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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Something Borrowed, Something New - My Resources
I've decided to get me new Skin Defaults and since I've admired the really nice skins on the Obsessions, I decided to go and check out Lyran.net where Lucy gets her skins from.
So I did and I snatched me the default skins.
I also got new default eyebrows, I had ones from Helaene, that I made default myself, but I need a change.
As well as *gasp* new names!! For the lulz :P

And then I thought.. why not list my resources :D
So here's the list of my defaults:

I have way too much clothes and hair to mention, however, I get most of my stuff from MTS2, Maxis Dreams. Most hair from Peggy, Rose and Raon.

I'll add more later if something comes to mind.

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Quick question. XD I have Sims 2, and all my Sims look boring a dull and stuff, I think I'm going to download some Custom Content. So all of this is safe right? No lagging or problems?

It must be safe, I used to use these for ages.
If you get too much CC it gets laggy, but I don't have much listed here so they shouldn't cause a problem :)

Okay thanks! I don't know much about that kinda stuff so I wanted to be careful. XD Anyways thanks. :) No more boring Sims! EA's stuff is just so... meh, bland.

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