Home of Mariah and her Sims

Thank you! The Chimerees are now roaming Elk Cove, hopefully making babies for future generations!!

Yes yes.. it's only a step in my ultimate plan to take over the WORLD! *coughcough* right.. Have fun :)

Just wanted to say i found your Lj trough simsecrets even tho i don't normally go there XD
But glad i did cause i saw pictures of your lovely looking sims 3 and ended up looking trough the comments to end up here :D
And i would feel bad just dl and not thanking you!

So Thank you so much for sharing this lovely looking family!
Have you bookmarked so i can come back and read your story too as your naming skills are just adorable,
and made me want to know more about this family :D

Consider yourself stalked ^-^

Ahw that's so nice of you :)
Thanks for commenting and happy stalking! :D:D

I have downloaded Sub and Groz. and i have to say thank you ^^.

So when will Seona and Standby show up to this party?

When they grow up to Young Adults :D

Hallo there!

This is summergrey/swissarmelle from As Numerous as the Stars. Sorry, I don't have a livejournal so I have to be sketchtastic and go anonymous. *lurks*

How do you go about uploading your houses and sims? I know how to upload to the exchange, but I'd really like to be able to upload some of my Numerals directly to mediafire. Do you just upload the .sim files from your savedsims folder? do you have to separately link to CC, or is it included?

sorry if this is a bother! I can't seem to find this information anywhere, so I figured I'd ask someone who did it successfully.

ps - YOU'RE MY HERO. I <3 this legacy!


Yes, I just take the .sim files from the savedsims folder and upload them. None of the cc is included that way, but the way I see it, the sim, their genetic looks are more important than a bunch of custom stuff. People can change that the way they want it anyway :) I do have some links up here as you can see and those should be added to your downloads location before you run the game. I'm not sure if the creators would like if I added the cc to the sim download so I just don't and it's less trouble for lazy me xD
Houses are a bit different, you have to go in game, click upload, which makes a file in your 'Exports' folder in my documents I believe and then I upload that file. It also does not include the cc. I'd love to add links tot he patterns I've downloaded, but this game doesn't have tags like TS2, so I'm not always sure who made it and where I got it from D:

I hope you have good luck with uploading your sims :) it's no trouble, really :)

What about the 3rd house and Sorrel and Evander?

The third house was crap... Well I think so now, anyway.. but if you really wan it I'll think about it?
Sorrel and Evander will be up shortly, I'm just feeling like a lazy bum.

Yeah, love the legacy and yadayadayada; (its awesome)
anywho; you have really inspired me to create my own legacy, (a rainbow one) but I am not really a techy person. So I try download the rainbow pattern and an idiotic notice tells me that it is unknown?

Really peed me off so if you could just sorta ya'know talk me through what i gotta do.?

Your pretty darn amazing at legacies :)


I take it you're used to .sims3pack files. Most things I download are .package files. Here's a walkthrough that will surely aid you: http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Sims_3:Installing_Package_Files

Good luck and thank you :)

For whatever reason, that website isn't letting me register! So I can't download his hair. Can you help ? D: I did a damn project on Assyria two years ago for World History class, I think I know all FOUR capitals of it! I tried every single one, but to no avail. Or can you possibly post the hair on mediafire?

How strange! The thing is you don't NEED to register at GoS to download anything.. the hair seems to have been removed from the site! Very odd! I'll message Bosie and ask about it. Hold on.

Cocaine Chimeree is unamused by the disappearance of his hair.

quite impressed with myself i have managed to get the rainbow pattern onto my game!! :)

Oh you did it?! :D I'm so relieved! Have fun with it and thanks for letting me know it works now ^^

Good luck with your upcoming legacy as well!

I had to say thank you as well. While downloading the sets and patterns for the house, I click on the Yasashi Bedroom Set, and it brings me to Modthesims. Its a page for some patterns?
Im not sure if that was supposed to happen or not. Once again thanks for this!

Oh my goodness! That's not what was supposed to happen. I fixed the link! Sorry about that!

Your sims are so beautiful! Coke will always be my favorite but I love lavender's face. So cute!

Right. I've decided my Who's Your Daddy Challenge needs some Chimeree genetics, so I've downloaded a few of them, and we'll see who get to be the lucky gene providers...

Re: Who'll be my daddy?

Excellent! >:D

Media fire

sorry to be annoying but the downloader wont work it says i have to find or save i've tried both but neither work.

What the? That makes no sense, they've worked for everyone else. Maybe mediafire is being a jerk.
Click on the link of the sim/house you want, click on start download, choose save and it should save the file to wherever your downloaded files usually save to, to check that go to(if you're using firefox) tools> options> general where you can choose where to save the files to, I have it set to my desktop.
Still having issues? D: I don't know what to do..

Can i have your simself im trying something in my game?

Sure thing, I'll upload her along with The Turquoise generation :)

They're in my town, now.

Though I plan on switching some clothes around.
For some reason, even though I've got Lavender's hair downloaded, she ended up with a EA hair, and her hair color changed too.

It's really awesome and creepy. Awesome cause if my legacy runs of out potential spouses, I've got a few hotties now!
Creepy, cause... my mom wants Denim to be her simself's boyfriend. O.o

Re: They're in my town, now.

Strange, click on some other hair and hers should change back to her normal colour. It's happened to a few downloaded sims I've had.

THAT's how hot Denim is xD still creepy though..

Thank you for uploading these. Your sims are undoubtedly awesome. ;3 I've been having so much fun with Mimi in my game it's unbelievable.

:D thanks and you're welcome!

Fourth House

Hi! I have been following your legacy and I downloaded the fourth legacy house. I noticed that in the bookcases you have all the recipe and song books and I remember you mentioning the mod which allows you to keep those. I can't find the post where you said the mod names; do you by any chance know which mod allows you to keep those books without having to buy them again? Thanks.

You have to enable BooksNotMagicScrolls in the config file for that feature.
You're welcome ^^

Okay; I have been looking for Rains top everywhere!
I cant seem to find it, do you know where it came from or the file name? Thanks :)

I can't say anything about the filename.. I've combined most of my CC packages, also I believe it came with some other tees in one package, so I'm not just looking for a superman t-shirt .__. but.. I think it was from TSR. Not entirely sure though..
I spent a whle hour looking for it too, but I can't find it :( sorry.

I was wondering, where did you get Jordan?
Oh, and I think your legcy rocks. I'm sad to see it's almost over :(

I got Jordan from Jordan.
Thank you and I can't believe it's nearly over either!

Thanks so much for the tee; its great! :D

Corny's Wedding Dress

I've been looking for Corny's wedding dress everywhere but I cannot find it :( Where is it from?
That dress is awesome. Just like the Chimerees.

Re: Corny's Wedding Dress

It's from Just Sims. Took me a while to find it, I don't usually go there, I go to My Sims 3 Blog and it updates on a ton of places and that's where I found it from xD


Re: Corny's Wedding Dress (Anonymous) Expand


Are you going to download Jordan anytime soon? I really want her and Coke in my game <3

You mean upload, not download, surely. And I can't upload her cause she's a simself.
Go get her from Jordan herself.

Would it be okay if I used Denim in my legacy ? I really like him a LOT xD

Faye's Top

I think that top's the Cache-Coeur at mod the sims by Shep. Right now it is at page 43. Thanks for Vireo and CherryBlossom, I just downloaded Cherry. They are both really pretty. I'm hoping that's the right top and thanks for sharing this great legacy and awesome sims with us.

Oh.. yeah! Yes it is! Awesome, now I can put a link up :)

Thanks for last gen and Pink gen. :)

they are going to run around in my neighbourhoods now :)

Where did you get Rains socks?

Edit: I really love them, it would be a pleasure to have them for him


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