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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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Paint It Black: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 1.0 - Black
Chapter 2 is here!

-+60 Pictures Under the Cut

Well that was fast.
Leroy: What? Well Mimi got comfy, I'm only joining her.

Leroy: Hey, I really like you, and I like you a lot, but I also like living well.
Mimi: What are you saying?

Leroy: I want YOU to move in with me, so we can buy nice things.

Mimi: Sure, I can't wait to move out of that default base game house I'm living in now!
Leroy: Really!?

Leroy: We're gonna be an awesome couple, I promise!
Mimi moves in with some 5000, thanks Mimi!

Don't look so surprised, bb, it's a new dresser, that's never been used, the drawers might be a bit stuck still.

Mimi: So this is why they* call you the queen of makeovers!
Aha, a loser AND clumsy? AND an athlete? Who's ever heard of a clumsy athlete?
I jumped when I saw her LTW, though. Leroy's sister had the same one and I really wanted to do it but neh, legacy goes first! So YAY!

*Read "So that's why you call yourself the queen of makeovers!"

Leroy: You look tired. Wanna go to bed?
Mimi: You really think that's gonna work?

Leroy: It ought to, you're my girl.
Mimi: Ahw..

Leroy: Hold on, you haven't heard the best yet!
Mimi: Yeahright

Leroy: Will you marry me and be my legacy wife and give me cute black-themed babies?

There it is!
Mimi: YES!
Leroy: Awesome, I hope I got the size right.

Mimi: It's so pretty!

Leroy: Oh Mariah, what did I get myself into?

Leroy: This..

Leroy: Hey, bro, guess who's getting married?!

And then they were off to work.
And after they were done...

You COULD wait for your girl, you know, you finished at the same time.. in the same workplace.
Mimi: JERK!
And of course he only thinks of himself.

Leroy: SEE!? THIS is why I have to come and check on the sink in the middle of the night while I should be sleeping. Because it breaks.


Mimi: But I don't wanna?


Mimi: Yeah let's do it!

Both had work every day till the weekend so I thought I'd just let them get married on their own.

Mimi: You want a lensflare ring too?

Leroy: No you're supposed to say "In sickness and in health' and all that stuff!

Mimi Chimeree!!! YAY!


Leroy: Why didn't you tell me the toilet was broken!? Now I have to get my formal wear dirty! Work is in 2 hours, I don't have time for this crap!

Mimi: Relax, I called the repairman, he'll be here soon.
Leroy: Oh.

Leroy: So, let's go we have to hurry, before carpool gets here.
Mimi: 'xcuse me?

Leroy: Oh, I hear the car now! Let's hurry.
After work that day Mimi called her boss to resign and become a full-time legacy wife :)

Later that night this happens.
We do have a toilet, sweetie.
Mimi: Shhh! I lied to 'roy, the toilet's still broken.
Well, you know what you've gotta do before he wakes up.

Mimi: Come on! Come on!!

Mimi: I hope it won't break again, or Leroy will not be pleased.

Leroy: AWESOME. I can eat my favourite food at a dining table now instead of a foldable chair!

Leroy: It's a CONSPIRACY! That llama president is totally using taxpayer money!

Mimi: Yeah, whatever you say, dear.

Leroy: Okay, bb. I'm off to work.

Leroy: BYE!
Mimi: WAIT, I have something to tell you!

That night the two spent reading in front of the fireplace like a nice married couple.
Leroy had to buy a recipe book for cookies because Mimi craved some.

Leroy: My wife will totally love my cookies!!

Mimi: Cookies? I thought I said steak with mushrooms?
Leroy: Damn.. I'm sure I heard cookies.

Mimi: You will be a darling little girl won't you, mummy and daddy will be very glad if you're a girl.
Both rolled a want for a girl. My mission is.. never influence gender!

After staying late at the stadium, Leroy finally arrives home at 11pm.. carrying a promotion.
He looks so tired. He's been working since 2pm!

Leroy: I can tell it's a girl from the way it kicks.

Mimi: I'm having a baby, baby!!
Leroy: Hold on!!

Leroy: I'll just wash my hands 3 times and I'll be there!


Leroy: I'm having a baby, bb.

I ALWAYS randomise traits and her two are Insane and Clumsy.
Her name is Jet.
Jet is a type of coal used in some jewelry and is also the origin of the adjective "jet-black".

Leroy: YES, it's a GIRL!
And then he had to run off to work... again, while Mimi went home alone with the baby.

Mimi: Help?

...wow.. man, that's a big fire.
Mimi: YA THINK?!

It took two fire-fighters but the work was done.

Little Jet was taken care of and put in her black room in her black crib.

While Mimi went and defeated her chess opponent.
Mimi: It was nice to defeat..I mean meet you, ehehe.

Leroy: Hi honey! How was your day?
Mimi: You wouldn't believe!
Leroy: The fireplace caught fire, didn't it?!?!
Mimi: How'd you know?
Leroy: I forgot to check on it this morning.
Mimi *facepalm*

Mimi: Honey?
Leroy: Yeah?
Mimi: Why did my top revert to default and we're standing here all random?
Leroy: Oh, Mariah's game was being a bitch, so she had to reinstall the game and move us to a brand new town.
Mimi: With default townies!?
Leroy: Yup.

Yeah, same here.

Mariah: That error 13. my game is nearly un-playable. I had to move your family just a few weeks back real time, you know. It's ridiculous.
Leroy: Did you email customer support?
Mariah: Yeah, I did. I hope they fix it.

Leroy: And who's this? I have one just like you at home but she's still in a cocoon.
Mariah: It's JoAnna. her twin sister's inside playing with blocks.

Mimi: Ew..

Well.. how was that? I hope you enjoyed it.
Next time: Jet grows and so does the family?

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Yay chapter boo #13!

That WAS a massive fire! Yep, Leroy should've checled it *tut*
And it was a girl! Yay! :) But one thing... will some of the kids this gen look a bit goth-ish? :P
And that make over was great! She looks so cute! <3 And I love the little wedding scene. Yiur sims like to make me LOL!
xD Leroy's face when looking at JoAnna! It's like he's never seen a toddler before xD

Oh, and another thing; LOL at the LolCat!

I just KNEW my collection of Lolcats would come in handy one day. Hehehe..

Unfortunately with all the labour going on, he didn't have time.
Well.. I think they're bound to be a little gothic. I'm not planning to have too many of them though. Kids I mean.
Yeah, he's like "WHAT IS THIS?" kind of cross-eyed too xD

It sucks that you had to re-install the game again, but i loved this update! I can't wait to see how Jet turns out! :)


Yeah, it'll be a lot easier... and a lot less dark! But I can't wait to see them, anyway. Two, or three, do you think? If it wa sme, I'd have more, just because I've kinda got an obsession at the moment with sims having kids >w< Vienna in disguise? No, of course I'm not! *Shifty eyes*

xD Let's see how Leroy manages as a dad, eh?

Yeah, I think 3 max, unless they have multiples. I just had five with Misty and Oz so I guess I'm a little tired xD
I see those shifty eyes, I do!

Perhaps I"m a bit neurotic myself, but I couldn't help but hope that Mimi washed her hands after plunging the clogged toilet before she put it to her mouth.

I know I know, it's a game..but still....

Yeah same here! I cringed when I saw that at first, but I had to put it aside.


Hah, I totally love this. I personally laughed SO hard when I saw Mimi's face during the fire all 'O-O'

Hahah! Their expressions are so priceless!
Definitely looking forward to reading your entire legacy!
In one sitting.
Alone, eating cashews. xD
Oh what an eventful life I live!

I adore their expressions! They always crack me up!

Enjoy the rest of the legacy ^^

This is inspiring me to start a new legacy!
Maybe I will when school lets out. <:

I'm finally getting around to reading all these.
I laughed so hard at the Leroy lolcat :D

xD I found it way back and then I remembered it randomly while writing this.. it fit so perfectly xD
I'm glad you're enjoying it x3

Woot, first gen! Insane, that will be fun.

I love your narrative style, always fun when the sims can hear the SimGod. And the lolcat is hilarious!

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