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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Keep on Loving: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 2.5 - White
Yup! It's still WHITE gen.
But think of it this way.. the founder is still alive. If I had the baby now.. it would be Leroy's great-grandchild. CHEESUS.

Cocaine Welcomes You to read!

Coke: Whoa! It's like we're in a new house!

Coke: I'm loving the new crib, mum.
Jet: Indeed, son, very lovely!

Coke: If you'd like a tour of the new house, ask Mariah, she doesn't bite. I promise!

Pardon me but why do you look like you're forcing that smile?

Tabi: Mm.. I shall spend many hours watching that television. X-Factor, House, Oprah.. oh the fun I will have!

Coke: This room looks empty!
Yeah I'm not done decorating yet!

Coke: Go on, I want to see the caption you'll come up with for this picture.
Err.. okay!
Coke: Where did I put my flower seeds again?

Coke: Your smile is like one of a cute smiling emoticon! It makes my day!

Coke: I... fancy you!

Coke: I'm not good at making alluring faces but I hope you will fall for me anyway. Please?

Tabi: He's SO CUTE!

Coke: You know.. we still haven't shared that kiss..

Coke: I was hoping we could do it.. now?

Tabi: I would love to!


Coke: Tabi, I think I'm falling for you..

Tabi: I feel the same for you, my sweet.

Coke: I know we haven't been seeing each-other for that long and I haven't been that great of a boyfriend, but I assure you, through practice I will become better. And therefore..

Coke: I was hoping you would agree to take my hand in marriage to help me become a better man and keep me company as I grow old.
Tabi: Oh my goodness!

Tabi: Yes! Yes yes yes!

Tabi: Oh Cocaine! I couldn't have dreamed of this happening! You're so wonderful!

Coke: I'm so glad you feel that way, but I have to wonder why you wouldn't dream of getting engaged.

Tabi: We're going to be so happy together!

Coke: We're both loners, so even if we're not together all the time, it will be okay. And that will happen quite often seeing as you'll be fishing 24/7 and I'll be writing novels.

Tabi: Hehe.. that's right, darling.

Coke: Mm.. lady lumps.

Oo.. 13 perfect fish in bowls!

And while I'm showing off, this is the memory wall!
As soon as Cocaine and Tabitha's portrait's are done they will be added as well, to appropriately coloured walls!

This is the kitchen.

Tabi's portrait! Thank you Jet!

Coke: Wheee!
A sunny day in the park with Coke!

Coke: You're Darrell, right? I'm getting married to your sister!

Coke: I think I love her!!

Darrell: WHAT!? THAT'S AWESOME! I LOVE in-laws!

Tabi: I'm so glad you boys are getting along!

Tabi: He's SO CUTE! *giggle giggle*
Darrell: I know, right? Lucky sister of mine..

Tabi: Okay, who cooked meat!? You horrible people!

Tabi: That was such a great meal, though!!

Daughter of simself!! It's Ashleigh! Isn't she cute! AHW!

Anyway.. guess who's MAYOR OF SUNSET VALLEY? That's right! Mortimer Chimeree!

White Wedding Interlude!

Cocaine: Let's get married now! Just the two of us, we're loners, we don't need a crowd.
Tabi: We only need us.

Tabi: Will you take me, Tabitha Apple-Sauer, to be your wife, to love and cherish until we're too old to remember each other's names?

Jet: Your brother's getting married, RIGHT NOW!
Coke: I do.

Coke: Will you take me, Cocaine Chimeree to be your lawfully wedded husband to love and cherish until we die and then-some.
Tabi: I do.

Cocaine and Tabitha Chimeree! Yay!

Coke: I'm a married man, who'd have thought! Oh.. I think I have a name for my next novel! "Who'd have thought?" a trashy novel! Yes.. yes..

Leroy: I see what you did there.

Mort: I want us to be together again.

Jet *is shocked*


Mimi: Whaddup?
Nothing much.
Mimi: My husband is STILL ALIVE. I am not pleased.

Mimi: I guess I'll have some fun with this gadget.

Mimi: Oh yeah, I'm a dead rock-star, buddy.

And nobody even notices xD

Mort: I'm running for president, but I have no funds. I'd love some supporters from the other side.
Mimi: Sure, have 0 simoleons. BYE the sun is rising!

This is really what happened.

Mort: Hey Francie! Wow, you've grown old! So anyway, thanks for the 5000 simoleons you're about to donate!
Francie: What now?

Oh look. It's Stine Sekemoto and HER HUSBAND CLOUD!

Stine: I'm married to your son, even though he bends the contract rules sometimes, I mean he has commitment issues after all.
Cloud: I'm out of here.
Mort: Hmm..

Stine: Soneone-I-think-it's-my-father-or-grandfather DIED! WAAAAAH!
Mort: Issues...

Stine: Oh, I'm pregnant!!
So is Theodore's(Leroy's twin) wife Penny in the background. What? How're they still adults? Maybe it's just Penny.

A day later Stine and Cloud got divorced and Stine gave birth to their son York!

I didn't want Coke to get stir crazy so I sent him to the beach to write. It's so beautiful here!

Coke: OMG WHUT?!

Coke: Oh, ladies, you love my ballads. Yes you do. Mhmm..

There was a protest in front of city hall, against crime!

It was observed by a police officer - Light. Good job.
Light and Myf haven't gotten pregnant yet.

I sent Leroy to pick up some rocks and then let him idle around. When I returned he was flirting with this lady.

Whatever makes him happy, I guess.

Cocaine: grandpa has a girlfriend? What?

Jet: So, Cocaine hasn't shown any signs of trying to have a child with Tabi yet, what's with that?
Leroy: I don't think he knows where babies come from.
Jet: Oh

Mort: So, I'm serious, do you want to date me? Or what?
Jet: Yeah, okay.. though uhm..
Mort: what?

Jet: Ambitious people suck! I mean you do whatever it takes to be the best of the best and then the rest of us get lame jobs like janitors and such. You're such selfish people. CHEESE. Stop hogging the limelight. All I'm saying!
Mort: Not this again!

Alone time with Tabi and Coke.
Oh Cheesus, I love how the hands are done in this game. Beautiful.

Tabi: So I got a job in Science, even though I don't really wanna reach the top.
She had a wish, it's stupid! Oh well.

Coke: Good for you, honey! I'm so excited for you!!
Tabi: Okay.. sure? I'm gonna be a lab tech for the rest of my life, I don't garden so it's unlikely I will get promoted, ever.
Coke: YAY!

This is the upstairs lounge-room. I upgraded it for these two, so they can be alone when they feel like it. It's nice.

This is where I installed WA. Yay.

Tabi's first perfect fish! A trout named Cornelius.

Coke: Hooo-ney.
Tabi: Yeah?

Coke: How do you like my new outfit?
Tabi: it's very.. eh.. French?

Coke: I couldn't find any pants from over there, do they wear the same pants? I mean.. jeans are nice I guess.

Tabi: You can wear whatever you want, sweetie. Whatever makes you comfortable.
Coke: Thanks.

Coke: How about we go on a vacation somewhere?

Tabi: That's a lovely idea.

Coke: Has she gained weight?
Looks like it.

Coke: How did that happen?

Tabi: Guess what I love?!

Tabi: FOOD!

*Actually I used the body sculptor.

Coke: Ah well. As long as you still have that smile on your charming lips, you will look like Mona Sima to me! Besides.. more lady lumps for me! Mm.. lady lumps!

Tabi *smiles*

Coke: Hey Light, I heard you and Myf are finally pregnant! Me and Tabi are going on a vacation. Err.. nah we haven't decided where yet, but we're going day-after-tomorrow. I guess it's gonna be a surprise where we'll end up, huh.

Coke: Nope, Cloud hasn't re-married yet. I haven't heard from him for a while actually. I hope he's doing okay being an evil chef.

And we end on a positive note - LOVE. Love can be a mean b*tch but we keep on loving anyway.

Thank you for reading and happy simming!

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Hehe i love the new house! It's so lovely :)
And yay Mimi came back! My legacy was overrun by ghosts last time i played :O

I hope Jet and Mort DO get back together, they're sort of having a love-hate relationship at the moment aren't they xD

I can't wait to see where Coke and Tabi go off to, exploring tombs, drinking way too much nectar, and all those adventures, Mmm holidays are fun.

I love your Spike icon xD
The house is pretty cool, yeah :3
I have a mod that makes the chance of them showing up smaller, since I think I'll have a lot of them floating around in a few generations.
Yeah, Jet is hot-headed and Mort is grumpy and ambitious and she keeps mocking him about it. I don't even make her do it.

Me neither. I haven't made my mind up yet xD

I'm not getting WA anytime soon, so it'll be interesting to see it, especially with the Chimerees as the stars of the show!
Coke is so cute. I'm glad he's with Tabi - those unique genes could make for quite an interesting baby. And them being loners just seems kinda cute. Ahww!

Mort and Jet... this could have been annoying, but really it's kinda funny. And makes for good dramaz :)

I'm having some serious texture issues with WA right now, roads are not showing proper textures D: I hope EA fixes it before I go on the vacation. It's so lame.

Coke and Tabi are adorable! I'm really excited about their baby, who isn't here yet. I mean with both of Tabi's siblings having cool genetically diverse faces, I'm excited. But I still wanna wait a while. Too bad they do not age on vacations.
Mm.. dramaz.

<3 <3 <3


I do have an LJ account, just can't be assed logging into it.

Anywho, I've just finished reading through your legacy thusfar and it has me lolling all over the shop. I love your sense of humour, the style of narration, and your ability to take some seriously awesome shots.

Can't wait for more~

Thank you very much!

It still surprises me that I haven't gotten any negative comments about the fact that I'm kind of random. Oh well! My picture taking skills have developed over the years I've played legacies :D yay! I'm glad you're enjoying the whole shabam.

I can't wait either! In fact, I should go play now!

CC (:

Where do you get all your awesome custom content? Like your skintones and things? They are so cool, and make your game look amazing!!!

Okay.. I'm going to guess that you do not know anything about TS3 CC, which may not be true, but I'd hate to give you a few links and then get a comment back saying "WHAT? HOW?". I'd rather be safe.
I just gave a similar explanation yesterday(about a mod) so I might seem a little snappy, I'm sorry for that D:

Go here: http://www.sims2wiki.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_3:Installing_Package_Files

IF you have WA put everything in the WA directory instead of the basegame. Also if you have WA move the d3dx9_31.dll file from basegame game\bin to the respective WA directory.

Finally! The skins I use are here: http://club-crimsyn.dreamwidth.org/3241.html
Eyes here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=372768
I get tons of stuff from this place, it has references to all these amazing sites so look around: http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/
Oepu's place is one of my favourites: http://oepusims.blog.de/
As well as: http://gardenofshadows.digitalperversion.net/
GoS has CC for The Sims 2 AND The Sims 3 :) and it's a friggin awesome place!

Good luck!

Hey, I love CC but I get some many glitches and then I end up having to uninstall everything. Do you have any CC that has no glitches, like, at ALL? Cuz I really hate glitches. I had some bad CC that wouldn't let me even save! It was...TRAUMATIZING! Any links ya could leave? (P.S. YOUR FREAKING AWESOME.)

Oh and if you're interested, I use SP: http://www.the-isz.com/theisz/index.php?showtopic=3548 - IT ROCKS SO HARD!

So I'm a bit behind finding all the awesome legacy stories out there like yours, but I just wanted to let you know I think it's great!
Btw i thought it was so freaky that just as Coke and Tabi had their first kiss my itunes decided to play "A kiss to build a dream on" it was perfect. Great build up to the cutest wedding ever!

Welcome to the rainbow train :D
I'm glad you're enjoying it as well :)

Okay, reading your legacy, having giggle fits. Hai from Estonia too, btw.
Anyways, cloud's wife had a spouse/boyfriend dead thought bubble, not relative one (broken heart and tomb). So, the kid might not be his.

Yup also that looks like Ethan Bunch to me in the thought bubble? Except he would be YA by now if anything, not elder. Plus, the face looks darker than Dustin Langerak's or Boyd Wainwright- who would actually be long-dead by now. But i'm guessing it's just some Face 1 townie, right?

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