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Whole new world
Hand of God Gizmo

I got tired of looking for a World for TS3 that didn't need World Adventures(seeing as I have it uninstalled atm); it's impossible. I started working on a new world myself. So far so good.

Hopefully I can get a first draft ready today and then perfect it tomorrow. It's not going to be perfect, so I'm not putting my 100% into this. I just want a little world for my legacy to live in that has a ton of houses for townies, I don't care if it's not pretty.

 We'll see how it turns out.

As you can see, it's pretty cramped xD It's built on a small flat world. The two "lakes"(more like ponds) will be community lots for fishing(and collecting).

See you later!
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That is exactly how I feel! I haven't got WA installed anymore because it is so laggy when travelling, but I can't download any worlds that are nice enough without bridges.
HOWEVER, awesims Queensland says it needs WA but i've downloaded it none the less and i've had no problems! It runs smoothly also.
I can't wait to see yours though! (:

Oh I love awesims! I should check it out!


That is so awesome, to create your own world! Is it very hard to do? StarSarah did that too for her legacy... would be totally amazing if you made your own world! I remember you saying something about it a while back...... back when the Chimerees were still going. Have you never finished that world? Hmmm, I guess I should try my hand on it myself.... seems very cool though :D

Once you get the hang of the tool it's not that difficult but it takes long time and a lot of dedication. I didn't end up finishing the other world but I still have the files, so I could look at it.. though I really want a smaller world and that one was pretty big as I remember.

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