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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Liar, Liar!: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 1.3 - Black

Our opening today is the lovely Tar Chimeree, showing off his beautiful.. pink eyes. Ain't that something.

80 Pictures Under The Cut Again

Mimi: I'm so glad we have time to play chess together. Oh and Checkmate, bb.

Mimi: Oh my..

Guess who's her mother's daughter?
Wait is her hand going through the carpet?

Insane sims see rainbows differently as you can see. I made her paint the flag on the wall.

In the meantime, Tar gets his own little garden, with a door leading to it in his own room.
Tar: Now I can enjoy solitude AND gardening AND the great outdoors at the same time!

Tar: You're insane!!
Jet: Yeah, so?

Jet: Talk to mister Righty, because I ain't listening.


Tar: Oh yeah?! BRING IT, SIS!

Jet delivers!

The parents live in blissful ignorance. They're constantly autonomously flirting and kissing. It's sweet.

I love the way she holds the cup!

Tar: Oh hi. Looks like my sister invited you and then crashed after the coffee wore off.
Joelle: WHUT?
Tar: Well on come in.

Tar: Good thing we have plenty a vase, because I'd like to pick up a flower like you.

Joelle: Well, that was kinda cute. I don't see why your sister dislikes you so.

Joelle: Unfortunately she's my BFF and I have to respect her dislike of you.

Tar: WAAAAA! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! That's why I never flirted with girls before...
Joelle: Oh my..

The next day Tar went home with JoAnna and they did homework together.

Joelle: Oh I see what you're doing there.


Meanwhile Leroy holds an autograph session~!
Not many people were there. Only like.. 6.
Among whom:

Leroy: Oh yeah? Did you see the last game?
Bella: Game? I mean the legacy, not your stupid sports career.
Leroy: Oh I C.

annaf94: Oh! I voted for You!!
Leroy: Well, then I'll write some hearts for you <3 <3 <3

annaf94: Could you hurry? I'm kinda hungry!

Mariah: Is she flirting with that rainbow boy?! I am not pleased!
Oh simself, you.

More than just flirting I see.
I never bothered to make JoAnna up so, I think it's time to do so now.

How's that?

JoAnna: Simself's daughter, ready for duty, ma'am!

Back home Jet has painted another painting. Nice work.

Jet: I'm the awesomest painter EVER! I only need a few more skill points, then 6 more for guitar and 9 for cooking and I'm set!

You do have jammies you know?
Jet: I like my swimwear fine, thankyouverymuch.

Tar: Hello lovely lettuce plant, I have a girlfriend, how are You doing today?

Tar: JOA... oh it's you.
Joelle: When did you become such a jerkface, Tar?

Tar: Well you're probably here to see my sister, so come on in.
Joelle: Oh, not that big of a jerkface after all.

Jet: There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium
And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium
And nickel, neodymium, neptuni---
Joelle: Shut up already! DO. NOT. WANT.

Does anyone else know this song? xD

Jet: I have embarrassing baby pictures of Tar in my room, wanna see?

Apparently Joelle liked baby pictures of Tar. Or he's just that good a flirt.

Jet: What you just did was not acceptable. Think of your TWIN sister!!

Jet: You are EVIL.
Joelle: Oh. Tell me something I don't know.
Tar: Tralala.

Tar: Nobody insults my romantic interests!

And then Joelle went and slapped Leroy in the FACE.

Jet: Do you see what you've done?

Jet: You've gotta tell JoAnna what you did! Then we'll call it a truce.
Tar: And I can stay with Joelle?
Jet: Do what you want.
Tar: Deal.

Tar: Tomorrow I'll break up with your sister and then we can be together forever. You know I was only with her to make you jealous..
Joelle: How sweet.

Tar: Oh, thanks for coming, sweetcheeks, I gotta tell you something.

Tar: I wanna be with your sister and not you. I don't really like you at all.

JoAnna: What?

Tar: Are you okay?

JoAnna: Don't even touch me.
Tar: This wasn't my idea! My sister made me do it!

HotLegacyFounder17: LOL my spn just dumped his gf.
HotLegacyFounder17: son*
BellaAndTarForever: lol can I have his babies nao?

Jet: Hey, I hope you're okay. my brother's such an idiot. He's so in love with your sister, he didn't even think what you would feel.
JoAnna: Thanks, Jet.

Jet: I lost my BFF, wanna be my new one?
JoAnna: YES~!

JoAnna: You're a good person, Jet.
Jet: So's my brother, he's just.. confused and misdirected by his brain.
JoAnna: Well.. thankfully..
Jet: Yours and Joelle's birthday is tonight, so he'll have to wait till he grows up too to be with Joelle.
JoAnna: Haha.

The next morning Jet grows up as well.
Jet: Cake? :D

Jet: I'm so friggin' EXCITED!
Good for you.

Jet: This explosion of colour is disturbing.
Not to worry, love!

Jet: Ohyeah. Much better.
Jet's fifth trait is Hot-Headed.
I forgot to do a nice banner for her, but I'll do it next time, so you can see all her traits again and her LTW.

See that half-finished painting?

Jet finished it and it turned out to be her first masterpiece!
I called it.. One Rainbow to Rule Them All.

Jet: Mortimer Goth!
Mort: Jet! Nice to see you've aged enough to make me not a paedophile to be attracted to you.
Jet: And you're welcome.

Ehehe.. creeps!

Jet: I was hoping you haven't gotten married since or last meeting in the park..

Jet: Cause I... I think I'd fancy marrying you myself.
Mort: Oh really now?

I've gotta say EA: VERY nice job on the hands of these sims. Nice.

Jet got her first kiss from good ol' Mort. He's really rather good looking, I think.. if you can look past the fact that there's some clipping with his eyelashes. His sockets aren't high enough.

Jet: I like this guy.

My favourite interaction: the embrace.
Jet: So, should I hurry and ask him to go steady before he decides to date someone else?
Yes, do it NOW!

Jet: You and me equals a couple, yes?
Mort: Okay.
Jet: In yo face, Bella.
Mort: I'm pretty sure she's after your brother.


Jet: Uh huh.

Jet: Well, we have TONS of colours here, in our legacy!

Jet doing some crazytalk follows:

Mort: My new girlfriend is INSANE.

Mort: I am grumpy and you're hot-headed! WE WILL NEVER GET ALONG!


I never say goodbye to visitors, if they wish to stay late, I let them, so while Jet went to take a shower and sleep, Mortimer sat outside and ate marshmallows. Yumm. And that's her bedroom window, too xD

Whatsherface: YOU KNOW WHAT? I've had ENOUGH of your nice behaviour! Always paying your bills eh? WELL..

Whatsherface: PAY THIS!!
What's her problem?

What's Your problem?
Jet: My dress is not black enough. See, my gloves are darker than the dress.
Shut it. You're not getting a new dress. Why are you wearing formal anyway?

Jet: Because it's cooking time!! Oh yeah, men loooove a good cook.. right?
Actually I think men are better cooks than--
Whatever makes you happy, love.

That's it for today!
Next time: A black wedding?

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Ooh, long comment xP

That was quick :O And niiiice eyes <3

Ooh, Leroy's a sore loser!

Aww, cute chat up lines! And Jo #1 is very pretty. Still :P And another AWW, because the comforting was so cute!

Yaaaay! xD I got hearts from Leroyyyy :) And, if I'm right, I was even in sports gear whilst talking to him :DD

xD Yeah, I haven't got all night, Leroy! The restaurants may stay open for YOU, but not me! xD

Ooh, very retro Jo #2! She also makes a cute couple with Tar. Well, a lot of people would; Tar's so cute! But then again, all of the Chimerees are =P

Ha, Jo#1 being evil is actually a pretty good excuse for that situation! Your SimChildren have learnt well xD
WTF did Leroy do to be slapped?!
Aww, poor Jo2 :( That's kinda mean. Better than her accidentally finding out, though =P

xD LOVED Leroy's online conversation! And Lolspeak Bella! xD
But Mortimer eating marshmallows right outside her window? O.o Kinda creepy! But they should be a funny couple, especially with the hot-headed and grumpyness! Perhaps it would end up being a love-hate relationship xD

Yeah :) I think Jet's eyes are a bit more on the orange side, I used to think they had the same colour but nope.

I wanted Tar to be cute :) I wanted to show he's not a bad person/sim. I hope I got the message through.

Yup you're in your sports gear alright :)

xD I love my sims, all so cute.

I have no idea, I looked over and she was slapping him! Just like that!

It's just a coincidence, I put the fire pit thing there that's why he was there.
I'd LOVE to do a love-hate thing. Like them saying really mean things to each other and making up xD should be fun.

...mailwoman. I always get mail thrown on the ground when I have a person at the top of the sports or music career. If they are 'famous' that happens.

I say, its not my fault my sim is more successful then you Ms./Mr. mailman.

Love the legacy. =)

Really? Oh, I didn't know that! That's really cool to know, thanks!
I'm glad you like it so far! :)

Re: Love the...

I LOVE the element song! I just recently discovered your blog and I am LOVING IT!

Re: Love the...

I love a lot of things

I hope you continue enjoying the legacy ^^
Ah.. looking at this entry.. I really miss Jet.

I was going to wait and comment once I'd finished, but I can't resist. I love those postwoman photos! Why does she hate your mail so much?

Someone told me a while back that it's some kind of feature for "famous" sims. Cause Leroy had reached the top of athletics he was supposedly pretty well known. Or something xD this was before the fame stars were implemented so yeah..

Aren't the Jo's pretty much related to the Chimeree

Edited at 2014-03-09 04:54 am (UTC)

Yup. i think they're half-siblings of Leroy's mother. Thus they're Leroy's half-aunts, and Jet's greataunts. Of course since you've moved town, familytree relationships do not exist anymore.

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