music, Goopy Carbonara and the colour Turquoise. He's a couch-potato who hates the outdoors.

Next time: Will Subby have siblings? Blue ones?
Tune in next time for answers!

Thank you for reading. Love you long time!

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Aww! Coke and Tabi are so cute! ^-^
Your making me jealous, i don't know if i'll take Mika and Tania on a holiday i might just take one of their kids somewhere once they grow up. hmmm.
Leroy. He's brrn around a looooong time hasn't he? Lol, what's his secret?
Love the name btw, Yellow-Submarine Chimeree, hehe!
Blue ones as in blue baby? Dawww!

I think i might sleep now, my parents are taking me along to see a house tomorrow, that they can rent out then give to me. I'm only 16 am i that hard to live with! :O

Yeah, they are :)
You could do that. Everyone's doing the whole adventure thing anyway right now, because the EP was just released, you could wait a little and then do it.
His secret is.. he changed his looks at the wardrobe and his age re-set. it was a glitch... ugh. Now he'll be here forever.
I hoped it would but apparently my game things it needs boys.
:) Me too! I was so bummed when it didn't fit.. and I had to use Am D: what was EA thinking?
Yeah. I hope for blue babies! I can only hope.. A blue baby in pink wrapping maybe? That would look so cool!

OMG WHAT? I'm 21 and I live with my boyfriend's family D: I want our own rental! But we ain't got the cash.

Hey i'm having the same glitch problem with the warodrobe! How did you fix it?

I have Awesome, it fixed it for me. However I'm sure EA is looking into fixing it with the next patch, so you could wait for that :)

Can you download the Awesome Mod at the same website?

Oh and if you could tell me, how do you download it?

Oh, and sorry to bother again, but do you need to download Mirror 1 and 2 or just one?

The mirrors are just different places where you can get the same thing. Get just one.

Don't bite me ... Please? (:

Hello there!
Wow, this was certainly a great chapter I must say (: Cocaine's eyebrows are serious buisness, i love them!
Anyway in the past chapters ago you promised you wouldn't bite if we asked you something. I was wondering if that condition still carried on because i am dying to see the inside of the Chimeree house. From the photos you take, it seems so beautifully decorated and the best sims 3 house by far!
Moving on from my rambling, i totally didn't even recognise Mortimor, he's changed alot hehe (: Awhh Leroy is still going strong, even i'll miss him. He has this cute chubby smile :D
I also CANNOT WAIT to see how Yellow-Submarine looks like, he will be special!

Re: Don't bite me ... Please? (:

*CHOMP* Just kidding :D
I was just waiting for someone to ask, it's a nice house indeed. Well.. I certainly like it.
Coke didn't recognize his dad either, so you're not alone and I agree with you on Leroy's smile, it's so ADORABLE!

I'll see if I can do the tour today or tomorrow.
Thanks for reading!

Thank you so much.

Hehe (: *has been bitten* :P
Yay, you replied, i'm so happy!
Okay thankyou i'll keep an eye out, plus i'm sorry for your blacked out road things, i'm useless at things like that so i'm sorry i do not know what to do.

I installed an older driver for my graphics card and that seems to work. It's nonsense! But eh, it works.

I took all the pictures for the tour now I need to not be a lazy bum and upload.


Yellow generation~

I'm vaguely attempting to do my own gens, started green, going into blue, and basically taking whatever colour has my fancy next.

It's so harrrrrd to have a job and build skills, though. ;_; Their stats run down so fast. Mind you, I'm avoiding all patches and can't get AwesomeMod cause I don't have WA. Whingewhingewhinge, woe is me.

Can't wait to see how Yellow-gen turns out. Looks like it's going to be totally rad. <3

OMG. You need to patch your games.. for real.

Good luck with your own thing :) It's super fun.

You have such awsome names for the kids! And I too would like house tour. How old is Leroy anyway? I didn't think he was THAAAT much older then Mimi. On a totally random note, did your family trees get messed up when you went to china? I saw a somthing about it at boolprop.com..............................This was a really random comment. Sorrry.

Well there was an EA bug that reset ages when you changed their looks on the dresser or mirror so his age reset, that's why he's still alive.
I had TONS of messed up graphics for a while but that was Nvidia being a b*tch.
I love random. I do that myself all the time.

Did your simself have Ashleigh with one of the Alvis?

Because it sure looks like it - her kid version's face is a lot like Miraj's kid version face, if not the exact same. But she could also be Iqbal's or VJ's.

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