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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Growing Pains: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 2.4 - White

This is called Growing Pains because it's mostly a filler chapter, which has nothing much in it except for the growing up of the three boys.. plus the name seemed to fit the bill of this generation. All of the 2. chapters have had depressing chapter names(apart from My Cocaine).
Also I seem to be in a rather depressing mood this evening.
I hope you enjoy it, though :)

Jet: He SO cheated!
You're playing by yourself, dearie..
Jet: I'm playing with Mr. Lefty. And he cheated. he so cheated.

Good to see, she hasn't changed a bit.

Coke: Are you sure that's how I write my name? Because last time my teacher said what I wrote was.. I think she used the words "questionable" and "controversial".
Mort: I don't understand! It's just a name. I though it was a great name to give a baby boy!

Coke: You voted for me?

Coke: This pleases me.

Cloud: This book of beginner's alchemy might come in handy in my quest of evil!
It's a cookbook..
Cloud: Cooking is alchemy. You take something and you turn it into something else.. it's the closest thing humans have come to magic. This will aide me!


Mort: What a surprise! Someone has made my favourite meal!

Light: It has been brought to my attention that it is...

Light: My BIRTHDAY! Yay!
Leroy: YAY!!
Jet: Yay!

Cloud: My brother's growing up makes me feel.. strangely devious!

Leroy: And they're all "No it's a MONSTER! In the lake! And then they say it's just a duck or a branch in the water" or whatever! They're trying to cover up what they first suggested! The government! Grr!

And this is Light.
Light: Someone has taken my Anime-Hair Volume-Boost hairspray. Thieves!
Aaaand now I can't remember his 5th trait! Damn.. I knew it just a while ago!
He wants to become an International Super Spy.

Ustiya: So.. where do you keep your.. you know what.. hehe
Coke: Huh?

Coke: I'm not sure what you're implying, girl.

Coke: So I'm just going to guess you mean my flower seeds. I do like gardening, you see.

Ustiya: It's okay. You don't trust me enough to tell me these things yet. I understand.

Ustiya: I will find out where he keeps his stash!

Coke: Why do people think I'm on drugs?

Light: ALL RIGHT! An opening in Law Enforcement!
I wonder what happened to the guy who USED to have the job you're getting.
Light: Says here assassin's broke into his home and kidnapped him.
Sounds dangerous.
Light: Sounds... exciting!

Jet: Why is my son taking up such a dangerous position?

Mort: Is cheating on your wife.. against the law?
Light: No dad..
Mort: Darn.. I wanted to ride in the cop car.. turn on sirens and act generally annoying and embarrassing!

Myf: But Why can't I play with the sirens!?
Light *sigh*

Light: Sweetie.. it's serious business, we use those cars to catch bad guys and bring them out to face the law.

Myf: I'm cool with that.

Cloud: Ah.. that's why Coke got more votes than Light. Light looks just like dad!

Light: Anyway. That's Mariah, she writes this thing.
Myf: And the rest of them?
Light: The readers, they're absolutely fab!
Myf: Cool, cool.

Cloud: What you doin?
Coke: Writin'
Cloud: What's it called?
Coke: It's a drama called The Abandoned.
Cloud: Is it about me? IS IT IS IT?
Coke: Yes, yes it is. It's about you and many other under-appreciated legacy kids.

Leroy: I noticed you blocking the bathroom earlier, making me soil myself! I was so embarrassed and it's all your fault!

Cloud: Hurhur.. I feel strangely fulfilled.

Coke: That chair is empty.. like my soul.

Leroy: Hello? I quit. I need time to do other things that interest me. My life is full and exciting, no time for work. Bye!

Very exciting indeed..
Leroy: But of course! my grandson is a successful writer; it's only fair I check out his work.. it's very good.

Jet: Why do I have to get a job?
1. You had a wish.
Jet: It was a spur of the moment thought.. I change my mind!
2. You've never worked a day in your life, because you married a rich guy.
Jet: Isn't that against the rules anyway?
Not MY rules and 3. You've finished your Lifetime Wish so you've got nothing better to do anyway.

Jet: This is an original song by me, titled "Plague" ahem..
I really loathe the outdoors, baby!
The bugs and sunshine hate me.
It gets worse once it starts pouring!
'Cause then the worms come crawling!

And all the creepy creeper's staring
make me want to start swearing.
Like "Look at what she's wearing."
Screw you, I'm just a little daring!

"Outdoors" is just another word for..
We're all gonna die in the..

Tabitha: Oh god.. so many people! Oh no.. oh goodness.. oh no no..

Kirsten: Your music is amazing. Here, have my firstborn as a sacrificial gift.

Tabitha: NO WAI! You guys get sacrificial babies!? WAY COOL!

Light: I have been promoted.. I'd now like to do some fishing, please.

But you need logic skills!
Jet *glare*
Light *glare*
Chess. It's serious business.

Jet: Ahem..
Mort: Oh.. what are you doing here.

Jet: I could be asking you the same thing. This is after all MY mother's grave.


Mort: We're all alone and such and such..
Jet: Heh.. so.. yeah.

Jet: I like you, Mortimer. You must know you're handsome. I don't know if I can trust you again but.. something within me wants to..

Jet: ..kiss you.

Coke: That chair is empty.. Light used to sit there.
Cloud *hides behind lamp*

And then I remembered that Leroy was writing a book named Chim-Chim-Cheree Vol.1 I'm doing one every generation.

Jet: That kiss last night was.. nice.
Mort: Yes..

Light: What you starin' at?
Cloud: I just saw mum and dad go into your bedroom.. alone.

Cloud: Never mind. I can hear them fighting now.

Mort: WHAT is your PROBLEM with AMBITIOUS PEOPLE!? Seriously, Jet!

Ahw, look! The fish is Mimi's. She caught it! I found it in Leroy's inventory after she died. It was called Gleb.

Mr.Lefty: Listen to me, Jet, flirting with Mort is stupid!
Leroy: My daughter is so intelligent.

Jet: I don't believe Mr. Lefty! He's never right.

Mr. Righty: That's right. I am always right.
Jet: Yeah, I dunno..

Mr. Right: NO. You listen to me, girl!
Jet: Nuuuurg..


Not only is this an excellent shot. It's Snapshot number 1300.

Jet: Oh yeah. I'm good.

Cloud: Hey brother! I have decided on a lifetime wish! I want to become a cook! I will cook some seriously evil things! YEAH! but first..

Cloud: I must go work at the grocery store.

Cloud: Now that I wanna cook. Doing math homework seems less and less useful. Math is for GOOD people..

Cocaine: Ahw man, I totally wrote my name wrong!!
Cloud: Shut it, doing some important erasing work here.

Jet: I'm making your favourite, Spaghetti!!
Coke: I.. just finished eating..
Cloud: How come it's MY head that always ends up hidden behind the lamp?

Coke: My computer breaking makes me sad.
Yeah.. it makes everyone sad.

Light: What a beautiful day for proposing to Myf!

Light: Let's cut to the chase. Marry me?

Myf: Let's pretend the ring in my finger is the one you just put there.

Light: Oh yeah. I'm the man.

Coke: Welcome to our home!

Coke: So.. when you said "When we start dating", you really meant "I'll grow up before you, so you'll have to wait till YA to get your first kiss. NANANA."?

Tabi: I said I'd date you?

Tabi: Err... I dunno about that.

Coke: I'll bring you the moon!!

Tabi: the moon?
Coke: Yeah.

Tabi: How about that space rock instead?

Coke: Well, it belongs to the family, so if you marry me, you can have it too!

Light: Wanna do a quickie wedding?

Myf: I don't see why not :)

Lovely.. mmmhm.

Gosh. I do love Myf.
I changed their name to Chimeree-Pistachio. I like it.

Myf's LTW is to be a AROCK STAR WHOOAHYEAH! So she works together with Jet!

Coke: So you're a vegetarian, that's nice. I like to grow vegetables myself.
Tabitha: Awesome!

Tabi: Look at the size of that tv! Maybe I WILL marry in :D

Jet: I'll call it.. "Reading Cocaine"

Myf: I'm in a good mood!
Mort: You're so darn lazy!

MyfL I like tv, okay?!
Mort: Whatev.

Myf: You're annoying. I don't see how anyone could be attracted to you. You keep insulting me!

Myf: Like an annoying fly!
Mort: Noooo..

Mort: Whoa, whoa, lady!

Minutes later..

Myf and Mort: AHAHAHAHA...

Also.. Myf helped Mort max his charisma! Yes.

Myf: OMIGOSH! I have a wedding ring and nobody else does!

Myf can't play for tips yet, but I let her play in park anyway. My sims don't go out much.. they should.

Here's a random pregnant sim wearing Francie's shirt.

Here's my simself's daughter Ashleigh, who she had with a random guy she didn't marry. Simself, you're a weird one. But I like the name.
My simself now has 3 daughters and she's never been married xD


Cloud: I wish I became a MASTER CHIEF CHEF!

Jet: I'm so proud of my boys!!

Light: I'm a cool cop!

Coke: Mm... sparkles!

Cloud looks very much the same..

Ah.. there we are! His very first cackle. I'm so proud.
Cloud rolled Commitment Issues.

Cocaine: I'm the heir? Really?
Not so unlucky after all, eh?

I changed Coke's hair.. do you fancy it? How about the piercings?
Well I fancy him plenty.
Cocaine had Schmoozer locked it.. apparently his grades weren't taken care of properly.
Cocaine: I got a B! MY LIFE IS OVER!

And now, say goodbye to the old house...

And say..

HEY driver! Look AHEAD.

Ahem.. and NOW..

Say hello to the NEW house.

We end with what I call "The introduction" of the heir.

Next time: Coke and Tabi? Babies?

Thank you and please come again!

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this update was really good. I like the new make-overs for Light and Cocaine.
Poor Cocaine is so misunderstood. I wonder if he only got a B in school because his teacher was punishing him for his controversial name.

Thanks :)
Hmm.. I really wonder! He went to school the same amount as Cloud and he was fine, so I don't get it.

Oh i loved this update loads! I loved the whole scene with the Plague song that left me in stitches! xD And i loved the bit 'Have my firstborn as a sacrificial gift' HAHA!

And aw Cociane he seems so innocent and cute and adorable and WOAH! HOT!!
But all three of the boys are gorgeous! Cloud looks like he was destined to be evil, i think Robin's sort of losing that now in my game lol.

And i must say i adore the new house! It looks lovely, and i can't wait to see Cocaine's and Tabitha's babies. If they're together of course. Veryyy exciting!

But yeah this was great Mariah! Really enjoyed it :D xx

Thank you :D I wanted to make the song longer but I couldn't think of anything.. so much for being creative.

I know. I think the people made the right choice. He is most unique-looking, not just the hair, too! AND he gets to have babies with a blue girl.. if all goes well. Heaven of genetic variety!
He was.. the eyebrows are even pointed down and the dark eyes and hair. He's perfect. I'm bad at thinking up evil things for him to do though. I'd be struggling if he was heir.

I'm loving the new house so far too, haven't finished furnishing it yet though, just the essentials.

It was really good! I would never attempt to make a song up lol would NOT work for me.

Can't wait to see them, they'll be gorgeous i'm sure!

Yeah i'm getting to that point with Robin, she says so evil things every once in a while but she has turned into quite a 'mumsy' type now, she'll be hopefully having grandkids soon too, so i'll be concentrating on them more than her in ways. I don't mean that to sound horrible but it's true.


I LOVE Cocaine! He's hilarious!!! He reminds me a bit of Tobias with the hairstyle and the piercings...

Make overs are great!

It's worsiedog, love all the new make overs you have done. Mort is a cad, but I can see why Jet can't resist kissing him.

The evil kekkle shot with Cloud is so super awesome! I think Cloud is gorgeous, but I voted for Cocaine because I love his 'lost little boy' innocence.

Myf looks alot like Jennifer Tilly or her sister Meg for that matter.

Don't really like Tabitha.. lol.. money grabbing hussie.

Re: Make overs are great!

That's how I wanted to portray him(Cocaine)! I wanted him to be this innocent thing. He hasn't been out much, so he has no real experience with.. anything, really. I feel like he hasn't been tainted by the world and I love that about him.

Huh, really? Fascinating!

Haha, actually I think Tabi is harmless, she's just a couch-potato.. so she can appreciate and nice tv xD But who knows.

Thanks for reading :)

I just have to say you take really fantastic pictures!

Thanks :D I've had a lot of practice over the years.

Oh my holy wow, I've fallen in love with Cocaine. I don't care what the game thinks, he grew up well as far as I can see <3 .. also, my reCAPTCHA's first word was hopelessness. Lawls.

Literally EVERYONE loves Cocaine Chimeree, including me, he's just the sweetest thing! :)

Cocaine's Lifetime Wish

Hi Mariah. Can you tell me Cocaine's Lifetime Wish please???
Thanks and Cocaine is still the best Chimeree there is... i've read your legacy like 4 or 5 times and I still enjoy reading it!

Re: Cocaine's Lifetime Wish

Oh sweet plumbob above.. it's been two years. I really don't remember? I imagine it could have been professional author since he was a writer ever since he was small. I'm really sorry. it has been ages .___.
I'm so glad you like it :) the Chimerees are still my favourite of all my legacies so far.

Woot, YA Cocaine. If only they could stay that pretty forever. Oh wait...

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