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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Love is Hard: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 2.1 - White
Guess what time it is? :D

92 Pictures Under the Cut

Mimi: Why hello, boss, I'm entering retirement. Yesss!
Leroy is your boss... and he's right there.. ah well.

Cocaine: ZzzZZzz

Mort: Why is he touching my baby?
It's his grandchild and honestly with 3 toddlers I think we need the help.

Cocaine: TOES! I luv toes.
Ahw, cute toddler.

Cocaine: LET. ME. OOOOOUT!
Not so cute..

Mort: I want to sleep but my children are noisy!!

Leroy: That's not what I asked you to say but YAY!

Leroy: Why couldn't he say what I asked him to!?
You asked him to say "corporate slave"
Leroy: So?

Jet: A song, for me?



Jet: You look upset, why darling?

Mort: Well you're insane and sometimes you come and argue with me out of nowhere, It's embarrassing!

Jet: But.. I love you?
Mort: Ahww.. oh well then it's okay.

Time for Light's birthday! YAY!!


She's the one who named her son Cocaine. I think we know why, now.

As you can see, birthdays aren't all too special in the Chimeree house. Everyone's in their PJs.. except of course.. Jet.

Ooo.. he's going to be very handsome I can tell.
Striking dark orange/red eyes.. they will captivate many young women for sure.
Light: That's nice.. can I go fishing now?

Mort: I want to hold THAT baby!
Jet: Nanananana!!

Leroy: HI AGNES!
Agnes: I miss Chad...

Agnes: Oh my goodness it's Leroy Chimeree!!
Leroy: Here's an autograph for you, little lady.

Agnes: Oh this is so exciting!

LOOK annaf94 it's your husband-in-my-game, Jake! He's all old and grey now.
Jake: My wife will love me for getting this for her!

Jake: Gosh, I wish I was given a makeover, I look sort of silly!

Quite a crowd gathered for Leroy's signing session.
Townie-on-the-right: Booo! I'm stuck in this other townie!!

Jet: This painting I just finished painting reminds me of how awesome I am.

Light: *sigh* what a lovely day for fishing!

Light: I am pretty!

Gosh.. he really is. this lighting shows it so well.

Light: Oh look!! A water beetle!!

Ahw, his flip-flop is stuck in the sand, how cute!

Light: my parents don't have an imagination so they made my PJs match my bedsheets.

uh.. yeah. it was your parents! *shifty eyes*

Mimi: Even grandkids know we're awesome at parenting.

Light loves fishing and it was way too late for him to be out alone, so Leroy often went with him to keep an eye out for the fella.

Jet: Uuuu.. it's a painting of me, that I painted! Uuu..

Jet: Walk, my precious!

Mort and Mimi *flirt*
Jet: Ohnoyoudidn't!

Jet: WTFBBQ?!?!

Mort: I'm sorry, bb. I didn't realize you were right here!

Mort: I'm a little flirty, you know, I would've flirted with you had I seen you sitting there.

Jet: Oh I see. Well then carry on.

Light: SHUT UP. I have school TO-MORROW!

Jet met her brother outside of the restaurant and two townies got in a fight.

Cloud: And and my brother is silly and and he has purple hair and and I am cute.

That night Jet grew older. She's now an adult.

An adult who can proudly say she has 3 most adorable sons.

Light was doing rather well in school, he had made a couple of friends and with grandma's help his grades were high.

Jet has started working on her guitar skill. She still has one more cooking skill to go, but it's never too early to start learning more.

Light got his own room finally, after the toddlers waking him up one too many times at a school night.

So I forgot to paint the walls white here, but this is the room.
He also has a pond, right outside, so he can fish.

This is what the living-room looks like at all times.

Cocaine: How you doin'?


Mort: I wanted to feed THAT baby!

Nice house, eh?

Like I mentioned Light has a number of friends. One of which is Myf Pistachio-Sekemoto. She is ADORABLE. I'd love her genes.
Her name is Myf! I love my silly names hack.

Myf: Why's this boy in my house?
Light: *looks smug*


Light: Oh, I like Goopy Carbonara

Mort and Mimi *hold hands*

Mimi: If I wasn't married I wouldn't have to cheat of my husband with you right now.

Mimi: I'm outta here.
Mort: Hey, your mum is kinda hot!

Jet: That's so not what I was expecting for you to say!

Mort: Don't be angry, bb!

Mort: I can see you're upset..

Mort: oh snap.

Mort: I'm sorry, give me one more chance.. pleeeeease?

Jet: Ahw, poor baby..

Jet: One more chance, kay?

Mort: Thanks, you make me happy..

Jet: I wonder if he heard our fighting outside..
Light: I'm outta here!

Jet: I do not want to sleep next to my husband who I almost divorced!

So she went to read and got this. YES Two down one to go!!

Surprisingly, Leroy and Mimi's relationship has not been damaged at all!

Mort: She broke my heart!!
You jerk! YOU cheated on HER and you're heartbroken when she wants to break it off?
Be happy you're a schmoozer and have that smooth recovery thing.

Mimi: I want to flirt with my husband but he's at the computer!
Hey.. I can relate to that xD


Mort: WAAAAH! Think of the children!!
Jet: I am..

Mort: Ew, don't hug me, can't you see I'm in a bad mood?
Jet: What?.. I thought I was the one with the insane trait.
Mort: I am not ready for that kind of commitment!

Mort: WAAAH, father-in-law's random employee, you understand my pain!
Monica: A man, crying on my shoulder!? What's going on!?

Light enjoys fishing.. I'm hoping he can catch enough to stock his pond :D

Mort: WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HUG ME ALL THE TIME!? You don't understand my PAIN.
Jet: Oh my goodness..

And so she spent the evening with her parents instead.

Jet: Look, our babies are growing up :D
Mort: You broke my heart...

Mort: GOSH I am starving..
Couldn't you wait till you can eat the cake in 1 minute?

This is Cloud. He has his dad's eyes for sure.
Cloud is artistic, excitable and now ambitious!

Cocaine: Uh-oh..

Cocaine: OOOF!
You know, the last person that happened to was named heiress.

Cocaine: I don't wanna be heiress.
Well you would be heir, not heiress.
Cocaine: This deeply troubles me.
Cocaine is absent-minded a loner and now un-lucky

Cocaine: Why is this computer screen folded down? I don't understand!

Cloud: So Light tells me you and mum almost broke up. I'm glad you're working it out!
Mort: Light told you WHAT?

Cocaine: Wait.. backtrack.. did I brush my teeth yet? I practised writing.. then ate dinner.. then.. no wait.. no.. I don't know.

After a couple of days of Jet sleeping in an extra bed I put in her parents room, the couple agrees to start working on improving their relationship.

Next time: More about the children! We need to focus on the children!


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Awe the kids are adorable! *Jealous Glare* How are you going to choose Heir?!
And wow Mimi and Mort were being slightly inappropriate :s

I'm glad Mort and Jet are working things out though :)


I still have time to get to know them all and choose who I like best :D It'll be tough though.

xD at the attempt to teach a kid to talk! <3 Leroy!
Wooooooooooooow... look at Light! Them [older] Chimeree guys have a serious contender!
xD Jake DOES look silly! Probably why I love him. Thanks for the autograph! Although I have already got one :P
"Jet: Walk, my precious!" Gollum! xD
Teehee, way to save yourself, Morty!
They're constantly fighting over which kid xP EWell, not really fighting, but still. You shouldn't have favourites!
Aww, I'm glad they're gonna try again. They're such a funny couple!
Coke's my favourite, by far. But man do I love Light's hair!

Mhm, I do like Light. I hope he won't be too traditionally pretty, though.
I really will give him a makeover once I get in-game again. I think you just had a baby together.. or got pregnant.. one or the other. I'll go see if you have any other kids while I'm at it :D
They're lovely. I love 'em.
I got the link to Light's hair in the boolprop thread if you want :D it fit him well. I could not just slap some normal hair on him xD

Yup, you have a son called Erik. A very normal name next to some others I have in my hoods. He's still a baby.

Aww :)At least it's not a really crazy name!
I think Light's quite a good blend between Jet and Mort, but he isn't as unique looking as the twins, since he doesn't have THE NOSE. But he's still cute <3
I haven't been in a simming mood, but if I am soon, I'll download it. I'm having a lazy week or two =P

I'm gonna go see what he looks like once I get a message that he has grown up :)
Light's teen now and he's looking really cute. He has a long slim face like Mort(so unlike Leroy and Jet). He's very handsome :D His eyes really do give him more character too though.

Light is definitely my favorite. He looks like he walked right out of a Final Fantasy game lol

Light was my second favourite :)

Darn, I need to re-read my legacy. I miss these old days :D I LOVE Jet.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the story still in progress :)

Man.. Jet sure is the sim I've seen with most personality :P
And I love the random rainbows everywhere! Is it a custom pattern?

Jet is STILL my favourite sim in my legacy so far(next to her son Coke). I adored her.

Yeah it is. It's the only rainbow pattern on Mod the sims. Just type in rainbow and click on patterns, it's the only one :) I love it!

Oh man, Coke makes the best faces. And the captions are pretty awesome too. Also, Morty's pouty-face is soo cute! Almost makes me want to play SV and the Goths again.

Hi mariah!

i just started to read al gens for the second time, and i was so happy when i saw cocaine again! he's been a sim in my game for years now and i really love him, i did the same you did give him ambrosia and all so he stays alive!

i think im gonna make him in sims 4 as well, since i mostly play that now.

btw, im dutch too. :D

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