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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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He's a Good Man: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 2.6 - White

Goodness Mariah, still 2.? At this rate there will be a 2.500.
-Gee Mariah, self-critical much?

I promise the next chapter will be 3.0. I know this because after I'm done with this I will upload it.. I took way too many pictures again. I think it went like this: "Hmm, I wonder if I have enough for a chapter? ......oh.. 200 pictures? HOW DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!?"

The beautiful chapter name comes from a line from the movie The Painted Veil, which is beautiful and is set in China mostly. Thank you movie.

Mort: A sun.. with sunglasses!
Jet: Oh Mortimer!
Leroy: I am here to keep an eye on you.

Cocaine: I NEED to pee!!
Yes.. that door leads to the bathroom where I sent you just a moment ago!
Cocaine: Oh! That's where I was going! I forget what I'm meant to do sometimes.
Yes and it's annoying.

Coke: Hello. This is Cocaine Chimeree, i'd like to confirm the booking I made online, when does the plane leave?

Coke: what do you mean right now? I haven't packed yet!

Coke: Huh? How did I get here?
Tabi: Even I don't know THAT, love.

Coke: Well then, quality time for us it is! Seeing as my parents and grandpa didn't come along.
Tabi: Hurhur.

Coke: Hi, we're tourists here, where do you think we should go first?

HatGirl:I heard there's treasure in the Dragon Cave!

Coke: We're not really adventure type of people. We're on our honeymoon, you see.

The two soon found the market. I love the glutter boxes!

Coke: Hello there.

China Girl: How can I help you?

Coke: Funny thing happened. I made a list of things I was meant to buy.. because I always forget things. Guess what? I lost the list! Haha funny. Just give me a few of everything you have, please. We're filthy rich.

China Girl: Hur hur, money <3

Tabi and Coke soon found the gardens where they could relax as they wished.


Coke: I was not built to fight! I was built to sit in a chair and write!

Coke: I'm going to hurt myself *sadface*

Obviously he's a little sissy right now.


Coke *does sadface*: I wanna go home..

Tabitha: Humm humm..

Tabi: OH YEAH! All your koi fish are belong to me.

Cocaine Chimeree is slightly more FIERCE than he used to be.

Coke: It's getting late, honey, let's go for lunch!

OtherHatGirl: Don't call me "honey", honey!

Coke: Where's Tabitha?

Coke: Hey HatGirl.
HatGirl: I will leave to go on AN ADVENTURE!

Coke: Hmm.. she's not at base camp. She's probably at the academy, but I'm tired...

Coke: Home..

Coke: hmm.. Tabi is never came to bed..

Coke: She probably left me a note.

Coke: Let's see... there.. "To a certain mister Chimeree.."

Coke: "We have your wife" ..

Coke: I'm coming HONEY!

Directions on the note sent Coke on top of a mountain.

CuteLady: Hello, gentleman Chimeree. How can I help you?
Coke: This is a matter of urgency!

Coke: They've taken my wife!!
CuteLady: Who's they?
Coke: No idea, but they sent me here to you and said if I helped you with something I'd get Tabi back!
CuteLady: Well.. there are few papers I'd like for you to salvage for me.

Coke: I'm coming Tabi!!

Coke: Now what?!

Coke: Oh I see.

Coke: I'd like to know how this works.. fascinating.

Coke: Huh.. a small room.

Coke: The key that the cute lady gave me seems to fit right here, as she told me it would.

Coke: SHINY.

Coke: This confuses me..

Coke: Maybe.. if I just...

Coke: Pull.. this.. on the plate..

In the next room--
Coke: Hello mister pushable statue man.

Coke: There.. and now to step on that plate.

Coke: Whoa, man..

Coke: What's with all the statues!?

And Cocaine lives to amuse us another day.

Coke: Humm.. a pile of rocks.. and looks like that's a fancy floorplate over there..

Coke: I'm... I'm on my way, honey! I jsut hope they won't hurt you!

Coke *scratch-scratch*

That had me laughing. Cute Eaxis. Cute.

Coke: Okay.. these statues are starting to creep me the hell out!

Coke: Is that.... Tabi's fishing lure!! I'm getting closer!

Coke: No key in this one either? But then how do I--

Coke: Oh I see..

Coke: I found something!!

A switch opened and..

Coke: No statues.. wow. Just a door and a divewell..

Coke: If I die here... tell Tabi I love her!

Coke: GASP!!

Coke: Hmm.. this isn't the room I just left from..

Coke: Aha! A KEYSTONE!

One dive later..

Coke: There we go..

Coke: I feel a tingling feeling..
That chest has the documents the lady wanted I think.
And there's also a door to another room!

Coke: Huh. Looks like I'm back at the beginning! Where's Tabi!?

Coke: I'm on my way, darling!!

Coke: hey I'm back!
CuteLady *sings in Simneese*

Coke: Hello?
CuteLady *sings some more*

CuteLady: Sorry, I didn't hear you come in.
Coke: I got the papers for you, but Tabi wasn't there! Where is she!?
CuteLady: Come closer, I'll tell you.

CuteLady: She's being held at---

Oh looks like that's all we have time for.
Not to worry, I'm going to start writing up the next chapter as soon as I'm done writing the next sentence.

Next up: Will Cocaine find Tabi? Will there be babies? is it weird that Cocaine talks to himself? Surely no.

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Haha! I loved Cocaine on his little adventure :D I hope he finds Tabi...wait! Of course he will where would those babie come from otherwise!?
I'm going to stay up and wait to read the next part :)
Off to Youtube i go...i watched Transformers 2 today and loved it, only thing is i can't watch the DVD in my room because it's BluRay so i have to search YouTube for the special features -_-

I hope it wasn't too spoilery for people who don't have WA yet!

Wow, that's sort of lame. I haven't seen that film yet. Is it good? :D

I'm glad you liked it! I hope you like the new chapter too! :D

It's REALLY good! Oh how i wish i had a camero that transformed into a kickass robot! O_o You should watch it.
I'm now going to read it :D


Hur Hur Coke! I LOVED the tomb explorationness! Total awsomey!

Oh Coke, you make the best faces. As much as I have heard how travelling messes up your game, blogs like yours make me want to get WA so I can play with the tombs. It looks like so much fun!

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