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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Typical: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 1.4 - Black
Welcome back!


Jet: What you looking at blue-girl?
Blue-girl then got up and left. Jet has influence.

Jet: WHY am I at the POOL?! I HATE the OUTDOORS!
You crazy sim, you need some fresh air.
Jet: That's what we have windows for!
Yeah.. but you insist on keeping them closed!

Jet loves her swimwear.. and yet when it's time to swim, she uses her athletic clothes.
Jet: Swimming IS athletic.
Can't disagree with you there.

Jet: HI MUM!
Mimi *stares blankly into the distance*
Jet: Is that, like, her signature look?
I think so.

Portrait painting time!!

Oh look! No more skill bar! That means Jet finished her first skill!
Two more to go, since she wants 3 maxed skills!

All my paintings come out dark. I am not amused. But it looks good otherwise.

Tar: Yes?
We have tons of leftovers and you are starving.. yet you decide to make your own food?
Tar: I am independent!

Tar: :(
We all saw this coming Tar.

Leroy: My son is such a loser, he burned the waffles!

Remember angry mail lady from the last update?
She quit! This lady came to replace her. And she's cute!

Besides doing blank stares, Mimi checks herself out AT LEAST TWICE EVERY DAY.
Mimi: You do it too.
That is beside the point.

She also uses Jet's room for that.

Jet: We're dating. We make out all the time and yet here's a cool-polite handshake for you as I invite you indoors.
Mortimer: How very polite of you indeed, girlfriend.

Mort: Don't tell me she's pregnant already *stare*

LOOK! His eyelashes go into his eye-socket! UNACCEPTABLE.
I give myself the liberty to give him minor surgery.

I only lifted it as little as possible and it looks so much better.

Mort: EW~! No hugging till we're married.
Jet: Uhm.. what?

Jet: Turn that frown upside down, love.

Mort: No. I've had like so much work lately.. all this stress.

Jet: But.. a hug would cheer you up!

Mort: Okay.. maybe just a little..


Jet: A little guitar music will cheer you up!

Tar: I'm tired.. can I just go straight to my room and think of what I've done as I sleep?

Despite his bad mood, he stayed the night.. they just slept, is all. I didn't want to risk their relationship just to get Jet laid xD

Mimi: I am SO HUNGRY.
Mort: You're funny.

Mimi: Wanna have a party in my pants?
I forgot Mimi was flirty.

After a night of sleep Mortimer is feeling much better.

Jet: You make me think of yellow smiley faces.

Jet: It also make me think of giving you a lens-flare ring. How 'bout it?

Jet: Yay, I now get a hug!

Leroy: I can't believe she went for that wimp. He needs more muscle!
Mimi: Be quiet, they haven't told us they're getting married yet.
Jet: And I want golden bells and ribbons and yellow smiley faces!

Jet: me and my boyfriend Mortimer have decided to get married!
Leroy: OH! REALLY?

Leroy: Congratulations! He's a fine man for you.

!!Time for presentation shots!!

They two strange sims. Love em.

Ahw, they already look like an old married couple. How sweet.


Jet: Damn you Mr.Lefty! Damn you to hell!

Tar: How about one last sammitch before I grow up?

Mimi: YAY! I can take over his garden once he leaves!!

Ler---TAR rolled Charismatic as his last trait!
Jet: Hmph.

I give him a new haircut so I won't be mixing him up with Leroy for sure!

Jet finishes work on his fiancé's portrait. Best so far!
Jet: He deserves the bestest.

I call the wedding party over and..
annaf94 : What's with the swimsuit?
Jet: I like planes.

Dancing with the wrong twin there, Tar. Joelle is by the window.
Mimi *does her signature blank stare*

If Jet wants to get married in her swimsuit who am I to tell her she's wrong.

It was a beautiful little ceremony and everyone had a good time watching it, except Tar, he was too busy being bothered by--

Joelle: Omg, no..
Tar: What?

Joelle: I'm evil, what can I say?

annaf94 : I like the party, but the music sucks.
Jet: That's my husband playing the guitar.
annaf94 : Oh.
Jet: It's okay, he makes my ears bleed too.

Everyone was having a good time, chatting with people.
Everyone, that is, except MALCOLM.. IN THE MIDDLE.

Jet: We're both artistic! So is Mort! We're gonna be such good friends!

Joelle decided to scare people, namely poor Mimi.

Bella: Way to rub it in my face, you guys.

AHWWW those two.

As the party ended, Tar moved out. I have since received news that he got married to Joelle after she moved in with him.
Guess she changed her mind :)

No this is not the same shot as the one earlier, that's really what they do most of the time.


Leroy: Poor Chad died this way..
Yes he did. And we miss him.

Mort: You know.. both your parents are at work right now *wiggles eyebrows*
Jet: Oh!

10 minutes later.



Mort: How embarrassing!
Jet: Tell me about it.
Mort: Anyhow.. I was saying, we don't need to have kids so soon yet, since you're so young.
Jet: YAY!

Jet and Mort *do the loving stare*

Jet: How can you not like pop music!?
Mort: I'm supposed to portray an old guy from the previous game.
Jet: But I WASN'T In the previous game!

HotLegacyFounder17: LOL. My daughter is totally in the other room DOING IT with her husband!

Nice work, Leroy, now there will not be a paradox :)

And then I noticed there's no wedding ring.
I was annoyed and changed it.

Mort: I'm so glad I married you! You make me happy.

Jet: Well, yeah, you got a sweet deal. I had to marry you. You used to look like a Picasso piece.


Mort: You're so sweet to me.

I got new eyes. I don't really like small irises and pupils.
I like my sims with big eyes, however.. I think I like these.

Leroy has been working on handy things and now he's changing the doorbell.. Can't you just.. buy one from the store and install it? Why the banging?

The small eyes make Mimi's creepy stare even creepier.

Mort: YOU'RE PREGNANT?! I thought we had a plan!!

Jet: Oops.

Mort: I'm gonna be a father?

New living-room! Doesn't it look great?

I have NO IDEA what that is.. but it's a masterpiece.

Mort: I am not amused by this situation.

Mort: Who's daddy's little baby? Who is? Who is? YOU ARE YESYOUARE!
Bi-polar or just a liar?

Mort was going stir-crazy so I sent him and his wife on a romantic dinner downtown.

Oh that is not suspicious AT ALL, you two.
annaf94 : I don't know what you're talking about.

annaf94 : I had a GREAT TIME!

Mort: I love you so much and I noticed your back hurts.
Jet: That's nice. Wait are you just doing this because you have a wish to massage me?
Mort: No *shifty eyes*

He is sort of handsome.

They're sort of a beautiful couple.

When they got home they found out Mimi had gained elder status!
Isn't she the CUTEST!? AHW..

Mort rolled a want to read the pregnancy book TWICE. I guess he wanted to make sure xD
He's been generally sweet towards Jet and her pregnant belly.

What a lovely family :)

Mort: OH MAN!
Mimi: What's going on?



You have killer timing.

Mort: Hey ya, buddy!
annaf94 : what's going on chief?
Mort: My wife's giving birth to my baby inside, wanna come help or just watch?
annaf94 : I don't see why... not.

Jet: But I don't want an audience!

Mimi: When I gave birth to your brother, Vienna Apple was watching. It's only fair.

Mort: Hmm..

Mort: So I read this book recently and it SUCKED!

Mort: OH HEY! It's my birthday to adult!

Mort: YAY!

Jet: OF COURSE they take away my spotlight!
YOU said you didn't want an audience.

Oh.. I don't know if you want to sit there at that moment.

Mort: Hey pa, yeah I just grew up.
Mort: Sorry, that's just my wife, giving birth.
Jet: *gasp-gasp-gasp*
Mort: Yeah, you're gonna be a grandpa.

annaf94 : And then all these zombies are in my neighbourhood, right? And they're fighting and making more zombies, it's crazy stuff.
Mort: wow, is that so?

Jet: You've got a son, Morty!!

xD most amusing labour time EVER.

NOBODY is paying ANY attention to the new mother OR her baby.

You might be asking where Leroy Chimeree was this whole time.

He was upgrading the dishwasher. Because that is SO much more important than his daughter giving birth to his grandchild.

The boy was named Light.
Yes I just went there.
Jet: But you haven't even finished watching that anime!
Shut it. His name is Light.
He is brave and loves the outdoors.
He also likes the colour Spiceberry, Classical music and goopy carbonara.

YES his crib has apples on it.
I decorated it before I decided on the name.
Just saying.

Mort: There is TOO MUCH LIGHT in here!
Really now?
Whiny baby.

Eventually everyone got around to seeing Light and everyone loved him.

So it seems.

Sorry for the long chapter xD I didn't feel like having 2x60-picture chapters.



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Yaaaaay :D
Woow! One skill down :D Go Jet!
Ooh, bipolar Mortimer isn't good D: Grr!
"Mimi: Wanna have a party in my pants? " xDDDDDDD To your future son in law, too :O
NOOOOOO! Mortimer's flirty D: Let's just hope for the best :/
Wow... Tar DOES look like Leroy! <3 TOBYNOSE TOBYNOSE!

Yay! Legacy wedding :D And seriously, Jet is so random :D (fine, insane, then. Reminds me of Toby <3 again!)
xD am so glad that Jet doesn't like Mort's music, either.. that could be awkward xD
YAY! Tar and Joelle :D
Ooh... Leroy HAS to make it awkward! xD Best scene so far xD

"HotLegacyFounder17: LOL. My daughter is in the other room DOING IT with her husband!
PMSL now maybe THIS is my fave scene! And that explains a lot xD Well done, Leroy!
Hehehehe! xD I am in ur nhood, steelin ur hubby!
xD I'm awesome, so I have the see the next gen being born xD (No, not just an excuse to see Mortimer! xD)
xD I really pick the worst moments to do stuff, don't I? xD
I is also in ur house, steelin ur spotlite!
Wow, white's gonna be a big change from black :O

Next is cooking, she's had the wish to cook Mortimer's favourite food(French toast) FOREVER. And I have no idea how to make that.
Maybe she confused Mort with Leroy xD Oh god.. they're BOTH flirty, Mimi and Mort!

And we love for it, don't we :D
Not only that but he went there in their room without me making him. Just randomly. He has no shame.

Yes you is. I was surprised to see you and Mort are Good Friends, I've never seen you two talk and you spent the whole wedding party talking to Jet. I want family friends~!
I was glad to see you there(though random)! I didn't want you to be like a one time visitor at Leroy's autograph session.
Yes it is a huge change. But like I told scarletsimphony: "At least after that I can get to some REAL colours. No offence to black and white" :P
Thanks for reading :D

You have no idea how to make french toast in game, or IRL? xD
Yeah, it's SO easy to get Mort and Leroy mixed up xD I'd say she was seriously confused, if that was actually the case (pfft! Mortimer over Leroy? REALLY? xP)

Leroy! Mayyybe if he was flirty, it'd be kinda easier to understand, but really... xD

Yay :D It'd be kinda crazy being friends with Jet though, wouldn't it? With the insanity and all of that xD At least Mort seems somewhat normal compared to her.
Yeah, the other colours will be fun to see.. I'm especially looking forwards to the blue/green (don't know why), but either way, this should be fun :D But, wait... white highlights? xD

What the chimney IS french toast!? D: And in game.. no idea why but Jet hasn't got the recipe yet.. do you know when they get it?
Maybe Mimi was losing her vision already xD I don't know.. OR she just felt like flirting and Mort just HAPPENED to be around.

White highlights indeed!!! Turquoise is gonna be pretty(TOBIAS CHIMEREE) and the yellow-green too I think. And blue is always nice.

I think it's something like 6 or m7, but I'm not too sure =P And it's more or less just bread, covered with/soaked in beaten eggs, and then fried. It's really nice :D But it gets kinda sickly, quickly =P

Level 9!!! 9! How is it tougher to make than grilled salmon, someone tell me. Geeez! I finally got that wish fulfilled that I promised Jet before she even got married to Mort.

Level 9? Really? O.o But it's so easier, and yeah, definitely easier than Grilled Salmon :S EA are wierd. WEIRD!!!!

Someone at EA doesn't know how to cook and misinformed the others "No, trust me it's totally tough to make, guys, just put it to level 9. I burned my kitchen down the first time I made some!"

Mortimer really scrubs up well after a makeover!! I'm impressed lol!

Btw this update make me laugh alot! The birth scene was hilarious! xD

And wow Lights nursery is...bright!

Oh and i love your rainbow pattern! Did you get it from MTS? I'm downloading some lovely stuff from there atm. x

I know :D I bet their kids will look very handsome indeed.


As well it should be :)

Yup, here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=358190

Funniest chapter yet. Love the birthing scene.

Thanks! I don't think the ones to come can live up to this one xD They don't have a chance!

One of the most hilarious labors everXD I loved it!

That's what I thought too as it was going on xD


Awesome chapter as always, I was re-reading and I now understand Lights name. Death Note Rocks!

And I STILL haven't finished watching it. I'm way too absorbed in my games to WATCH things xD

I heart your legacy xD
But how'd you manage to give Mort plastic surgery? I didn't think that was possible in the sims 3 :O

Twallan's Super Computer(Google it). Master Controller > Advanced > Edit in CAS. Easy as that :)

I just started reading your legacy and I love it so far! (I have a lot of catching up to do tho!)
I like your writing style, it's kinda.. properly written if you know what I mean. You don't make all your sims write "OMG LOL NAB!" and make them "stupid". So it's very pleasant, interesting and amusing to read!

I loved the labour scene omg XD

Ahw thank you! My sims aren't stupid and appreciate proper grammar xD Except that time when Leroy was chatting online. There is no dignity on the internet!

I like making labour scenes more interesting than they should be :P

Changing the Maternity wear

How did you do that? I can't even seem to recolor mine, do you just make them go into CAS with master controller?

Re: Changing the Maternity wear

I go to the stylist option in master controller. Make sure you have the latest version if you're not able to.

LOL, that labour scene is the best. Mine are so boring, I usually go check on other sims... maybe I should put more in the same room and just watch them.

You are such a great decorator, I wish I could do as well as you did. I prefer building pretty houses than decorating them.

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