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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Tortured Souls: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 2.2 - White
Here's an update.
A long one. With a slightly depressing title.

110 Pictures This Time!

Little Cocaine has finished writing his first Sci-Fi novel.. at age 7. Next we will take the world.
Cocaine: Maybe not the world, but I'd like to become a professional author.
Yes yes.. I see it now! Cocaine Chimeree, award winning novelist! Very good.

Speaking of award winning, Light's pond is not.. yet. But he already has it stocked with goldfish and minnows, not bad.

And he has a bug, a butterfly and an outstanding goldfish Meryl.

Jet: Let me play you this song I wrote for you, my love.

Mortimer: I am untouched..

Mort: Although on second thought it does sound very appealing to my ears!

I think we can say they've well and truly made up now.

Mort: I love you so very much Jet.

Mort: I should get you a diamond, I think!
Jet: Yes yes..sounds expensive, I like it.

Jet: Although I'd much prefer something more practical.. like a rocket-ship!
Mort: For an insane sim, you're very rational, love.

Cocaine: He freaks me out.
He's spent too much time in a closed room with paint fumes.

I noticed one day that Light, unlike his brothers went to school by bike. He does enjoy the outdoors!
Or maybe he just doesn't like his brothers.

Everything's back to normal.

Yes. Right.. let us carry on..

Cocaine: School scares me.. so many people.. walls are closing in... help!


Cocaine: Oh a playground, this ought to be fun, twin brother of mine!

Cocaine: I see myself in the future, cute and short, writing stories on my computer for people to read!
Uh, that's me, hi!


Well hello there! This is Vienna and Clark's first daughter Tabitha!
Anyway, she's gorgeous and I want her in my legacy.

Cocaine: I don't think this will be any more fun than--


Light: hey Myf, wanna hook up after school tomorrow? Yeah I'm growing up in the morning. So see you then? Awesome.

Wow, Mortimer. Your 8-year-old can do better than this.

Cocaine: Mother was right! Mother was riiiight!

Cocaine: And then mum and dad HATED each other's guts!!

Cocaine: But they still LOVE each other..

Clearly his parents' near-divorce affected Cocaine.
This kid will have serious social issues when he grows up.

Cloud: Light and Myf, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-N-G.

Light: Well, brother, hopefully you're right.. tomorrow.

Light: I wish I will catch all the best fish.. metaphorically! Hehehe..

Leroy: AAAAA


Leroy: UUU..

Leroy: Excuse me.. now, where's my grandson!?

Fishing of course!

And boy is he gonna catch some good fish.
He rolled Charismatic, tell us something we don't know.
He's now a Charismatic, Brave Light-Sleeper who Loves the Outdoors.

Wow, Jet. Wow. Nice job.

Light: I hope she remembers our agreement.

Myf: Hey,you made it ;)

Myf: I can't believe he finally made it here right when my little sister got home from school. Bad timing is a bad sign.

Light: So, you grew up nice.

Myf: Yeah, s'ppose so.

Cocaine.. the puddle's BEHIND you.
Cocaine: I knew I was doing something wrong.

Light: Shut up! We're both brave! Way cool!

Myf: Okay here's the rules.. no kissing till our 5th date and NO touching boobs!
Light: I don't like rules..

Light: I can break a few rules, cos I'm pretty, though, right?

Then they had a deep conversation about the outdoors.

It seemed to mellow little-miss-mean-spirited down a little.

Then I go check on the others for a while and when I return she's SHOUTING at him.
Myf: You're such a WHITE BIGFOOT.
Light: Time of the month much?

Light: I'm not a bigfoot, these shoes were on SALE and they didn't have a smaller size, OKAY?

Oh look it's Ethan Bunch, who I considered marrying Jet to.
Mort: You what?

Mort: That's intimidating as hell!!

Remember Mortimer's stick-figure painting from earlier in the update?
..at least his son uses colours! In true rainbow fashion!

Mimi: I think we need something to put the spark back in our marriage.. so I was thinking maybe we could..

Leroy: Oh, that's brilliant, love!

Leroy: BLEEEE!

Leroy Light: Let's see.. my childhood sweetheart is a no-go.. who else do I have on my list?

I left my typo for you to be amused by.. they don't even look alike!

Light: Tally-ho, Tabitha!
Tabitha: Right. So you said you were having trouble with math?
Light: Hehe.. yes.

Cocaine finished his second novel.. age.. 10?

Someone found the sprinkler!

Light: What do you mean you don't wanna go inside?
Tabitha: There's more than 3 people in the room.. way too much. People freak me out.
Light: Ah.. a loner.

Cloud's improved a lot since his last painting!

Meanwhile Leroy has decided to have an age transition!

Leroy: Well then, tea time, I say!

Light: I'm gonna to kill you.
Tabitha: EEK.

Best picture EVER.
Best picture ever SO FAR.

Light: So how does it feel to be 10 years old and having just written your first best-seller?
Cocaine: Huh?

Cocaine: Oh yeah I forgot about that! I guess it's a pretty fine start to my career!

Light: Booya. I found a diamond. One day I will give it to my partner, whoever it shall be.

Cocaine: Let's build a HOSPITAL out of these building-blocks!
Cloud: Red will be the cross!!

Light: This brother of mine is TOO HAPPY.
Cloud: :D

Sorry for the walls down, couldn't get a decent picture from the other side.
I REALLY need to start dressing these sims up for their birthdays.

Cocaine: I wish to write many best-sellers!

Cloud: Let's see.. what should I wish for...


Leroy: Maybe now nobody will notice that I soiled myself :)

Light, our brave sim starts extinguishing the flame immediately.

And Cocaine calls the fire-depo.
Cloud: You guys?

Cloud: I'm growing up! You guys?!

Cloud: You totally just missed my hotification, family!
Cloud rolled Evil, which makes me let him keep this hair.
He is now an Evil, Excitable and Ambitious Artist.

Too late, lady. Light was done with the fire before we even heard the sirens.

Leroy: Yeah the fire was at our house, it's okay now, I'm gonna watch my grandson grow up!

Jet: Yeah and Cloud and Cocaine just grew-- hold on I've gotta call you back, my husband's flirting with my mother again.

Jet: Sigh. I don't want to do this but..

Mort: Whut?
Jet: YOU had your CHANCE and you blew it.

Jet: Consider yourself DI-VORCED!
Mort: Oops..

Mort: Oh what have I done?

Jet: Yeah I see what you're selling and I ain't buying it. No crying on my shoulder this time.

Mort: I'm so ashamed.
Jet: Eh..

Jet: So how did growing up go for you?
Cloud: How did breaking your marriage work?
Jet: Excuse me? He cheated on ME..

Jet: Maybe Lefty was right?

Jet: What am I saying? Lefty is never right! BLLEEEEEH!

Jet: I guess I'm off to pour my emotions on painting, like my son.

Jet: Is he just like, sitting there? Is he gonna move out, or what?

Oh look.. it's Cocaine!
he has this tortured artist look on his face at all times. That's his neutral look.
He rolled Green Thumb.
Cocaine is now an Un-Lucky, Absent-Minded, Green Thumb who likes to be Alone.

Food makes him happy.

Cocaine: This plate is empty.. like my soul.
You're white generation!
Cocaine: I might wear white, but my soul is black.. like the emptiness.

Cocaine: well. Capitol, capitol! Shall we flip on the laptop and write another novel?

Cocaine: Are you SURE X=2? Because last time it was 10 and the teacher got really mad at me.
Mimi: Not ALL X=2. It depends on the equation you're given in the beginning of that specific exercise.
Cocaine: X can equal different things!? D:

Cloud: He might not know what X=, but I know the root of all evil!

Jet... wow.
I called it: Aphrodite Randolph is Surrounded by Idiots.
Check out the Randolph ISBI :D

Jet: They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious!
Mort: She covers that Muse song so well.. it makes me sad.

Mort: Why did you stay up past your curfew fishing behind the science facility again!?

Light: Chillax, EX-dad. I'm tired and I'm going to bed now.
Mort: What?

Mort: I don't appreciate that tone young man. Leave my sight.

I don't have the heart to move him out.. yet.. and so I split Jet's bedroom in two.

Next time: More awesome from the White kids? Yeah, most probably!

Happy simming everyone!
Edit: I just edited this like 10 times for typos etc.! I think that's a new record for me.

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Hey! Great update!
This generations kids are awesome!
You are really good at decorating the house and i t make me jealous :L
I love all the kids hair, are they from another asian site?
Im sorta glad about Jet and Morty!
Sad for Jet, but Morty was getting too annoying with Mimi!
Great update and cant wait for more!!

Thanks :D
I really enjoy decorating. Once I'm past white I think it will be even more enjoyable. Mm colours!
The hair on Cocaine is from the same site as Light's, it was you I gave that link to, right? I have a horrible memory. And Cloud's hair is EA of course.

No problem :)
Haha yeah it looks awesome!
I think its really cool where you keep their natural hair colour but put thier theme colour in aswell! It looks fantastic!
Oh cool, i'll have a look :) Yeah it was me :D
Great Job!

Yup i do that for the Pokèmaster legacy too. Arcy and Reshi (short for Arceus and Reshiram of course) had pure white hair, and Arcy's kid with Togekiss (AKA Erin Kennedy) inherited Arcy's hair (her name was Yveltal) and i changed it to pure red. Her cousin Latias, fathered by Geoffrey "Pellipper" Knack-Landgraab, has the same hair as Geoffikins\Pelly. I kinda want that hair color to reach the Green generation. AKA Latias & Yvey's great-grandkids.

xD Who WOULDN'T buy a book written by someone called Cocaine? xD
xD Go on, Cocaine! Looks like SOMEONE understands the dysfunctional family! xD Poor kid!
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Look at Light :o I'd say he's possibly even better looking that Leroy! He's GORGEOUS!
xD The bigfoot conversation is so funny! xD Wow... These two NEED to be a couple!
That IS weird! Leroy and Light... O.o
TS2 is so much easier - with the sim blender, you cna just make then all wear csual at the same time. I want sim blender for TS3 D:
Wow... cloud CHANGED! O_o
Hmm. Not bad, Cocaine, not bad! But LOL at his face. Wait, I don't mena it in a BAD way! D:

Oh.. well yeah, that's true. I didn't think about that xD
I think he will write some rather interesting novels with all this drama going on in his family life.
I told you so! He's really handsome.
The bigfoot thing was something that just popped up in my head. I was gonna do something else but I really liked that idea xD
I love Cocaine's face, it's very unique!

Those boys are all gorgeous! Good, good genes! :D
Loved this update, was getting a little worried not heard from you for a little while =O
Wow and who do you think you'll choose for heir? Tough descision! ...


Haha.. yeah, I hadn't played the game for so long I had to actually run the game when I was writing this because I couldn't remember their traits. That doesn't really say much though, since my memory is so horrible.
Yeah I have no idea.. it's gonna be tough.

I've never been into legacy stories until i cam across these guys... absolute love... can't wait to see more from this generation the "White" kids are awesome ^_^. That statement isn't strange AT ALL.

Haha, I'm so into sims I didn't get what you meant at first xD I don't even think about things like that, oops!
I'm glad you enjoy the stories so far and hope you continue to do so! :)

Is it just me or does cocaine look a lot like mimi?

Now that you mention it.. huh.. yeah I think he does! Fascinating!

LOL *sigh* Leeroy is my fav fav of fav's... though cloud is sort of yummie.

I am glad that Jet ditched Mort.. the cheating dork.. I mean of all things... one's mother-in-law, I ASK YOU!


BTW, this is worsiedog, I do not have this live journal Id whats-its-mee-bloop ID

Ah, okay :D glad to see you here :)

Mm.. Leroy was such a cutie when he was young. He's grown into a very solid gentleman.


I'm totally loving this legacy, having just started reading it! Mmm, Light is beautifull, but I'm not too keen on the blue lady!


Light is SO bloody attractive! Him and Leroy are the hottest Sims I've ever seen in a legacy... How do you do it? No matter how hard I try, my sims are always generic looking or ugly! Do you download some extra mods of some sort to make them more attractive? Or is it just standard EA stuff?

As far as I know, it's standard EA. I haven't got any mods that effect genetics.


I reread your legacy just because I love it... if it's just standard EA, how is it that your Sims look so different from mine?!?! What settings do you play your game on? http://i1208.photobucket.com/albums/cc365/imma-peachtart/Screenshot-15.jpg Mine look like that!

Your sims look great! Mine just look different cause I have default replacement skins.
My sim & object and texture detail settings are all highest possible. I refuse to go lower than that on those specific settings.

Might I ask?

Heey, can i ask where you get that rainbow pattern from? Im in love with it, and would like to use it in one of my sims houses <3

I do have a resources post :)

Late & random, but I just wanted to say I LOVEEEE your legacy so far, it's hilarious and awesome! (And might I say, Light grew up verrryyy well!)

New readers are always welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy it ^^

The picture of Light telling Cloud he's too happy almost made me pee my pants I was laughing so hard my goodness!

Pictures and Love

I'm super late! This is the second time I've read this legacy and I love it so much! I've been inspired to write my own legacy. I haven't posted it yet because I'm lazy, but I'm working on it! I've looked on your resources page and couldn't find it, but do you have some type of painting mod or something to get better paintings? Mine are mostly blah. Thanks :)

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