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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Welcome Home!: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 1.1 - Black
Guess what time it is!
It's Chimeree time!!

Some 70 Pictures Under the Cut

Babies are boring, so as a rule we're growing them up when it says 2 days left.
Leroy: Must check the stove! Make sure you don't drop the baby on the stove, honey.
Mimi: CAKE.

Leroy: TOOOT!

Leroy: 'Kay, off to work, bb.
Mimi: Figures.

This is Jet. D'aaawwwww!
Jet as said in the last update is a clumsy insane person.
She has her grandpa-Oscar's(Leroy's dad) blonde hair so I spiced it up with black highlights and tips, which is how I plan to portray their colour, as well as clothes.
She also sports Mimi's pink/orange sunset coloured eyes and which looks like Mimi's skin also.

Although Mimi is the one mostly taking care of the baby, when Leroy gets home he goes to her immediately.

He already rolled a want to teach her to walk too.

Mimi: This one's a success, maybe we should have another one.
We do need a spare.
Mimi: Excellent.

Leroy: Oh God, will I ever reach the top!?

Mimi: Hello, Milton, let's try this again shall we.
Milton always has to go somewhere when Mimi tries to defeat him in chess. Sore loser.

There he goes again.. sigh

Mimi: So I saw we have a computer in the front room..

Leroy: That's right, I use it to buy CDs online.

Somehow in-between the bites, Leroy's sushi managed to go bad.

Leroy: Who's daddy's little cutie? You are, yes you are.
Jet: it tickles so bad!!

Soon enough Mimi was able to tell Leroy the good news.
Leroy: OMG, another baby will surely aid me in my quest to reach the top!

In the meantime here's my simself's twins: Joelle and


Mimi: We haven't held hands in a while..

Mimi: What else needs cleaning before Leroy comes home and checks everything?


Leroy had a day off and Mimi was going stir-crazy so I sent her to simself's new house.

While the man continued his mission to teach Jet to walk, yes it's taken him that long because he's constantly working D:

JoAnna: Aww, it's a baby.

Back home Leroy is reading a pregnancy book again. And Mimi just rolled a want for it too! Win-Win!

The toilet AND the shower are broken??
Mimi: Don't forget..

Mimi: the kitchen sink.
Are you serious.

Tuesday(yes that's really her name xD): It is two AM. Can't they fix their own damn toilet?

Frankly, no.

The only one awake at this hour is the toddler. And she can barely connect the cylinder to the circle.
Jet: I'm so smart!

Leroy: Wow, bb, thanks for mopping up all that scum from last night's uber-pipage breakdown.


She lost. And had to re-match, but we finally got rid of Milton.

You have 4 good moodlets and all your needs are green. WHAT DO YOU WANT?!
Jet: I don't like black! I like aqua!
Shush. You are gen-black!

And the night that Mimi was gonna give birth, Vienna comes to visit.
She did have 10 kids in my the Sims 2 game so I guess she can help out a lot here.

The moment Leroy steps in Jet comes up with this talk bubble.
Jet: Welcome home, daddy!

Leroy: Thank you sweetie, daddy loves you.
Jet: Yay.

Jet: Hey mumzel, what's going on?

Mimi: I am tired!
Vienna and Leroy: SHE IS IN LABOUR!


Mimi: I am TIRED!

Mimi: It's a boy!
Leroy had wished for another girl but no dice.
His name is Tar.
Tar is a viscous organic black liquid.

Yeah it's also a river in North Carolina and a village in Hungary, but that does not matter right now!

Jet: You still pay attention to me too, right?
Do you like their cribs? I put pink stripes on the sides for Jet and blue ones for Tar.

Mimi: You make me happy.
Leroy: Damn right, I do!

Leroy: I just wish I didn't have to work so often..

Well here's a treat, he got to leave early and got a promotion.


Little Jet still has some days left as a toddler so we got some cheap books for her to read.
We're still very poor.. sort of. We pay the bills but I can't go out buying expensive beds yet.

Mimi: Who's growing up in the next caption? Who is? You are!
Jet: I have a birthday to-morrow, mummy!!

Leroy: TOOOT!
Mimi: Ouch, that was loud.

Here is Tar.
Tar is an absent-minded little man who loves the outdoors.
Leroy's brown hair and Mimi's eyes.
He also has a very wide jaw, which you can't see right now, but it's there.

The next day it's time for little miss Jet to grow up.

Last picture as toddler!

Jet: There is a pony on my face..


Jet: I will never forgive you!

Jet: This is outrageous.


Jet: I refuse to talk to you.

Do you love her? She's awesome.

Jet's third randomized trait is Artistic, so I got her an easel, she can pour her angst all over.
Jet: I am not angsty!

Mimi: The toddler is in bed, why does he keep screaming?..
Mimi looks defeated.

Jet hates this kid.
He IS a big whiny baby..

Mimi: So why the swimwear, cupcake?

Jet: I figures, since I'm gen-black but my fave colour is aqua, which means water, right, so the closest I can get to that is.. wearing this. It's perfectly normal.

Count the rainbows in the picture!!

Mimi was going stir-crazy again so I got her a part-time job at the bookstore.

And Tar got this babysitter.
He reminds me of that creepy guy a little.

Jet: That baby makes me want to inflict pain on myself!
Jet really hates that kid.

Mimi: Teaching kids is fun!
I decided to do just that and keep Mimi's LTW for after Tar is old enough.

Looks like Jet went to school with her swimsuit.
Jet: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Wow, thanks Bella..
what a bitch.

Wow.. high school is gonna SUCK for you.
Jet: Why do they hate me?

Vienna: OH HI!

Joelle: Hey loser. What was with the swimsuit today at school?
Jet: I don't get it..

Poor Jet.

Back home the parents autonomously kiss. How sweet.
Now go teach the toddler to talk and the child to do homework.


That's all for this time!
Next time: Sibling rivalry?
I haven't played yet so your guess is as good as mine :D

I counted 7 rainbows in that picture if you count Jet's shoes individually.
The kitchen wall, the flag, the xylophone, one on each of Jet's shoes, the one on her shirt and one on her face.

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xD I didn't look at the sims... so I got 3 xD Oh dear...
Commented as read~
Wow! Jo and Jo are even cuter :D
Um, has Vienna got tights on, there? because her legs don't look so blue...
Aww! Tar is adorable :D <3
Aww, Jet suits that hair :) And she really reminda me of Misty :O
And I love Jet's newest outfit :)

Oh, and I need to stop with the 'wow's, the 'aww's, and the 'cute's xD

Yeah Vienna has tights on :) No idea why she's wearing that outfit though, it's not the one I gave her. Must have borked when I reinstalled.
I LOVE JET! She just grew up to teen and I love her even more. Heiressness covers her from top to toe. Yeah it's a spoiler but I just love her so much. I let her keep that hair too, it looks great on her.
That's her formal outfit, she keeps wearing it. She's insane like Toby after all.
I think Joelle is my favourite twin. I have to go and grow them up too, I have aging off in their household. Hehe.. gotta love hacks.
I got this one: http://www.the-isz.com/theisz/index.php?s=7232b41ef08654ae79b82bcecc39c7ec&showtopic=2690
It's mostly like indiestone, but since my game is patched and indiestone is not updated for that I went for this one. It's pretty good. And I haven't re-installed awesome, but I feel the difference D: I haven't had the error either though. No idea if it's the new town or the no awesome.

Nah don't stop, I did a lot of 'awww's myself in the update.

Ooh, that mod sounds pretty cool! I'd test it out. but I'm still testing out Indiestone :P took me long enough to jumo on the bandwagon!

xD Well, I'll make sure that I don't get TOO attached to Tar, then! But, yeah, that hair is great on her, and the colours actually go suprisingly well. Go Jet! And yay for insanity!
Joelle seems more like Toby that JoAnna does. Well, in looks. anyway. I can't remember their personalities. Or much of Toby's, actually - just the insanity :D

Toby was Insane, Friendly, Loser, Green Thumb and a hopeless romantic :)
Joelle is Brave, Excitable, Evil and Over-Emotional.
I can't remember even one of JoAnna's xD Oops.
Jet seems to have "inherited" insane from Toby and Clumsy from her mother.

Ooh, Joelle has a good combination of traits :)
Haha, poor JoAnna! xD You're supposed to be her mum! Shame on you :O

Apple-Sauer? They need to change it to Apple-Sauce! xD

OH! And Vienna got married to some guy named Clark Sauer. They changed their name to Apple-Sauer :D no kidlets yet.


I officially love the everything out of Jet, she's so cute. Also, those sunset eyes are stunning! I need to go getsome of those into genetics around my game :p

oh my lord jet is amazing. i love your legacy! :D

Thank you :D
Jet is still one of my top favourites after all this time!

So I'm going to try not to spam your inbox with comments on every chapter, but just had to say that I love Jet and her insaneness. She does the idles more often than my insane sims...or maybe you just allow her to do them, whereas I'm a bit of a hard taskmaster. Love the rainbow accents in the house/clothes, I think many people do this in their rainbowacys now, I know I do.

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