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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Do The Math: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 1.2 - Black
The fourth instalment of the Chimeree Rainbow Legacy is here!

80 Pictures Under the Cut.
Gee, my chapters keep getting longer xP
Warning: A ton of randomness

Tar: I know you're in there, sister.

Due to Tar waking up his sister in the middle of the night I made him his own room, where the dining are used to be.

Tar is cute. Aww.

Tar: Davy helps, yes?
Davy: Of course buddy.
Davy still comes to babysit and he does a great job.

Jet: This shiny rock is for daddy, because he's the best daddy ever.
How? He's never home xP

Jet: Okay, Jet, you can do this..

Jet: Hey, this isn't that hard.


Jet: Now I have to start all over!!

Jet: Hey there miss Jet Chimeree, aren't you a catch.

Jet: Pew-pew-pew!

Jet: You were so lucky stars were all aligned when I was born, I mean I'm nearly perfect.

Leroy: I am so proud of my daughter.

Jet: Oh no, please don't eat me, Mr. Lefty!!

Joelle: Hey I remember you, you're swimsuit girl!
Jet: There's more to me than the swimsuit.

Jet: I wanna be BEST FRIENDS! I'll be a great friend!

Leroy: Come, son, I will tell you all about rainbows.

Jet: LOL, the little brat is not in the family picture.

Davy: YAY! See! math isn't that hard.

Jet: Congrats, we both like Pop music. You might be my partner in later years!
Davy: Huuuuuh?

Jet: Mum, you're the bestest!

Jet: I couldn't help but overhear your complaint, so here's a hug, daddy.
Mimi: I feel so very uninteresting..

That night Leroy grew up into adult.

And the next day little Tar grew up.
Jet: YES. Now I can interact with him in mean ways!

Tar got the loner trait making him an absent-minded, loner who loves the outdoors.

Tar: Your art SUCKS.

Jet: Shut up and eat your dinner.
Mimi *cough-cough*: My children don't get along?!

Jet: BOOO!

Jet: Hmm..
Tar: I am not pleased.

Tar: Oh my goodness!
Jet: I can't believe he fell for it AGAIN so soon.

Tar: Say Sherry, why does my sister dislike me?
Sherry: .....
Tar: Well that's no help at all.

Tar: Hello, you're cute, maybe when we grow up we can date and have babies?

Whatsherface: That legacy kid CREEPS ME OUT!
Tar *is pleased with himself*

Joelle: I can't remember why I'm friends with this chick, did I get an opportunity to write her bio or something?
Jet: Doing this stuff together doesn't seem to make it any easier!

Jet: HE HE HE..


Jet: You better remove this stupid paint when I grow up in 10 minutes OR ELSE, bitch!
If you still want to be the heiress, you better watch your tongue.

Jet: Your offering of cake pleases me.
Mimi: YAY!!

She has an awesome face and beautiful lips and eyes and nice hair and she's generally cool.

Jet: You forgot to paint the mirror black!

Jet: You better make me heiress.

It's pretty much a given at this point.

Jet: This was SUPPOSED to be the OPENING SHOT! Look at all this EMPTY space where the title would fit!!

Jet has a lot of anger inside her.
She got the Hates the Outdoors trait, I didn't give it to her I randomized it. So there.. she hates her brother that much xD

Man she's pretty.

And off she goes, to school. Formal.

Meanwhile Mimi goes back to trying for her LTW of being master of chess.

Everyone needs a hobby, something to do while I'm busy with someone else *cough*Jet*cough*. Tar's hobby is making muffins.

One more level up for Mimi!

Jet: If I look intense like this it makes them wonder about me.
Ethan: Hmm.. I wonder.
Mimi: Thank you daughter. While he's distracted I can cheat!!

Tar: What's with all the rainbows?

Jet's athletic clothes: My favourite of her outfit.

Mimi always sneaks off to work out when I want her to play chess. Sneaky sims.


Leroy: Guess what, bb? I just fulfilled my Lifetime Wish to be a superstar athlete.

Mimi: Oh, way to go, honey!!

Jet: What did I tell you Mr. Lefty?! Let me be!!

Jet: Wanna be BFFs?
Joelle: OHYAY!!

Man I make nice kids.
And yeah, Joelle's the twin that has the Evil trait. Doesn't look like it though. She looks so darling.

Jet: Boooooring.

Joelle: This is RUBBISH.
Jet: Math.
Joelle: That's what I said.
Jet: Hehehe.. good one.

Jet: Shouldn't YOU be in bed?
Tar *sigh*

Tar: I have you mister muffin, you still like me, right? You should, I used extra sugar when making you.


AWW. He's the child of one Kate Pistachio and.. can't remember the father.

YEAH, MIMI REACHE DLEVEL 5! She's now the grand master of chess.

How anti-climatic.
She still needs 2 logic points, though.

Guess who rolled a LTW?
Jet: Me?!
Jet: I want to reach level 10 of 3 different skill points!

She also reached the level in painting when you can paint portraits.. is it 7? Something. Anyway she's painting the founders now :D

Here's Leroy.. decent.

The second skill besides painting I chose for Jet is Guitar, because she kept rolling wishes towards it anyway.

Bella: I'm wearing a black sweater, can I marry in?
No. I have my eye on Mortimer instead, actually :P

And there Leroy is again with his promotion to Sports Legend. Wow. Easy.

So I mentioned Mortimer, there he is now. With.. his toddler sister I assume.

Somewhere in the meantime I turned stasis on(via NRaas Story Progression) while I went to check on my simself and the twins. That basically means they did not age at all.. for who knows how long.. so I decided I will grow up Tar.. who knows, maybe it IS his birthday.

Tar: I LOVE plants and plants love me. Me and my plants don't need you out there in the garden. It's just me and my plants.
Tar rolled green thumb! Good.. he already loves outdoors and is a loner so.. good for him.
Too bad he looks too much like his dad.


Tar: YOU are LEROY CHIMEREE, the sports legend!!!
Leroy: I'm also your dad, idiot.

Leroy: NOW, GO, MAGGOT! Soon you'll be as awesome as me!

Jet's third skill is cooking. Because nobody can cook around here.

Leroy: My team lost.. I let them down.
Tar: There there, dad, maybe you should go into baseball instead?

Tar: OMG, Is this why I'm not heir? Because I look just like dad?
Sorry, genius. He is still cute, though.

I let Mimi quit her job and she got stir-crazy again so I sent her fishing and she ended up having picnic with Gunther.

What a nice way to end the chapter.
Next time: Jet grows up? :D

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Randomness FTW :D

"Jet: Oh no, please don't eat me, Mr. Lefty!!" TOBIASNESSS!!!!!!! <3

Aww! Tar is absolutely adorable! <3
Oh my god! That mailgirl! xD I've never seen a sim do that! Although I'm not suprised; legacy sims can have weird effects on people...

WOW! Jet's quite a stunner! Well done :D And black so suits her <3

Oooh, black and rainbows! :D It looks so cool! <3

Wow, Joelle, too? You must be good at biology, what with all the awesome genes :D (sounds like some cheesy pickup line xD) But wow... Ooh! I had an idea! If it's not too late, Joelle + Tar = AWESOME PWIDDY BABIES! Or JoAnna and Tar?

"Tar: YOU are LEROY CHIMEREE, the sports legend!!!
Leroy: I'm also your dad, idiot."
xD This is so typical of someone related to Toby xD <3 I love your sims!
And how do you get the rainbow pattern on everything?!

Fun chapter :)

YAY! I'm glad you think so :) It felt sort of like the pictures didn't string together at all, it was just someone said this and then that happened. But yeah, I tried to get it to be funny at least.

I KNOW, RIGHT? I love my insane sims.

With the mail girl I was like "Wow, never seen that one before, that one is going in the chapter!" I had the same thing with Mimi biting her nails in the.. second chapter I think, after she fixed the toilet. Maybe the scull jammies scared her.

Yup, I hope other colours look as good with the rainbow. I didn't wanna go ALL black or it would be too dark xP I'm just not a very dark person.

Oooh, that is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that!

Awesome pattern is awesome.

I can't believe I wrote "skull" wrong. Dumbass.

About the Pistachio kid...

If Kate is the mom, he must have gotten the eyes and nose from his dad, right? (Leighton, perhaps? That is Yumi's hair color...)

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