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Home of Mariah and her Sims

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And So It Begins: Chim-Chim-Cheree, 0.1 - Founder
And so it does!

50 Pictures Under the Cut

Welcome to the Chimeree Rainbow Legacy!
Before we begin, I will explain a few things.
This legacy is inspired by the TS2 Rainbow Challenge. That means I do not start on the biggest lot and all that. I sent my founder off to a beach-side lot with some 17k left in his pockets since he is a born-in-game sim. He is a sim who was born into a family and then I decided to make a legacy.. but didn't feel like making a brand new founder.
Also.. the founder does not count as a colour here. The founder(Generation 0) simply gives birth to the first generation which is his favourite colour(black) and from then on the rainbow will continue like so: Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet/Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Lime. And that's it. Looks like a walk in the park next to an Alphabet Legacy xD
I will try and go completely BANANAS with the names... but I expect to fail here and there.
I think that is all for now, I'll say something when I remember it :)

And Now! on to.. the house!

As I said, he had 17k left. Well after building a decent sized home, he had little left. 45 simoleons to be exact.
It is all decorated in grey apart from the rainbow strip in the kitchen and the black room which is meant for generation 1.

AND NOOOOW on to our founder.

Like Finally.


Took me long enough.

Leroy: WHY!? Why are all legacy founders NEUROTIC!?
Well your excuse is: You were born that way and I didn't think of a legacy before that. So there.
Leroy: WHY is there not a computer in the house!?
Couldn't afford it.
Leroy: A workout machine!?
Couldn't afford it.
Leroy: Why does my tattoo not go all around my arm!?
Bad tattoo shop?
Calm down..
As you see Leroy is a bit of everything. Friendly and a computer-whiz, flirty and an athlete. Best from both worlds as you say.

AND he's super cute on top of that!
Leroy: Can I go sleep now?

Ah yes. he had just moved here from his parents house and was tired from the move so he annoyed me by sleeping for the next few hours.


There.. forgot to change the bedsheets neutral grey like the rest of the house.

Leroy: After which I ran off to the stadium across town to get a job. Good jog.

Wait! It costs 40 leaving you with only 5 simoleons left!
Leroy: Too late!

Time to meet your maker.
Leroy: Nice doorbell, I should get one of these..

Mariah: What does he want?
Say hello  to my simself, Mariah, or Mimi for short.

Mariah: Tobias!! Why'd you have to leave us!?
She's heartbroken from the death of Leroy's grandfather. He was such a character.

Mariah: TOBIAS!!
Leroy: Geeze, lady.

Leroy: Calm, down, I miss him too, you know.

Leroy: But I'm here now and I'm totally cute too right, bb?
Mariah: I suppose you're right, thank you Leroy.

Leroy: Oh I see you've become pregnant, who's the father?
Mariah: Er.. Tobias.
Leroy: Oh so... this is my half-uncle?
Mariah: Pretty much.
Leroy: ...
Mariah: Don't judge me!!

Leroy: Oh hey, sis, yeah sure I'll come over right away! -- Sorry, gotta run!!
Mariah: Right, as if you're not a freak.

Leroy escapes with minor injuries and arrives at his parents' house where his mother Misty is enjoying the fire.
Misty: How's the founder thing treating you?
Leroy: No computers in my home.. not even a dining-table.
Misty: Too bad, sweetie, we changed your room into a third office, so there's no coming back.
Leroy: Oh..

Misty: We're very proud of you, Leroy.

Leroy then helped himself to some of his family's leftovers and returned home soon after.

Take notice of the front door. It is subject to change during the legacy. Right now it's a neutral grey but when say generation red comes along it will be painted red.

Sleep faster!

Leroy: Dum-di-dum. Just sitting here, eating a salad in my empty kitchen.

I had received a notice that Leroy's twin brother Theodore had gotten married to a Penny Francis.
Leroy: So... married to Penny? Didn't even know you were dating.

Teddy: Like.. I realized one day that life isn't gonna last forever, man. So I got married to her. I'd always liked her secretly, you know?

Teddy: I love her, bro.
Leroy: So much so, you took her last name, I see.
Teddy: Fo' sho'

Teddy: Your windowsill is eating my arm, dude. UNCOOL. I am going home to my wife.

Theodore found love after he broke free from my iron fist. Good for him. I remember him taking that girl home once, I guess he remembered.

Leroy: Hmm.. Ted's right. Life doesn't last forever.
It does last a while though. I have SLAM set on 130 days, with real-life, it's nearly perfect for me.

Leroy: Hey bb, remember me? Yeah it's Leroy, we met in the park in update 11. So wanna come over?

She didn't.
So I sold some windows to afford another counter and a sink so Leroy could finally wash those disgusting plates from that morning.

The next morning after some chatting, Mimi Collins, showed up on Leroy's lot. Yes, another Mimi.
Mimi is a cute little pink eyed lady Leroy met as a teenager, she was the a YA and is now an adult, but we're not picky!
She also happens to be Leroy's co-worker. Can you say perfect match?

Leroy: She SO wants me.
Mimi: He's younger than I thought.

Mimi: So what's the deal with American football? I mean... there are some forks in the ground of whatever?

Leroy: No idea.. but I like latin music, bb. If you moved in and married me I could afford a radio and listen to it *hint-hint*

Leroy: So, I'm athletic.
Mimi: Omg, so am I!
Leroy: NO WAI!
Mimi: I'm in athletic career, was that not a hint?

Leroy: So seriously, this marriage thing. I mean you're not married are you? No offence or anything, sweetie.

Mimi: None taken. Wow, he is entirely too cute for me. SCORE! And so young too!

Leroy: Maybe we could start this out with a kiss, just like in that song by Hot Chocolate?
Mimi: LOL, he's trying to be cute. That's so cute.

And so they locked lips.
What a way to find out she's a good kisser.
Leroy: Well she's probably had experience.

Mimi: I.. I honestly never thought I'd be with someone so young.
Leroy: Baggers can't be choosers.
Mimi: I didn't mean it in a bad way. Who wouldn't want a hot young boyfriend.

Leroy: Speaking of which, are you planning to be committed to me?
Mimi: Yeah, bb.

Leroy: Uhm..
Mimi: Yes?
Leroy: Could you like.. hold on, I rolled this wish when we kissed and I just NEED to fulfil it.
Mimi: oh, okay.

Leroy: BRB.

...that's just rude. Seriously.
Whatever, at least you're not mean about it.

And then Mimi stepped in and started crying.

Oh wait, she's fine.

No.. she's not.

What in the world...

That's it for this first round. We'll see how the legacy develops soon :)
Oh and my simself gave birth to a girl she/the game named JoAnna. Rejoice.

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Oooo! I like! A lot! :)

Leroy is so handsome! Hehe!

Sorry for a short comment but Derren Brown is on TV and he thinks he can make everybody stick to their seats. Must see if it's true...


xDD That made me laugh. I wonder how he thinks he can do it O:

And a thank you again :D

Yeah it didn't work for me, did get pins and needles though which was kinda weird...

Bit pissed off about it really was really hyped up for it! aha!

And no worries. (: Btw good luck with your Simselfs baby! My Simself's with Tobias right now and i just heard the jingle, i couldn't resist, lol!

Pins and needles, ugh. Lame and weird.

Good luck with yours too xDD

Mariah had a baby girl! Congrats! Does she have your hair or

Loved the first chapter <3 Leroy is so awesome. And werid how she's called Mimi! They make a cute couple, though. Can't wait until baby time!

And doing a rainbow legacy should be goooood :)

I can't wait for more!

I haven't seen the baby yet! I just got the message from IndieStone xD But I'm gonna go check soon. I need to give them a crib and stuff anyway xP Vi and I live in a one bedroom house.

How'd you like the length? I'm trying to limit them to around 50 pictures each.

Yeah, the length was okay. I was a bit 'huh?' at first, but that's because I'm used to your Apple chapters :P But it went well with the legacy.

xD Good. I think I might do them longer though, like 70. 50 is a little short for me. It's just me.

Yeah, I know what you mean. And I'm thinking that you probably took more pictures then needed, anyway? :P

I hope that your legacy can carry on.

Just found your legacy :) hopefully you dont mind randoms commenting

but Leroy is hot for a sim :)
cant wait to read more

I don't mind it at all. I apologize if my bandwidth on 0.1 to 2.2 runs out. The rest are on a pro account so they should be okay.. and all I've got left to say is enjoy reading :)

Ahw I can't believe we're at lime!!

I know, isn't it so CRAZY!?

Time flies quickly... A little too quickly, actually.. :(

I love this legacy and I'm so sad it's over! Where is the legacy placed? I'd love to try it out!

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "where is the legacy placed?"


Omg thi is the first one and I already love it!!! it made me laugh so much xDDD!!! BOOKMARKING IT :D

Rereading all my fave legacies, and of course that has to include the Chimerees! My absolute favourite rainbowacy, bar none. I especially love it because it's mainly base game, without any of the extra distractions of the exps.

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